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Is There A Deliberate Plot To Use Hip Hop To Destroy The African American Community; Promoting Death, Gang Culture & Prostitution By The Same Woke Corporations & Keyboard Warriors Who Scream Black Lives Matter? : an article by Alfred

Is There A Deliberate Plot To Use Hip Hop To Destroy The African American Community; Promoting Death, Gang Culture & Prostitution By The Same Woke Corporations & Keyboard Warriors Who Scream Black Lives Matter? : an article by Alfred

   The last few years have been very interesting to say the least, from the pandemic to the treatment of Donald Trump & Trump supporters by the media. 

   Everybody who originally would not have been interested in politics have had to have some interest in it as it affected everyone's lives on a personal level as everyone's lifestyle changed due to the lockdowns, forced mask mandates and vaccinations.  

   The mainstream media especially in America polarized Americans by choosing a bundle of beliefs to push that were pro vaccination, pro mask mandates and anti Trump. Then pouring non-stop every imaginable and conceivable reason why everyone in America should demonize anyone who doesn't agree with their mainstream media rhetoric. 

    If you didn't hate those who did not believe what the Anti - Trump mainstream media said you were just as bad as those you were told to hate also.

   Everyone who opposed even a slightest bit of so-called information the leftist Anti - Trump mainstream media pushes was branded 'a racist, homophobe, insurrectionist' who wants to kill all marginalized people and minorities. 

    This led to people having strong political convictions and drawing the line in the sand, even severing ties with fiancรฉs, family members, and even fans.

   Hip Hop was not left out of this. Eminem released a cypher where he dissed Trump and also said he doesn't want any Trump supporter buying his album.

   Now that's basically Eminem trying to cancel his fans over politics. 


   Of course there has been many attempts to cancel celebrities even in hip hop over political correctness and failing to be woke enough.

    Da Baby was almost cancelled over his not so politically correct comments about the LGBTQ community. 


   Tory Lanez was almost cancelled over the shooting accusations by Megan thee stallion which is even all the more an even greater charge to bring against someone in a #MeToo Feminist women's right world.

   Asap Rocky was almost cancelled over his comments about Black Lives Matter and his perceived support for Trump after the then President Trump got him out of jail in a foreign country (which Asap Rocky later dissed Trump for rather than express gratitude).

   Kanye West was almost cancelled over his wearing a MAGA hat and also meeting with Donald Trump.

   The list goes on and on.

   However what I want to point out is why doesn't any African-American rapper ever get cancelled for talking about killing other African-Americans. Why doesn't any rapper get cancelled for promoting gang violence, drugs, juvenile delinquency, calling African-American women whores, and promoting beef among people within the African-American community.

   So it's unacceptable for African-Americans to voice having political views and opinions that go against the mainstream media views but it's ok for African-Americans to rap about killing one another?

   It's unacceptable for an African-American to vote for a political party white Woketivists don't like but it's ok and acceptable for them to promote killing each other, drug use, gang culture and disrespecting African-American women.

   What happened to all their #MeToo and women's rights and women's equality. The same people cancelling people over #MeToo never cancels rappers over how they refer to African-American women because calling African-American whores & Thots is acceptable to them.

   YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Apple and several music distribution platforms have cancelled rappers like Bryson Gray, Tyson James, Topher, and more over pro-Trump and politically incorrect content.

Topher, Mesus & Bryson Gray

Tyson James With the Billboard

   These rappers who are Billboard chart topping rappers get their music pulled down, social media accounts locked down , even visited and questioned by the Biden administration's secret service security (in Topher's case) over pro-Trump content in their music that goes against the mainstream media narrative.

   These rappers are blackballed within the music industry for going against the narrative but the same people who blackball them and claim rappers with conservative political views hate women and minorities, never blackball or cancel rappers that create music that promotes degrading African-American women and killing African-Americans.

   What does this say. It says all the White Woketivists who promote themselves to be more righteous than everybody else are pleased to see african americans kill one another and degrade African American women. They are cool with that. They want that.

   These people feel they own African Americans. A deep seated ideology voiced out by Joe Biden himself when he told Charlemagne, "If you don't vote for me you ain't black."

Charlamagne tha god aka Lenard McKelvey

   They feel they own African Americans and it's unacceptable for their property to have opinions they don't want, but opinions like African-Americans killing one another or disrespecting their women; that's what they want… that's what they want to see more of… that's what's acceptable.


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   Why isn't Gangsta rap banned and all Gangsta & Drill rappers cancelled? 

If you truly care for African-Americans or people of African descent, this is what you would want.

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