All The Paid Ad Clicks To My Apple Music Page Didn't Translate Into Money : Alfred's Diary : 7th June 2024

Dear Diary, 
   I was thinking as they say, "that my ship was about to come in" and I was about to begin rolling in some doe as I reinvest and reinvest. 
   Apparently, there has been a slight delay with the ship.
   So a Twitter Ad that got over 5 million impressions and thousands upon thousands of clicks pointing to my Apple Music page didn't register any impressions according to Apple Music.
   Based on my Apple Music analytics I got no traffic hence no revenue. 
   I don't know how that works. Maybe if someone visits your Apple Music page and they don't have an Apple Music subscription it doesn't count. So if you spread links online pointing to your Apple Music page no matter how many people visit the link it does not count or translate to revenue of they do not have an active Apple Music subscription. 
   It's either that or there's some sort of conspiracy by Apple Music to stop me from making money; but I don't think that's what at play in this case.
   To make sure there isn't any problem on Twitter's end; when I have some money I'll run ads to point people to my personal site and see how they numbers correspond. Will the number of site visits correspond with the number of Ad clicks.
   Anyway, I highly doubt that Twitter is at fault.
   This just chucks out the window any plan to advertise my profile on online streaming sites with the hope of using the royalties generated to pay for the ads and continue the circle.
   If the cost per stream is more than the cost per ad click; it is profitable, but if the cost per stream is less than cost per ad click; it would not be profitable but there would still be more money now available to pay for ads.
   In my case, I got no money at all. Nothing registered. 
   Expecting to make any money from music streaming has got to be off my list of money growth strategies.
   My eyes have to be elsewhere.

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