How Christian Ministers Became Slaves Of Political Correctness & Therefore No Longer God's Messengers Without Even Knowing It (an excerpt from a book by Alfred)


How Christian Ministers Became Slaves Of Political Correctness & Therefore No Longer God's Messengers Without Even Knowing It (an excerpt from a book by Alfred)

2 Corinthians 2:11 AMP

to keep Satan from taking advantage of us; for we are not ignorant of his schemes.

   If you are a Pastor, Preacher or Christian Minister and ever since the attempt to restructure the world and establish a new normal started in 2020 you haven't said or preached anything about the what people have been dealing with that has interrupted their lives (that means: COVID, the lockdowns, the BLM riots, the looting & burning of businesses in the name of "Justice", the Vaccine, the Vaccine passports, the Vaccine mandates, etc), then what are you preaching?

   What are you preaching if you don't address what the people are so obviously going through?

   What kind of leader are you? Who do you represent? 

   If a politician goes to a poverty torn area under his jurisdiction that has been ravaged by a storm and the politician talks about the importance of voting and being a good citizen; that politician clearly doesn't care about the people.

   If a Cop who is on duty sees a bunch of kids bullying & beating up a kid and the cop rushes over and tells them not to make so much noise that they're disturbing the peace, and then walks away; it means that cop doesn't care about protecting people or saving lives.

   If you are a Pastor and you have managed to preach all the same sermons you did before 2020 like if nothing happened and is still happening that is turning the worlds of the people you are preaching to upside down; it means that you are not a being Pastor or a Preacher from God.

   It means there is no love in your heart and since God is love, what happened to God who's supposed to be inside of you?

   Where is Christ in you, the hope of glory? (Colossians 1:27).

   Where is Love in you, the hope of glory?

   How can you be a Pastor over a people and ignore addressing what they are going through and think it's Ok. 

   "I don't want to get political from the pulpit", you say. So you preach to your congregation on everything else ignoring the hand the devil has around their throat through political power. You only handle spiritual strongholds, when the devil uses political or non-supernatural strongholds to persecute you and your congregation you don't do anything about it.

   So many Pastors (we can see them on Social Media) are still posting the cliche bible verses and church phrases online like nothing happened or is happening to the people they claim to be preaching to.

    If a man falls into a pit too deep for him to climb out, you cannot then start preaching to him about what Jesus did on the Cross for him. The best way to preach the gospel to him at that point is to fetch a rope quickly and pull him out of that pit. You cannot ignore the fact that he is in the pit; especially if his life or death might depend on how soon you get him out of that pit.

   Pastors today are Preaching to people inside pits, ignoring the increasingly chaotic social situation around them ...ignoring plans of the Great Reset by a few evil rich men, ignoring the demonizing of the white race in the name of social justice & CRT, ignoring the job discrimination against white men in the name of equality & equity, ignoring the indoctrinations in schools turning children into Socialists and ANTIFA foot solders, ignoring the polarization of their nation by race hustlers and propaganda media networks, … even ignoring the war on the Church & Jesus' teachings in the name of inclusion and diversity.

   Some Pastors are scared of not being politically correct and being cancelled so they have become Pastors and Preachers sent by the world and not Pastors and Preachers sent by God.

   They are afraid of saying what the world would be offended by if they say. They are afraid of saying what the world doesn't want them to say. So they are no more Preachers & messengers of God, they are now Preachers & messengers of the world; and many of such Preachers haven't realized that they've changed.

   Sadly, because of this, when the few that address social issues do; they address it saying what the world wants them to say and push CRT friendly garbage or other unbiblical garbage.

   Preachers, you need to ask yourself who are you a preacher for; God or the World.

   Christians in Church you need to ask yourself who the Pastor of your church is a Preacher for; God or the World.


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