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hello everybody i'm alfred and you're listening to alfred's music reviews i'd like to talk about the album house fires seven you know it's from the group house first it's the gospel group and the album school if you if you like um that kind of um hill song vibe you know that's kind of um vibe from that style of um gospel music you are going to absolutely love this album if you like you know songs like good good father and stuff like that they even have their own version on their um catalog bits the important thing about this is that this album glorifies god the album house fire seven is actually um a live album that i saw you know they did the the live performance of all the tracks you know and that's what they um brought to um that is what is on the music album so it's basically killing two breaths with one stone because every song has a video you know but it's based on the live performance and of course the songs they are unique they are good you know they are in all nine tracks you know bless the lord at all times love like this open up the doors wildfire holy holy here with me holy ground green pasture sparrow and home you know all beautiful tracks that you want to check out of course now we live in a time where you just subscribe and stream or you don't even need to subscribe like services like um you know spotify has you know a free service you know where it plays ads there's boom play that is also free all you need to do is download um boom play and and you play all the music you want you know a lot of times they don't even play ads even though that free option is the ad option a lot of times you know you won't even hear any ads it's not like spotify that every once in a while they play ads these are also um those um the same thing when it comes to um a free option with that that has ads but these are please they are ads and you can't really select songs so you can select artists and it will automatically shuffle you have to subscribe to pinpoint but when it comes to free options the best is boom play you know so but with that the more you stream those artists songs the more um they get compensated for their creativity and for their art so um that is how that goes you know that is how that goes it's it's it's a different um world when it comes to listening to music so you can just check it out house fires you know house fire seven is the name of the album the name of the gospel group was um house first so that's it remember to check out and if you've not given your life to christ when you go to alfredo's vip click the salvation prayer link in the main menu and when you look at the page comment house that has a prayer of salvation say that prayer telling god you want to give your life to christ that's the beginning point you know it's it's the beginning to start your journey a lot of people like to this the salvation prayer and say that um the fact that somebody does not somebody says salvation prayer doesn't mean they'll go to heaven well that is the beginning and that is what the scripture says you know you have to believe in your heart and confess the lordship of jesus that is and for it to be saved and that is what salvation prayer is you know you have to begin your journey with god you know so you have to come to god and pray and tell god that you want to start the relationship with him and they're saying key things that are important for you to declare for you to affirm that you believe in what jesus christ did on the cross that you understand it so that has to be um something that you do it's for uh it's important that that declaration is made that confession is made up there is what you have to tell god and there is also you are feminine so that you know yourself and you know the salvation prayer is structured in a way that somebody who doesn't know a lot about god can say the right thing certain important things that they should affirm and they should be sure of you know if they are coming to christ they are certain important things that can't be looked away from for example the cross you know you have to understand the meaning of the cross you know to um on a basic level at the very least you must understand the cross you must understand that jesus came he died and he rose again you know so um those concepts are important you can't just become a christian when you don't understand that or frame that and understand that also that um god watches the way you're saying when you come to him a lot of that those things are very important you know so that is why the salvation price and politics incorporate distance you know people who don't know much about god when they come to god they do not miss out on you know setting things that they should affirm in their coming to god you know so that is that thank you and god bless you

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