Going Back To My Roots. It's Ministry Not Business : Alfred's Diary - 1st April 2022

 Dear diary 

   I'll be going back to my roots... going back to how it all was when I first started.

   When I started posting content on the internet wayback in around 2005 I was posting it for free in part at the time I felt like I was in a position where I may not have the opportunity to fulfill my destiny and become what I had dreamed I'd be. 

   I posted bedtime stories daily and in part because I felt if I don't make it, it will be something that I will be remembered by.

   It was my way of doing something that adds something to the world... doing something that will push the gospel out there that will last whether I'm here or not. Something that might at least give me a chance to leave my footprints in the sands of time.

   At the time I didn't completely grasp the revelation of eternity so I didn't think in the same way that I think now. 

   Now I know that a Christian can choose not to die, but then I only knew it was a possibility for a Christian to raise the dead as the scriptures have made clear.

   The other part of the reason which soon became 100% of the reason why I did it was that I began to see it as a ministry. 

   As God pointed it out to me. I saw the need of creating Christian Entertainment for free that people can consume as a means to lead people to Christ.

   I used to preach to people one on one back then; I would go door to door into people's businesses, into public vehicles, and I'd start preaching.

   After preaching, I would give an altar call and invite people to the church I attended at the time. It was a Bible believing church that emphasized soul winning by the members themselves a lot more than any other church I've come across or heard about (and no it wasn't Jehovah's Witness, remember I used the term Bible Believing church. In any case, the church I was in took soul winning & evangelism far more seriously than Jehovah's Witnesses too). 

   Anyway, there was this occasion I went to preach to some people some of whom graduated from the same High School I graduated from. 

   Now, they were all my seniors in school and where the crowd, the school and the teachers considered the black sheep. 

   I was so happy that day that after I preached to them they all received Christ into their life and they accepted my invitation to be at church.

   So the next day when I was going to church it wasn't a Sunday it was a Wednesday (it was Midweek Service day in Church) and I figured I'm

I'll just stop over where these guys hang out and take them along with me so we can all go to church together. 

   The gate to the compound where they all hung out was open so I entered without knocking, I found every one of them smoking weed. That really got to me. These are people that I was just rejoicing and happy that I have won to Christ a day or so prior were all smoking weed.

   That really got to me. It made me think about all the other people I have led to Christ one on one. What were they doing when I was not there, Or what about those whom I led to Christ but I never saw again. Are they still in the faith or did they walk away from the faith?

    It began to dawn on me that when you lead somebody to Christ or when someone goes to church on Sunday the devil has a lot of time in between Sunday and the next time the fellow is in Church to do his own ministrations and talk to them. 

   Yes, I may have convinced these people at that time to give their lives to Christ but what happened in between that time and the time that I saw them smoking weed? 

   It has always dawned on me that we as Christians need to do more when it comes to evangelism and follow up.

   The everyday Christian spends two hours or less in church every week; most can't even spend two hours in church. A lot of Church services are typically 45 minutes and many Christians still consider that too long. 

    The Christian actually has the rest of the Sunday as well as every other day of the week for Satan to talk to them or for the world to influence them with non-Christian messages via television, radio, the internet, movies, music, video games, peers, social events and all the other places out there.

   So very early in my life I recognised the importance of Christians taking over entertainment. Video Games, movies, music, the radio stations ...all these things need to be taking over and that has primarily been a large part of my mission and what I believe God has called me to do.

   Naturally, I can't do it alone I need to build a Christian Empire and inspire other people to build Christian entertainment Empires that will form a network of networks that will flood the world with Christian Entertainment covering it from top to bottom so that there won't be a part of the world where the entertainment and the media in any part of the world would have a trace of non-Christian entertainment or messaging.

   Inasmuch as this is what I have known God has wanted me to do for so long I haven't come close and I blame myself. This is largely my fault.

   The world would definitely be a different place… a much better place if I had succeeded or even come close many years ago.

    I have to correct this. I have to move quickly.

   I need to not only make up for lost time but as the waters covered the Earth in the days of Noah, I need to cover the earth with the gospel ...this gospel of the Kingdom. 

    I have to take it upon myself as my personal responsibility. 

    I can't look at what other Christians or ministries are doing and say oh those guys are already preaching the gospel over there I can relax and look elsewhere.

   No! I must reach everywhere with the gospel especially since a lot of Christians or so-called Christian leaders often become worldly and end up becoming enemies of the faith that they once proclaimed while still holding the banner of Christianity above their name.

   Note that the world is trying to ensure that their ideology is everywhere and nothing else is allowed. 

   You see, cancel culture is not just a bunch of individuals cancelling people who do not agree with their views. It's actually a more elaborate new World Order scheme to create a world where people think in only one direction ...A direction which is decided upon by the new World Order itself which is apparently the platform the Antichrist will stand on.

   You see, various groups of ungodly people (eg. the LGBTQ mafia) are already trying to build a world where everybody has the same views on every topic under the Sun and if you don't you are bad, you were a terrorist, you are an insurrectionist, you are a racist, and you're a bigot who should be cast out to society (in other words cancelled. Hence Cancel Culture).

   Cancel Culture is a clever way to bully people into the slavery of having only one acceptable way of thinking on every topic in society … and the chosen acceptable way of thinking is an ungodly way of thinking chosen by whatever ungodly group controls the media, the schools, celebrities, and politicans. Which can all be easily controlled by whatever collection of people have the most money and power. 

   Cancel Culture is a tip of the iceberg in the war against freedom of thought that many people don't even know is going on. 

   Anyway, I am going back to the ministry approach to creating entertainment. I've been distracted by the financial side of things but not anymore. 

   I'm not creating entertainment with the approach of making money anymore. 

   I'm approaching it as a ministry that is as valuable as any of the fivefold ministry; maybe even more so seeing that it is sure to reach even more people and save more souls than those who work in any of the offices of the fivefold ministry.

   I will just begin pouring out content at a non-stop space without holding back. 

   Books will now be released like blogs of written pages. 

   Comic books will be released like Comic Book panels or pages one at a time. 

    Devotionals will be released like simple blog posts per day. 

    When enough pages are posted to make a book on any key topic; the blog posts would be compiled into books which would also be available for free.

   Anyone is free to download, upload, and share any content I create.

   I would make my content available on major distribution platforms from Amazon to Barnes & Noble, and the digital versions would be available via those platforms for free.

   Anybody can download any of my content and distribute it on their own site. It shouldn't be sold unless it's bundled with another product the site owner wants to sell.

   They get to keep all the revenue too. I don't want nothing.  

    I don't even ask anyone to put a link back to my site; as a matter of fact I prefer they don't since my site is shadowbanned by Facebook and God knows whatever else company. 

   Folks should just put it there that it is created by Alfred and that is enough.

   As a matter of fact, they should come back and keep copying and pasting my new content on whatever platforms, business, or projects they have going. 

   I don't intend to make money from entertainment anymore. 

   I will look at starting non entertainment Business ventures (like food franchises, real estate companies, etc) and let those Business ventures fund the creation of entertainment. 

    This is because, for example; to make a video game of good quality that would be good enough to be on a console (like the PlayStation or Xbox) a team of people not less than 20 or more will be needed. They will need to get paid. 

   I would look at various funding sources but the created Entertainment product that is made at the end of the day must be 100% Free for the consumer and the world should be flooded with it.

   So even when it comes to making 100 million dollar budget movies; those movies need to be made and be available for free.

   The funding can come from the several places from donations from Christians to sponsorships from non - entertainment businesses that I own.

   My non - entertainment companies will be funding my entertainment companies and that is a system I will run with. 

   This is very important. The gospel must be preached. 

   There are many people who have their own mission and evangelize the world with their own message or anti - Christian message that is of the devil. A message that can only lead to the destruction of not just individuals but of entire countries or even the whole world like those pushing the message of Wokeness, all Men are bad version of Feminism or the Gay Agenda.

   We must counter and swallow up all anti-Christian messages with the message of the gospel.

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