NEPA Brought Light Last Night: Alfred's Diary : 5th June 2024

Dear Diary, 
   NEPA (now PHCN) brought light (electricity back) last night.
   I praise God all Nigerians didn't have to go through an indefinite period of no electricity nationwide.
   I've personally got Solar installed in the house where I currently live but the Solar can't carry the washing machine and it's not connected to the bore hole for pumping water from the ground into the tank. So if the water in the tank finishes; it means waiting for NEPA to bring light or somebody else in the compound connecting their generator to the bore hole.
   The bright side of the bore hole and water situation in Nigeria is that we don't have to pay the government for every litre of tap water running in our own homes like Americans do.
   That been said, Bill Gates (the greatest serial killer in human history) is currently in Nigeria promoting his Entergy company that is registered as a charity so as an American citizen he doesn't have to pay taxes to America for all the money the company makes. 
   That's an interesting way to evade taxes by the way. Create a Charity that invests in other companies and funds.
   I'm against taxes totally, but that's a topic for another day. 
   Anyway, it's an interesting coincidence that the blackout happened when Bill Gates came to promote his Energy company. 

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