No Electricity In Nigeria Nationwide Yesterday Because Of The Labor Union Strike : Alfred's Diary : 4th June 2024 : Entry 02

Dear Diary, 
   There has been no electricity throughout Nigeria since yesterday because of the strike.
   The National Labor Union wants the President to increase the minimum wage tremendously like that would automatically make more money available for employers to pay all their employees whether or not the company's revenue or customers increases.
   Nigeria is heading for a Haiti type situation or worse. 
   It's a miracle Nigeria has made it this far without seeing the deadliest war West Africa has ever seen. 
   Tinubu who stole the Presidency is the greatest disaster of a President Nigeria has ever seen. He keeps digging Nigeria into a bigger pit with every move he makes. 
   The Nigerian people who have something of a voice like the National Labor Union are dummies and asking for the wrong thing. 
   Increasing Minimum Wage would only create greater inflation on top of the already increasing financial depression that has been on since the disaster that was President Buhari.
   For the government to give out more money on the level the National Labor Union is asking for to the government workers alone without the revenue of the nation increasing in the same proportion first; the purchasing power of the naira would have to be decreased to pull it off without firing hundreds of millions of workers and expecting the same level of productivity with fewer workers. 
   Anyway, what is most likely to happen is that a lot of workers would be laid off. Thus increasing unemployment which would lead to an increase in crime which would lead to an increase in terrorist activity; which would lead to the probability of war.
   I really need to get out of Nigeria. 
   When I get enough money; I'm Out.

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