Buy Me A Coffee Takes Away My Ability To Send Email Notifications To My Subscribers : Alfred's Diary : 4th June 2024 : Entry 01

Dear Diary,
   Buy me a coffee no longer let's me send posts automatically to all my subscribers email addresses.
   It started ever since I made that post on YouTube stealing my idea and making it a feature on their app.
   Anyway, all is well. 
  Patreon still works for now. 
   All this just shows how important it is for me to own my own social media company so as to not to be at the mercy of others. 
   Many people get their Instagram pages with hundred of thousands or even millions of pages taking away because they posted or believe in something Mark Zuckerberg disagrees with. 
   Until Christians control the business and tech world hence the social media companies; we will be at the mercy of folks in the world who do and have their own agenda.

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