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The Prince & The Tramp : Rap Music Single By Alfred

The Prince & The Tramp : Rap Music Single By Alfred


Hello Everybody,
      There are a few things you need to know.

From Freestyling To Writing:

      Everybody knows that my verses are usually freestyled. 100% off the top. I already have recorded over 80 albums that have 100% freestyle verses. However I've decided to start writing to put a jetpack on the quality of my art.
      From time to time I will still release songs with Freestyled verses. 

Lyrics Of This Song:

Verse 1:         
His mother was Dirty Diana, got more gifts than a piñata
Constant beating from the media
Broke her swifter, than cars hit pillars
Margaritas fill Senoritas, But everything tastes bitter
The whole world paused, & mourned, like it lost its babysitter
Her skin wasn't thicker than the pages of News that hit her
The weight of being a Princess out weighed being a peasant
Hopefully her two sons would grow up to be tough
Sticks and stones may break their bones but words would never hurt
I was wrong, Wokeness struck, they were both raised wrong
Students of White Guilt, afraid of Cancel Culture
Now the family whose does more Charity than any in the world
Is about to be known as the most racist family in the world
All because a Prince picked up a Tramp, MEG!
He chose the Tramp over his own Country and FAM
Now the Tramp's got a Title and a CAREER
Archie's origin story now beats BATMAN'S

Chrous (x2):
Have you heard the story about The Prince & The Tramp
Everybody wants to know how the story turns out
Will it end good, Will it end bad
Will it end in the middle of Good & Bad
Verse 2:
If Dirty Diana was alive there's no way she would have allowed
Any son of hers get engaged and trapped by a Tramp
That would be the end of that
She would have warned her sons about
Gold diggers and tramps and other miscreants in the dark
That lay wait to pounce on the rich for fame and cash
She would have put security around his heart, AND
Not only put guards around his house, AND
Her son won't grow to be the greatest SIMP know to MAN
Harry has got to learn put on his own pants
He's gotta learn to put on the pants in own his house
Wives don't drag in-laws outdoors for victim points
God's against divorce, like it or not, you're both one
But for Pete's sake, let her know you the Boss
She's now part of a White family, in fact, always was
For Archie's sake, get your house in order at once
I pray a Tramp turns into a Princess just this once
Otherwise your goose is cooked, a kiss didn't change the frog

Chrous (x3):
Have you heard the story about The Prince & The Tramp
Everybody wants to know how the story turns out
Will it end good, Will it end bad
Will it end in the middle of Good & Bad


You Can Remix Any Of My Songs Or Albums And Sell Them Commercially:

      You as a listener can be a participator and make money off this album like with all my other albums.
      You can create beats for the songs and produce your own version of this album.
      You can knock out verses, add verses, feature people, get someone else doing the Chorus, Make a compilation of my songs from different albums, etc. Do whatever you want but the end result of what you create must give glory to God, and you must make the last track a Salvation Prayer from any one of my albums. People must be given the opportunity to give their lives to Christ otherwise everything is pointless.
      We would share ownership Rights and royalties of your version 50/50.
      All you have to do if you’re interested is email me ( links to work you’ve done before and if I like it I’ll give you approval to go ahead.
      We also have to have a solid legal agreement of the 50/50 split of Royalties and Ownership Rights.
      Note you also have to be a Christian and you can’t insult or disrespect me or Christianity in the work that you create.

That's the way it is with all my albums. Just email me at

To Feature Me On Songs & Albums For Free:

      Some musicians have a fixed fee for a feature but the problem I find with that is, that means somebody is going to get cheated.
      Let me explain.
      Lets say I place my standard fee at $90,000 per feature. If you pay it and the song does not generate more that $90,000 that means that I’ve ripped you off.
      However, if the song ends up generating millions or even billions over the course of a number of years and your descendants and still eating off it; that means I’ve been ripped off.
      No fixed fee can be a fair fee.
      So featuring me is free, however I have to own an agreed upon percentage of the ownership rights and the royalties of the song I’m featured in for infinity.
      It must be in an unchangeable legally binding document that incontestable that I (and my estate) own whatever percentage that we agree on of the ownership rights and any royalties, proceeds or benefits that may come from the song.

To Form A Music Duo With Me Or Add Me To Your Band For Free:

      To Create A Fresh Brand New Collaborative Album With Me And You . i.e. A musical duo or team up between me and you (eg. Fresh Prince & DJ Jazzy Jeff ) just reach out to me and tell me. I don’t care if no one knows who you are. If I think you are good or have the potential to be good I’ll work with you.
      Since it takes me an average of one to two days to finish laying down all the vocals and Choruses of an album to beats, I don't mind being a member of a hundred or more different Christian bands or team ups that plan to release an album every single month.
      I love work.
      Work is a blessing.
      Whether you make good beats or you sing or you rap; I'm open to forming a duo or band with you. Just contact me. Note that you have to be a bible believing Christian. Let me say that once again: You Have To Be A Bible Believing Christian.

Have Any Special Business Propositions Of Your Own:

      I'm open to listen to whatever business situations you propose.
      Just email me at 

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