Don't Wait For Elections, Hold Press Conferences & Send Demands To Politicians & Political Groups As Different Citizen Groups : For Nigeria - by Alfred


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hello everybody i'm alfred and i like to talk to

nigerians and everyone on the area of land that is currently called nigeria now recently um mr nam de calu who was you know really pushing for the biafra movement you know he's he's the leader of ipob he was extradited you know he was taken away from the uk brought to niger for trial now let me address several things you know this move by bohari to attack um those who are for biafra and treat them like tourists and refer to them as terrorists understand that this man was actually extradited as a terrorist this is very dangerous and it shows so much buhari gives boko haram amnesty you know he paddles boko haram but he treats ipob and refers to ipobs as terrorists and is continuous with the language of who treat them in the language they understand you know with buhari there's no difference between bandits i pope and igbo he doesn't know where once that someone ends you know and that is very dangerous for a president understand that most of these people who are agitating and are trying to make moves towards war if there is a war they are going to be the first people to run and a lot of these people their wealth is outside nigeria there is no way that you can tell me apart from the fact that bahrain is already very old you know there's no way you can tell me that he doesn't have homes in the uk understand that there are a lot of nigerians in the uk they are actually places that are called mini lagos or mini nigeria or little nigeria you know in in in the united kingdom and i'm talking about wealthy areas a lot of um wealthy nigerians own most of the best buildings in the united kingdom as a matter of fact the richest um dark skinned people in the united kingdom are nigerians it is not the um the guy who was taking there many years ago as his sleeve you know and then he walked up you know it is it's the same thing with america the wealthiest people you know that really have money you know in america they are not the um the folks who were actual direct descendants of slaves there are people who were migrants and i'm talking about those who are dark skinned i'm talking about those you know who look african who have this african skin tone you know and a lot of that goes with a mentality that was passed down and you know the kind of belief system you can see the mentality is different the mentality of an africa who goes to the uk or america you know it's like i'm going to land of opportunity i'm going to make money i'm going to succeed but the mentality of those who have always been there who probably were descendants of slaves or something of that sort you know their mentalities have always been oppressed you know they keep seeing doors where there are no doors they keep saying boogeyman with their there are no big women their limitations the way they see because of what they believe and how they see the world and they see the nation around them that is what keeps them down and that is why when you go to america or the united kingdom when it comes to people who have an african skin tone people who are dark skinned you will see that the majority of them are either from nigeria or ghana that are wealthy the welders are from nigeria or ghana they are new immigrants they do not have passed down from generation to generation that mindset of a defeatists that have been defeated and you know understand something all that other nations have made slaves look at what the jews went through but look at how they you know they came out of it you know the the holocaust survivors a lot of the people who survived the holocaust you know a lot of the jews they are all rich all of them are rich majority of those who actually went through the holocaust they are all rich explain it to me you know so it is not a matter of what you went through it's a matter of how you react to what happens to you but back to the topic of you know um the bowery situation you know it's obvious where bharari stands and you know um what direction he's going you know so i have emphasized and i continue to emphasize a power that christians have now that we may not have in the future right now we have the ability to vote and to run for political office in the days of apostle paul it was a matter of where you were born your being in political office was a matter of who who who who your parents were so apostle paul emphasized praying for leaders and those in authority if it was a matter of voting he would have said vote if it was a matter of running if christians you know were able to run he would tell them to run as a matter of fact when he planned to meet with caesar what was it so that caesar would use his power to protect the church and to advance the gospel because the great commission is for everybody it doesn't matter who you are if you're a christian and a position of power you you push you the great commission from where you are if you're a christian are you a doctor you're a doctor with a difference you push the group commission as a doctor and in that field and in that world of medicine you know in that world of pharmaceuticals you push the gospel foot you see and you can see for example all the um sick bays and all the hospitals you know especially back in the day all around the world you can see the influence of christianity and the church on it even in their names saying paul's hospitals um mary's this another even though it was catholic influence but you can see that and of course there are you know it's what are um denominations you know quote-unquote you know with um when you look at the works of john j lake and you know when you look at other folks like catherine coolman you look at um um smith wigglesworth and all of that you know the folks who use divine healing you know and then there's also those who you know build hospitals and all of that but the point is that in your field your mission continues your personal gospel continues and you know apparently in nigeria when it comes to the political landscape it is full of corrupt tyrants corrupts and incompetent men and men with evil agendas now the this um arresting of um the uh you know the one thing that i should note is that foreign powers helped you know by that the uk you know you can't extradite somebody from one country to another without the government of both countries being in agreement so this also shows you that and for those who are saying biafra it shows you that the international community supports buhari's side they support the idea of nigeria they want that to continue and this is something that also happened in the first um biafra war the international community supported nigeria not biafra you know and if you look at when you look at the old videos and on what was said you know the rhetoric what the media said was that the biafrans were rebels that is how do i classify that oh that they are rebels so when you have been demonized and called a rebel or a terrorist it's very easy to kill you you know and it's for it to be justified so you have that disadvantage working against you you know so i have said um before and there is something that um unanimous has to understand you know you have to take a pull to know what evil people want you cannot trust you let me put it this way let us say that yes that it is for the best that biafra is broken away from nigeria but you cannot save the people who do not want to be saved have you asked them what they want have you asked people what they want you cannot just impose yourself and then bring all evils into a war that you started you know you cannot carry all ebolas and put them into a war you know you and you want them to fight you know you do not accept the alpina you don't you do not ask them what they want do they want to be in this war to separate i understand that if the the separation was must happen or should be um or if one must walk towards it it has to be done peacefully war is not an option you know um naturally voice a last resort and the reality of the matter is that there are so many different factors happening so you know they are um certain landmark moments and certain things that the government can do that will force a war you know because um let us be realistic a war between um everybody in nigeria versus ebola ibus are going to lose based on numbers and facts and also the fact that the international community is only going to help nigeria that is the international community giving the um the houses and all of them weapons guns and you know manpower and all of that that is where they are going to support and then they will brand the evils as rebels and as terrorists and all of that so um it is a word that cannot be won by force you know it's a if you want if you if you are moving forward for that but before you even decide whether you're moving forward you have to ask the ebooks what do they want and also ask others do they want the ebooks to leave let everybody know where they stand let everybody know what is it that this side wants what it is that this side wants it is not governments speaking and overriding the people's will look at for example the constitution they want to change the nigerian constitution by how many nigerians were asked what would you like to be in this new constitution it is just the same leaders who are now changing it and putting what they want this is the problem with um nigerians you know and many leaders or so-called leaders around the world leadership is about the people you are leading it's just like owning a business when you own a business it is about your customer the boss of a business is the customer the boss is not the boss the real boss is the customer what do the people want and if you are a boss that think that you are bigger than the customer you will soon go out of business you can never think that you are bigger than the customer the customer is the biggest person in the equation you know in the same way if you are a king or a ruler it is the people that are the in charge it is what they want not what you want a good king sacrifices what he wants for what the people want and this is what jesus said you know that in the world um being a king being a boss is they don't want to lord it over you they want to lord their will over you but in the kingdom of god if you want to be the greatest you have to be you know the servants you have to save more than everyone else so if that is a simple formula do you want to be the greatest man of god or the greatest um apostle of god man has his standards of judgment but god has shown you his standards do you want to be the greatest man of god in the world then be the most humble person in the world be the most humble christian be the most humble minister be the one that saves more than anyone else be the one this is very interesting because to you you see um the man of god who is very popular you know who everybody knows preaching all around the world but in god's sight god may honor the person that is carrying his bible more than him that is that is something that you understand is that fellow currently faithfully is he doing his own work faithfully understand that god has given everybody destiny and this is the problem with people who like to you know who have taken this financial education when it comes to entrepreneurship to a different level they keep bashing um even though they may not know that that is what they are doing but they keep preaching entrepreneur you have to be an entrepreneur you have to own your own business you have to own your own business if you own your own business why don't you have employees once when you tell their your employees that they should own their own business then who you work for who you know the the push of it is like understand that some people have to you know somebody has to be the taxi driver you know it is so it is part of somebody's um destiny you know perhaps for a time to be a taxi driver somebody has to drive the taxi we cannot all be the ceo of a fortune 500 you know and this says a lot for all those who are you know um pro aoc and you know pro democrats you are trying to build this utopia where everybody is equal at the top it is not possible understand and appreciate groups and you know where you are in life you will advance you know so um that is it's learn to be content with what you have and then in that con place of being content you still understand the importance of growth and you grow so you are content but that's great not like you are you are unhappy and you are you are always chasing oh i only be happy when i move up to a higher step or ladder you know in the so-called ladder of success and then you are always you know you your life is a constant struggle to go higher and higher you know um one million is not enough you must go to two million when you get to two million two million is not emotional get to three million three million is not enough when you get there is for so your life is just constantly you have put the happiness on the next step you know so um you have to learn to be content whether you have um zero dollars in your bank accounts but in your contentment you are not somebody that will just be blunt and be a couch potato and do nothing you understand groots so you are content but you are still green and that is what christ wants and that is what um christ thoughts so that is very important that you understand you know but to really get back to this um nigerian situation you you have to understand you know that um in addition to the political system you know we have um for example river states you know bringing them on vaccines these vaccines that are being you know got some for so called free understand that in economics you know nothing is free you know tech that is that is just a reality you have to understand the concept of alternative for gone and different things attached to it let us say you see a sign that says free ice cream and you go there and take free ice cream that is nice but understand that that is also advertisements and sampling they have given you a free sample with the hope of developing a testing you so you will come back and buy more it is just like a 30-day demo you know netflix and all these companies they like to do try ourselves for 30 days free after the 30 days you know if you really like it you know you will continue companies that offer 30 days free trials succeed and end up making more money in the long run than companies that that didn't you know that their products you just pay up front for you to get a taste of it so you have to understand that then you also have to understand the concept of the alternative for gone by you're eating that ice cream that ice cream is not going to contain it is not going to feel a portion of your stomach that another food would have failed that ice cream is now that um person that supplier that gave that ice cream when it what about the other people that you could have bought ice cream from a golden ice cream floor so you have to understand that alternative for god so nothing is free now there's vaccines that um nigeria is getting from um different countries it is not free what are they get what are they giving in return what kind of deals are being made you know and now they are increasing the number of vaccines coming so these vaccines are not going to go i'm not going to go to waste they are going to try to force people to get vaccines like oh to go to the bank you have to show proof of vaccine or to get a job to work for the government you have to show proof that you have been vaccinated all these things that is what they plan to do so we must pray and draw that we can to stop that because that is very dangerous you know these vaccines are dangerous as a christian you have no business taking that vaccine especially when you do not know what is in it if you're a non-christian you should not take that vaccine too you know and anything that looks like the mark of the beast or has that former of the mark of the beast that's been delivered to you do not touch it stay away from it so don't take these vaccines we must start writing letters the different christian organizations and different churches start having press conferences let it be known that make yourself have a voice in your own community make your group have a voice in your own community you may not be able to do it on your own but for example as a group as an organization you can do this things and when you do that make sure that you know you make it known what you stand for and when you do that you end up you know being someone who is actually um how i put this you know making an impact where you are you know it is not enough to pray prayer without action is dead a lot of times we just pray pray pray prayer without action is dead you know how can you always um how can you even be praying in truth in faith you are praying expecting god to do something but you you are not willing to lift the finger to see that it is done it shows that you are not serious you know the bible says the future of heaven prayer of righteous man a valid motion the heart felt your prayer has to be heartfelt how can it be heartfelt if you are not even willing to lift up a a a a a spoon or yeah you're not really we need to lift up you know anything to do even the slightest bit of work to see it accomplished but yeah we need to pray you want god to do the work but you're on your own hand you are showing that it is not heartfelt because you are not doing anything at all you know we as christians you know the difference um student universe and all of that not just christian organizations and the more the better start writing letters compiled proof of what he have gotten from the vaccines that there have been no tests carried out on this vaccine there's nobody that it was proven this person had covered um 19. they gave the person the vaccine and then they they coveted went or this person you know they contained the vaccine you know the i mean they contained the cove nitin virus and then they gave somebody the vaccine then they gave that person the covey 19 virus and then the vaccine within the person killed the virus there's no such test you know so why is everybody being foolish and showing how foolish they are by taking this vaccine and of course understand that all these leaders have been paid all these political leaders have been paid they have been a great passing around of money for all these nonsense to be done and all of africa is being is falling into this foolishness and you wonder why africans were slaves for some for so long it is because of this foolishness it is because of foolishness you know so um africans were enslaved you know and colonized you know technically uh the the one it is africa was not really um it's not like everybody was made to sleep in africa but you know the continent was colonized as a matter of fact even the name africa is something that a white man gave you know before then there was no question as africa you know that's what did not exist even though the land existed you know there was the zulu tribe there was the igbo tribe you know they were this that was how um the people who lived in this um piece of land um those were the the thames that they used you know the evil kingdom they have the kingdom you know they're backing up all of that that was it you know bets the continents africa as a continent you know was giving that name the barriers the borders of africa was carved out by the white man not by any africa you know the borders of south africa where south africa begins and ends was created by the wise man where nigeria begins our ends was created by the white man so a lot of the so-called tribes and neighboring countries were actually part of the same kingdom so um that is a topic for another day but you see you have to be smart and really um begin to take action you know hold a press conference let it be known this is what this organization stands for this is what we have found out about the vaccines these are the questions these are why we should not take the vaccines so to make sure that because when that time comes when they start trying to force nigerians to take the vaccine we can be already ready or even averted by what we are doing now we must make sure that we are ahead on radio stations tv and everywhere else you know different organizations churches schools everybody be bold otherwise this is how you will lose your future you know so that being said make sure you go to alfred dos vip we've come to the end of this broadcast you know so and if you are if you've not given your life to christ click on the salvation prayer link on the main menu of and when a page comes out you know say that prayer there and give your life to christ so that's it for today thank you and god bless you

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