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Endangered Species (an article excerpt from The American Film Makers Magazine)

Endangered Species (an article excerpt from The American Film Makers Magazine)

   Hollywood un-surprisingly creates another remake again.

   Inasmuch as they are quite a number of movies with the title 'Endangered Species.'

   This particular movie is much closer to being the remake of the 1982 version of the movie with the same title. 

   In the 1982 version, a retired cop goes on Vacation to the Wild West and gets entangled in a series of mysterious cattle killings and a beautiful female sheriff with a chip on her shoulder. 

   Now this recent version of the Endangered Species movie is basically about a family that goes to Africa on a vacation.

  During their Safari they decide to drive a truck off the designated path; seeking even more adventure. 

   The end up in a region with more vicious animals. 

   Their truck is toppled over and it turns into a jungle survival story. 

   At some point, they encounter another human and the imagine they're about to be rescued only to find out that their would be rescuer along with others they find as his companions are a group of poachers. So the struggle for survival and getting out of the Wilds alive becomes even more deadly.

   One would think that the animal predators was bad, but human predators are the most formidable.

   It is now up to this family who only went to Africa to have a vacation and to enjoy a safari to not only survive the dangerous animals in the Wilds but to also escape from the Poachers by any means necessary.

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