CNN Doing Their Part To Create Animosity Towards Chinese Leader To Ready Climate For A Future War Like They Did For Years With Putin Of Russia & Previously Gaddafi Of Libya

CNN Doing Their Part To Create Animosity Towards Chinese Leader To Ready Climate For A Future War Like They Did For Years With Putin Of Russia & Previously Gaddafi Of Libya

   CNN just published an article complaining that the leader of China is becoming too powerful.

   What does that mean exactly? Does that mean that China as a country is getting too powerful? 

   CNN & the Globalists that own them they go after the leader and say he's becoming more powerful rather than just say that they are unhappy that China is getting more powerful and much richer than their own country's rate of growth which increases China's ability to call the shots on what happens in the realm of international politics and also obtain more autonomy from the influence of the United States.  

    It is the people of a nation that should decide and say if their leader is too powerful not a foreign nation.

   It's funny how the same evil tricks that man has played in the war of nation against nation in yesteryears when man was considered more uncivilized than his today still get played today but in the guise of justice... getting social justice, equality, equity and every other fake humanitarian cause they disguise as noble; especially to woketivists.

   When America wants to control nations today; they colonize using psychological warfare... they colonize using the media rather than the traditional method of colonization which is so labor intensive and more brawn and less brains. 

   American goes after any leader that doesn't bow to the control of the powers that be that use America as their own personal tool. Any leader the American deep state can't control ends up getting demonized as a dictator by American deep state media which runs deep into multinational media corporations that are considered trusted News sources in many foreign nations around the world. 

   When Media Hysteria is directed against the leader of the foreign nation even though he may have done no active wrong against his people his own people may love him and his country may have prospered under him like it was also in the case of Gaddafi but since that leader does not bow to the powers that be in America he gets branded as a dictator which is a precursor for a military intervention by the US to liberate the people or a coupe or something else that will lead to America finally putting in place a man of theirs that will bow to them.

   Note that it is not America as in all American people who are responsible for this. A lot of Americans are ignorant or choose to be. 

   However, America is clearly a tool of a few used to manipulate political & economic powers in the world in other to enrich a handful with power not just money. The interests of the American people are of no concern to the powers that use America.

It goes without saying that the current leader of China (Xi Jinping) is in no way a Saint. However, there are worse leaders around the world but America does not complain about them because the Globalists who control the American deep state already control them.  

A Response To CNN Article: China’s Xi is more powerful than ever. What does it mean for the world? - by Simone McCarthy & Nectar Gan : 

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