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The Biden Administration Takes Six Acres Of Land From Texas Family To Continue Building The Wall Biden Called Trump Racist For (an article excerpt from the 'American News Stories' Magazine)


The Biden Administration Takes Six Acres Of Land From Texas Family To Continue Building The Wall Biden Called Trump Racist For  (an article excerpt from the 'American News Stories' Magazine)

   President Trump was called racist for the build the wall campaign.

   Wanting to build a wall around vulnerable parts of America's border to prevent an influx of illegal migrants, illegal drugs, and human trafficking operations was considered racist throughout President Trump's presidency.

   African-american jumped on the bandwagon and bought the lie that President Trump was racist. 

   It's almost like all you have to do is look and point and scream out racist then African Americans like puppets and sheep will rally behind you and fight against anything or anyone you point at even if it is the only thing that is keeping them alive.

   After four years of painting Donald Trump as a Racist for trying to build a wall, now the left is continuing to build the wall.

   All of a sudden it isn't racist anymore to build a wall. The mainstream Media doesn't think it's racist anymore. African-american don't think it's racist anymore.

   All the keyboard social justice warriors don't think it is racist anymore.

   Just like that in a twinkle of an eye something that was so racist I was grounds for the impeaching & media lynching of the President is all of a sudden not racist anymore.


   This goes to show how much the masses are mental slaves of the media. Anything the media says they believe whether it makes sense or not.

   Of course there are many who are wise who see the media for what it is. Daily

Sadly, their votes don't count as the last election has proven. It is who counts the votes that counts.

   Joe Biden and his administration is now taking up Land from Texans and continuing the border wall.

   There is much to be said for whether he's paying the former land owners or is telling them it's White supremacy and White privilege for them to own the land in the first place. 

   There is also the question of if President Trump did the same and if the land owners were paid back in some sort of way for the Government building on their property and taking up what is rightfully theirs and probably has been in their family for a number of years. 

The Solution:

   We Christians must take full control of the media. We must start launching multiple media companies all across the board and conquer the media in every country on every level and in every way.  

   We must also go into ALL positions of power and political authority. We must come together and become one, then decide who we are going to intentionally vote for from among us to fill each office and what they should do when they are there. 

   We must also have our own checks and balances system to make sure that who we choose and place in such positions will not betray us but must be our extension and representative and carry out the work of the gospel from that position of authority and power. 

   We must do this before it is too late.


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