Begin Writing Letters, Emailing, & Calling Up The Offices Of Congressmen & Politicians (an excerpt from a book by Alfred)


Begin Writing Letters, Emailing, & Calling Up The Offices Of Congressmen & Politicians (an excerpt from a book by Alfred)

Acts 26:28-29 KJV

Then Agrippa said unto Paul, Almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian. [29] And Paul said, I would to God, that not only thou, but also all that hear me this day, were both almost, and altogether such as I am, except these bonds. 

   The idea of democracy is having and maintaining a government of the people, for the people, and by the people; as an indispensable framework for having a free and fair society for everybody within a state or nation regardless of class, color, or background.

   In as much as much is to be said about the implementation of true democracy in the nations of the world, the idea of democracy has given the people (the masses) the Right to participate in governing by: voting in elections, assisting in government campaigns, running in elections, making demands of politicians, and much more.

   This is all part of Civics which is sadly not taught as it used to be in Western schools.

   Anyway, we would be focusing on "making demands of politicians" which is a Right every citizen has in every nation that calls itself a democracy. 

   The LGBTQ+ Community knows this well. Even back then when they were just called the Gay Community (before they started adding a never ending array of alphabets to their name) they made strong demands of politicians and corporations. They were Boycotting corporations that don't bow to their wishes and refusing to vote for Politicians that won't bend to their demands.

   They pressured Corporations on the financial end hence forcing them to bow to their wishes or lose their market share, and they pressured Politicians who needed votes to pledge loyalty to them & do their bidding otherwise they would never vote for them.

   Various Gay Groups masquerading as Civil Rights Groups & Support Groups which interestingly ran off the Charity based financing model (just like many churches) started strategically popping up every community and town it could (without the cost of erecting buildings for their cause in every new community like Churches do).

   The increase in membership of these groups created a united force with one voice. A force to be reckoned with and almost impossible not to listen to when they agreed in unity regarding a new list of demands and of whom they would make their demands. 

   Their power is in: their Growth, their Unity, their Numbers, and the Positions Of Influence Their Members fill. 

   The more they grow the more powerful they become because they are united in their desired Political Goals.

   However, as Christians grow or increase in number there is disunity in desired Political goals. As a matter of fact many in the Church believe that Churches should keep themselves separate from politics. They believe in the doctrine of no politics from the pulpit; no politics in Church.

   Well, Satan believes in politics in all his different little communities and groups all around the world; like his LGBTQ+ Community.

   That is why Satan is winning in dominance in this world, those who know God have believed the lie of the devil that they are not supposed to let their light shine into & from places of influence. 

   We Christians & Patriots wonder why there is so much darkness in the world when our actions and inactions only allow positions of influence to be filled by Communists, LGBTQ Supremacists, Racists Who Hate White People, 3rd Wave Feminists Who Hate Men, Occultists Like The Rockefeller Foundation, New World Order Manics like the United Nations, and a whole bunch of other groups who hate Freedom, Patriotism, and Christianity.

  We must counter everything the side of darkness does to have the influence over positions of authority and we must fill those positions ourselves.

  We must be determined and united with our goals and purpose. We have already lost a lot of time … centuries long.

   For starters You and I can start sending letters, emails, making phone calls to the offices of politicians, captains of industry, and people in power to influence them to bow to our course. 

    We must be united in our course and demands. 

   I will post a list of demands to focus on for each season and give templates on how you should structure your communication on 

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   Note that it is the wheel that squeaks the loudest that gets the grease.

   If a politician is only getting requests to move in a certain direction (an LGBTQ direction for example), he would think that all of or majority of his constituents want him to move in that direction. 

   If a Chef cooks for 100 people and 10 people make a complaint, but the other 90 people enjoyed the food but never bothered to send their compliments to the Chef. The Chef would think they all hated the food and would bow to whatever suggestions for alterations the 10 who complained gave or at least be influenced by it.

   We (Christians & Patriots) must begin to let our voices be heard and obeyed in every house and position of power.

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