So My Laptop Was Finally Repaired A Few Days Ago & I Made A New Album : Alfred's Open Diary : 25th December 2023

Dear Diary, 
   My laptop was unusable for a number of months and I've had to make songs using vocal recordings from my phone not a studio mic. The quality of the audio vocals for the songs like: Judas Pence, Tinubu Must Go, Ain't Nothing Wrong With Being White, etc... makes me make a face anytime I hear it. 
   Anyway, now that my laptop is back on, I'll have to do the songs over again and repost them through my music distributor.

   Anyway, since the laptop has been back; I've recorded a 7 track Christmas album in 3 days. I've posted it and as I write this it has already begun to be rolled out on various platforms.

   That been said, expect more open diary entries like this from me.

  Anyway, Merry Christmas. Enjoy the new Christmas album.

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