Is Pureflix Now Owned By Sony Pictures? What Does This Mean?

   I just decided to visit the Pureflix website today and checkout their catalogue of movies, just then I discovered something at the bottom. A print logo of Sony Pictures.
   I wanted to see if it was at the bottom of every page and lo and behold it was.
   Sony Pictures acquiring Netflix from the Christian couple who started Netflix means that Pureflix would have to conform sooner or later to the mission statement and objectives of the Sony brand in-respective of whatever contract Pureflix made Sony sign. 

   Sony Pictures much like the rest of the studios in Hollywood conforms to Woke liberal ideology. Even if it costs them movie sales the keep pushing Woke ideologies on audiences in the hopes that someday the public's tastes will just adapt to it as long as it's the only way to get entertained and there is no non-Woke entertainment alternatives available to the public. That means that Pureflix would slowly but surely go woke. It would soon promote a liberal version of Christianity... a woke version of Christianity. A world friendly version of Christianity. A one world religion version of Christianity that is filtered, watered down, and edited to not offend the Woke left mob that is Sony's mission to please.

What We Must Do:
   Christians must understand that there is a war going on and whoever has the most power, control, and influence will win this war between Good and Evil.
   The Saints most pool resources together and begin a campaign of acquiring all of industry and every position of power in order to exert influence to spread the gospel and to shield Christians from New persecution that is already going on in many parts of the world, plus the persecution to come by those who hate our gospel; who left in positions of power by not seeking those positions ourselves.
   The Saints must be in charge of every entertainment platform and channel around the world.
   We must be in charge of the media we must call the shots. That is how to be the light of the world. Anything less is operating below our calling and leaving the world vulnerable for darkness to expand and dominate because the light of the world (The Saints) shoes to hide under a bushel.

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