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Justin Trudeau The Hypocrite Dictator

Jesus Has Given Every Christian A Mandate To Make Others Christians Who Make Others Christians Who Make Others Christians & On & On : Join The Family

Never Listen To Voices That Try To Divide You : One America

Christians In Africa Must Decide The Course Of Africa With Their Tongue & With Their Actions : Africa Arise

Praying For Ye & Kim : A Rap Music Single by Alfred

FDA Executive Officer Exposes Close Ties Between Agency and Pharmaceutical Companies : Expose FDA - Part 2

FDA Exec Christopher Cole responds to agency's official statement in interview with James O'Keefe : Expose FDA

"The power of what he has is - this is coming directly from the gentleman's lips." - Dr. Malone : Expose FDA

FDA Exec on Camera Reveals Future COVID Policy "Biden Wants To Inoculate As Many People As Possible" : Expose FDA - Part 1

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Lockdown Suicides : A Rap Music Single by Alfred

Sweet Jerusalem : a Blues/ Jazz Song by Alfred

How Christian Ministers Became Slaves Of Political Correctness & Therefore No Longer God's Messengers Without Even Knowing It (an excerpt from a book by Alfred)

Charlamagne The Ray Cist : A Rap Music Single by Alfred

Freedom Convoy : A Rap Music Single by Alfred

Nigerian Police In Zamfara State Arraign Suspected Cannibal In Nigeria, Africa : Alfred Reacts

CNN wants Tucker Cancelled Because He Doesn't Want War With Russia : Alfred Reacts

The View Attacks Lisa Ling For Criticizing Biden's SOB Statement : Alfred Reacts

The Rising : Movie Previews - by Alfred

LOJ Souljaz Un1ted - Aint Hard 2 Find : Music Review - by Alfred

Train Life - A Railway Simulator : VG Review - by Alfred

Circus Electrique - Gameplay : VG Review - by Alfred

Tru South & Martin Pk - Not For Sale : Music Review - by Alfred

... Justin Time - ft Jesse Howard - Breaking Me Down : Music Review - by Alfred

BOF - Lets Rock : Music Review - by Alfred

Telecom Companies Fight Airlines On 5G Proving They Care More About Money Than Humans

Wilt Chamberlain vs Giannis Antetokounmpo - Animation : Alfred Reacts

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