Pray Daily For Preachers, Mega Church Pastors, & Public Figures Who Are Viewed By The World To Represent Christianity : written by Alfred

Pray Daily For Preachers, Mega Church Pastors, & Public Figures Who Are Viewed By The World To Represent Christianity : written by Alfred

   Whether you like it or not, when you are a member of a group; whatever anyone in that group does reflects on how everyone in that group is seen by those outside the group. 
   If an African with dark skin for example goes to a small isolated European village that are not used to seeing many Africans, then this African they see robs or kills someone in an altercation. It doesn't matter whose fault it is. Now those villagers would see all Africans as robbers and murderers. It's not racism. It's just human reasoning. It may not be logical or fair, but that's the way it is. You'll probably feel the same way if you lived in an isolated African village and the first White men you saw where thieves and slave traders.
   If you've never met anyone from a University in some far away state and the first person or first three people from you meet in your own state that came from the state with the University you're interested in happen to be girls that have a reputation; you'll think that all the girls in that University are promiscuous too even though you've never been to that state before.
   Every human being has strong opinions about entire groups, countries, products, etc; based on only limited contact or what they heard someone said that someone else said was an experience they had.
   You must understand that as a Christian; what Christian Pastors or Public Figures do represents you in the eyes of the world. It may not be fair, but that's the way it is. 
   When you join in or champion attacking mega church Pastors or Christian Public Figures on the internet; you are pouring mud on your own refection... you are pouring dirt on how you are perceived as a Christian yourself. You are like a man who is beating himself.
   Just like we are instructed by Paul to pray for those in authority, we must also start praying for every Christian Public Figure with all love and sincerity; that they fulfill the will of God in their lives without blemish or disadvantage to the body of Christ. 

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