An Open Letter To So Called Christian Bloggers Out There Who...


Dear . . . ,

   You have a monetized YouTube channel and monetize condemning other preachers and Christian denominations that are outside your denomination. You do the devil's work. You do the work of the accuser of the brethren. All you have is videos condemning every popular preacher. Any preacher that increases the number of Christians becomes a target for you. You're doing the devil's work and masquerading it as God's work.

   God never sent out his disciples to condemn other preachers or religious people. The disciples didn't go out looking for Pharisees to argue with. They went out preaching the gospel to the lost. Where are you videos preaching the gospel to the lost? Where are your videos just preaching the bible to teach and not to condemn? You sell your soul for YouTube views and condemn another man based on your wishful thinking of his motives to make yourself feel better and more righteous than others. 

   BTW, Pastor Joel Osteen is not a prosperity preacher. The man records all his sermons. Show me videos where he is saying if you give to God, you would get much more back. That being said, what you call the prosperity gospel is one of the things Jesus also preached. So by condemning the so called prosperity gospel you also condemn Jesus.

   Note that the so called prosperity gospel is just the law of sowing and reaping which the world and many religions simply refer to as Karma. Are you going to make videos condemning all the different groups in the world that believe in Karma too? Of cause not, you only specialize in dissing Christianity. You only specialize in doing the devil's work. 

   Also note that mega churches as you call them aren't listed by any economists as one of the top hundred ways to make money. They are not the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation which you'll never condemn.

   Mega Churches are often broke and running on credit. Pastors of mega churches don't get their money from the church. Do you think you are the only one who knows about personal investment portfolios, stocks, bonds, real estate, etc? Don't be dumb. And no, they don't use money from donations to build their investment portfolio. The church's board determines how the church collection is spent and what would be the Pastor's salary. 

   Smart Pastors use their salary to build their investment portfolio and that's if they take a salary. Pastor Joel don't take a salary. He may invest using the money from his book sales or is just reinvesting a percentage of the ROI from the investments he has already. That's smart. That's not a sin. That's not misappropriation of funds. If you want to look for misappropriation of funds look to BLM & the BLM founders who are building mansions for themselves with money donated to BLM. 

   Lastly, what is wrong with donating money to a church? Seriously, what is wrong with it? You are a terrible person if you are against people giving to a church. What? do you think when someone gives in a church it all goes to the Pastor. In every serious and growing church the Pastor is least to financially benefit when an offering is given. Even the choir benefits more. Do you know how much it costs for a church to be open for 30 minutes. The lights, the rent, the engineers, the sound system, the cameras, the printing of the bulletin, etc. All these things cost money. All of it. 

   When you see a preacher on TV that costs money, when you see someone else on TV they're making money. Televangelists are gathering huge amounts of debt anytime you see them on TV, and they have to beg for donations all the time to settle their debts and stay on air. It's said that the world has no compliants about donating millions & billions to advance LGBT & BLM causes and messages. Yet so called Christians like yourself think donating to advance the gospel is the worst thing in the world. It shows what you really believe, and to whom you truly belong.

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