If The Twitter Files Is This Bad, How Bad Is The Facebook Files, Or Worse The YouTube Files : an article by Alfred

If The Twitter Files Is This Bad, How Bad Is The Facebook Files, Or Worse The YouTube Files : an article by Alfred

   Everyone is talking about the Twitter files and indeed the revelations are quite outstanding or perhaps I should say outstanding only to non-Conservatives. 
   Every conservative has not only known about the shadow banning but has been in some form or the other shadowbanned; and have been complaining about it for years.
   Twitter denied that they were shadowbanning anyone's account and leftist media talked about those talking about shadowbanning as conspiracy theories and Q-anon.
   What people fail to think about in the light of all these revelations is that there is way more censorship by Facebook and Instagram even by YouTube than Twitter every did. So if the Twitter files is this bad how bad would a Facebook files, or Instagram files or worst of all a YouTube files be.
   Everybody who posted content on YouTube especially during the lockdown had to look for new names to refer to the lockdown, the virus, and the pandemic because YouTube was pulling down videos left right and centre. 
   Only what YouTube said was the truth was going to be the truth.
   Only voices YouTube wanted to be heard was going to be heard. Every other voice was to be deleted.
   Adolf Hitler's Nazi minister of information Joseph Gable has nothing on the CEO of YouTube Susan Wojcicki. 
   Conservatives must pressure Republicans and their congressmen to push for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google and other social media networks to be transparent and make their algorithms open source to ensure there is no shadowbanning or censoring of select groups to manipulate elections and societal behavior at large.
   Right now it is clear that all social media companies are Anti-Christian, Anti-conservative, pro-lgbt, pro-modern feminism and pro-pedophilia. 
   If we do not do anything to fight against this they will succeed in changing the minds of future generations to embrace these things as normal and we conservatives will become the new abnormal and be classified as bigots, ignorant, outdated and the problem of the world.
   In addition to this, we must do what I have always complained that we should do; which was to take the seven mountains and beyond.
   In the area of technology, we need to own all the layers of information from production of information to the dissemination of information. 
   We must own the Social Media apps. We must own the app stores to protect our social media apps. We must also own the OS of the phones and laptops. 
   Apple is clearly a leftist organisation, so is Google. As far as Microsoft is concerned I don't need to tell you that Bill Gates is basically the henchman of the devil himself. 
   So so must own the OS and we must also own the phones and the computers themselves; meaning the hardware not just the software. 
   We must own the internet service providers including the satellites in space as well as the cables on the ground that run through the sea. 
   We must own it all because guess what, right now all these things are already owned by people. They are owned by people who hate us, people who hate Christianity, people who hate Conservatives, people who hate traditional values and are sworn to destroy it. They wants to destroy everything we believe in and hold dear. They seek to reshape the word into their own leftist liberal satanic image. So we must simply transfer ownership of this world from them to us. If we don't we will be at their mercy. 
    The rich will always rule over the poor. We have to become truly rich & powerful so we can save the world.

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