Taking The 1st Step


   I'll be taking the first step with regards to making Christian movies that would change and transform the world with the Gospel.

   I'll begin by writing screenplays. Everybody can do that, there isn't a cost to that if you write it yourself.

   Then I'll be the 1st one in the world to build a movie studio on a model of publishing written screenplays like novels, then using the monetization from that to fund and raise investment for the making of the movie.

   I would also start buying movie studio equipment until I have enough equipment to start shooting.

   From Cooking Shows, To Web Shorts, To On Stage Sitcoms, To Full Blown Movies.

   One step at a time. By putting one foot in front of the other. By taking those steps of faith. We would have a network of Christian studios that made movies that takeover the whole world of entertainment.


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