My Thoughts On Former Twitter Employee Getting Sentenced To 3 Years In Prison By The Biden Administration For Spying For Saudi Arabia : an article by Alfred

   A former twitter employee sentenced to 3 years for spying is very funny to me.
   Remember when believing and saying that social media companies is the government spying on us led to you being labeled a conspiracy theorist. You were called an Alex Jones.
   Yet, here we see governments accusing apps & tech not made in their country of spying on its people and arresting their employees.   
   Funny enough there are those who would always not want to see the serious problem and security risk that this phenomen poses.
   It has gone beyond a security risk at this point.
   America & China has more details and better records of the citizens of almost every other country in the world than their own governments do.
   Russia is kinda far behind put it is tagging along in this new game of spying on other nations.
   Using apps and smart phones to spy on people is not the future of intelligence gathering for intelligence agencies. It is the here and has and been this way for along time.
   Note that nations are in completion with nations. War aside even on a financial side; every nation wants to outdo the other nations economy so they can be number one.
   Imagine owning a company and trying to outdo another company that has access to all your records, data, employees data, etc. How can you win?
   Imagine being a country going to war with a country that has been studying every single citizen in your country and has every little detail about them from their fingerprint or facial recognition for smartphone logins to what time they went to bed for the past ten years to their heart beat activity thanks to their smart watch or exercise app. 
   How can you go to war or compete with a company that has that kind of information on your citizens and expect to win? You can't.
   Trump banned Til Tok saying that the Chinese was using it to spy on Americans.
   Well America uses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc to spy on the rest of the world.
   A lot of Americans were against Trump banning Tik Tok and Biden unbanned it as soon as he got into office. However now he has banned Tik Tok on all government devices which means that he knows that there is something wrong with Tik Tok. He knows Tik Tok is spying on people and even recording every keystroke made on any device that has Tik Tok installed. 
   However because of democrat party politics and the fact that democrats condemned Trump for banning Tik Tok, Biden doesn't want to ban Tik Tok but allow Americans use what he knows is bad for America. 
   Africa however gets exploited by everybody and their information is open game for the so called developed world.

- Countries need to build their own apps
- App source code from foreign countries should not only be open source but apps should be able to be deconstructed in devices and broken down into code so people can look and see if it has some compromising code or bug within an update to slip through the cracks (a technology that does not yet exist for mobile phones).

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