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Biden's Speech To Congress After 100 Days In Office Crashes The Stock Market

The Nigerian Government Seeking Help From China To Deal With Insecurity In Nigeria

Mom Goes Viral Challenging School's Forced Mask Rule

Chicago Mayor Suggests Cops Request Permission Before Chasing Criminals

African Union Plans To Put Vaccines In All Meat Sold & Consumed In Africa

The Kidnapping Of Benue University Students. Another Kidnapping In Nigeria

3 Kidnapped Students Of Plateau State University In Nigeria Regain Freedom

The Conjuring : The Devil Made Me Do It : Movie Trailer Review

Alfred's Response To Hassan Campbell's Response To Candace Owens' Response To Lebron James' Assassination Threat Tweet Against White Cop

Alfred Speaks On Lebron James' Assassination Threat Tweet Against White Cop Who Shoots An African-American To Save The Life Of Another African-American

Alfred Speaks About Dogecoin & The Problem With The Crypto-currency Industry

White Cop Gets Crucified For Stopping Murder By Shooting An African American To Save Another African American's Life. BLM Is Angry

Alfred Shares His Thoughts On The Mob Controlled Derek Chauvin Guilty Verdict

Democrats & The Media Lied. US Capitol Riot Policeman Died Of Natural Causes

MyPillow CEO Sues Dominion Voting Systems for $1.6 Billion

The Billion Dollar Industry Of Aborted Baby Organs

American News Stories - April 2021

The Biden Administration Takes Six Acres Of Land From Texas Family To Continue Building The Wall Biden Called Trump Racist For (an article excerpt from the 'American News Stories' Magazine)

666 Microchips Under The Skin As COVID Passports

Mixing Human Cells With Monkey Embryos To Grow Organs For Humans

Joe Biden Seizing Land & Building The Wall Is Not Called Racist By The Media

Facebook Banning Sharing Content Criticizing BLM Co-founder For Buying Mansions

Boston Hospital To Offer Treatment Based On Race. Whites To Be 2nd Class Humans

The American Film Maker - April 2021

The Denmark Film Maker - April 2021

Riders Of Justice (an article excerpt from The Denmark Film Makers Magazine)

Endangered Species (an article excerpt from The American Film Makers Magazine)

A Message For Conservatives Who Feel Like Throwing in The Towel

Using The Left's Weapons Against The Left

Bill Gates Wants To Put A Barrier Between The Earth & The Sun In the Name Of Fight Global Warming

Black Lives Matter & White Lives Matter Clash In California

Alfred Speaks On Leftists' Trying To Cancel Sylvester Stallone For Being Seen At Trump's Mar a Lago Golf Club

Alfred Speaks On Daunte Wright Resisting Arrest & Getting Shot By A Female Minnesota Cop Who Is Too Incompetent To Know The Difference Between A Gun & A Taser

Alfred Reacts To: Engaged & Not Having Sex : Truth or Drink

Alfred Addresses Anti - Conservative Hollywood Propaganda As Marvel Attacks Conservatives By Painting Jordan Peterson As Red Skull Because Of His Conservative Views

Alfred Speaks On BLM Leader's Murder Attempt Indictment & The Criminal Element Within BLM & ANTIFA

Alfred Addresses A New Kidnaping Attempt In Abuja, Nigeria That Was Foiled By The Would Be Victim. Alfred Also Offers 3 Solutions To The Rising Kidnapping Problem In Nigeria

Alfred Talks About The Rainstorm In Benue, Nigeria That Destroys Over 132 Homes & Offers Solutions

Where Do BLM Donations Go? BLM Co - Founder Buys Million Dollar Home In 99% White Neighborhood

Alfred Speaks On Pastor Stands Up Against Cops Trying To Shut Down Good Friday Church Service

Alfred Speaks On Leftist Run Academia Banning Easter & Christmas From Being Mentioned In Schools In The Name Of Inclusivity

Alfred Speaks On Teen Girls Who Killed Uber Driver Not Going To Jail Because Of their Skin Color

Alfred Speaks On Joe Biden Now Building The Border Wall He, Democrats & Mainstream Media Called Trump Racist For

Over 7 People Who Took The AstraZeneca Vaccine Have Died

Alfred Speaks On The Imo State Prison Break In Nigeria

Alfred Speaks On SNL Showcasing Tolerance, Diversity & Inclusion By Joining Lil Nas X To Mock Jesus & Christianity

Guy Gets Girl On Jerry Springer To Brag That He's Cheating On Her : Alfred Reacts

Alfred Speaks On YouTube Taking Away The Dislike Button For Mass Mind Control

12 NIGHTS OF CHRISTMAS FLOWY TEE : designed by Alfred

BLACK FIGHT THE POWER TEE : designed by Alfred

CHANGES SWEATSHIRT : designed by Alfred

Alfred Addresses Hunter Avallone For Mocking Lauren Chen Over Woke Books Video

Money Grows On Trees (written by Alfred)

Alfred Speaks On Oakland Giving Out Free Money Based On Race

Alfred Speaks On Ted Cruz Being Stopped By Biden Staffer From Showing The Truth About The Border

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