Nigerian Mainstream Media Hasn't Said Anything About The Twitter Files Because African Mainstream Media Is Owned By Western Mainstream Media Organizations : an article by Alfred

Nigerian Mainstream Media Hasn't Said Anything About The Twitter Files Because African Mainstream Media Is Owned By Western Mainstream Media Organizations : an article by Alfred

   One of the reasons why Africa is beneath is West is because Africa looks up to the West for everything. There is no power that is exercised in Africa that is not courtesy of the West.
   Let me explain. 
   In Africa, Western companies & so called human rights organizations from Europe control: the media, the telecommunications networks, the technology, the mining of resources, the content of the education system curriculum, the commercial & central banks in Africa, the financing of the stock exchanges of African countries, the development policies, the environmental protection policies, etc. 
   Africa is the property of the most powerful Western business men.
  It has been said that 5% of the people own 95% of the world. Well, Africa is part of the 95% of the world that is owned by the 5% or perhaps I should say less than 1%.
   There's so much to unpack here but I'll focus on the Western media's ownership of African News Media.
   When you follow the money behind the biggest African News Media companies you would see Western Media companies and conglomerates.
   African Mainstream Media only says what White Elite Globalists want them to say. The News Stories are controlled and they love to use journalists who although maybe African; schooled and spent most of their formative years in the West.
   All of African Mainstream Media tells the News from the perspective that is to the advantage of Globalist organizations like the UN, UNICEF, World Bank, WEF, etc. The daily news that Africans receive from African media companies is never to the advantage of Africans.
   African Media News stories is meant to keep Africa poor and dependent on Western Foreign Powers.
   Things that can make Africans rise up and make decisions that would make them independent economically is kept off the News.
   A News story can be big; like the Twitter Files for example but not a word has be said about it in Nigerian Mainstream media.
   There has been numerous stories of the blood clots and problems that have arisen from taking the jab but the Nigerian Mainstream media hasn't said a word about it.
   It's like the Left runs African media with little to zero resistance.

   Christian Conservatives need to buy up media houses around the world and bring back honest and unbiased journalism.
    If we don't do it, no one will do it.

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