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 hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about you know parenting you know i would like to talk specifically about

knowingly on or unknowingly programming your children to disrespect your authority let's open our bibles to the book of ephesians chapter five i'm reading from verse 22 to 28 i'm using the king james version of the bible i read wives wives submit yourselves unto your own husbands as unto the lord for the husband is the head of the wife even as christ is the head of the church and he is the savior of the body therefore as the church's subjects want to christ so let the wives be to their own husbands in everything

husbands love your wives even as christ also loved the church and gave himself for it that he might sanctify and cleanse it with a washing of water by the word that he might present it to himself a glorious church not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing but that it should be holy and without blemish so ought men to love their wives as their own bodies he that loved it his wife loved himself praise the lord you see there's so much in this passage of scripture if a lot of people bring these patches of scripture into their marriage they will never have any problems ever everything we call write and go smoothly it is amazing there is so much basically 1995 of all problems in marriage can be solved

if people embrace this verse in their lives and in their marriage you see it says wife submit yourself onto your own husband now in as much as this process of scriptures can solve so many different problems i want to address specifically the problem of children not respecting their parents children not listening to their parents and this is especially an issue in countries where they have banned using the word you know the bible says spare the rulers for each other and they have now been an interesting you know um movements which have been known for so long in america you know in america before men who beat their children could spank their children could discipline their children even teacher school but that later went away i believe around the late 60s or so you know or within one of those periods you know in the name of stopping child abuse you know it turned into you could ground your case you could tell them go to your room and all of that you know they took away being able to display your case as a matter of fact if you even watch some of the movies that are in the 30s that were made in the 30s and 50s you will see men who beat their wives this is not um beating like punching but laying the wife over the lap and spanking not in a sexual way but you know in a disciplinary way this was done and you can actually see some ads that were set in that time that are actually like that that was the kind of authority that the man had in the hope over his wife and the children they could beat and of course there was this um parrot scene that was actually officially for spanking you know he couldn't kill or leave any wounds or but it could leave um discoloration you know that would eventually fit you know so these things were dead but all of that in the name of fighting against um short abuse which became a problem because of course some people would take it to the extreme and really beat their child you know have to death or really give their wife an a a real serious beating you know so in the name of preventing that they created a bigger problem you know it's funny how whenever the government especially a secular government a government that does not consult with god try whenever they try to solve a problem they create a bigger problem you know just like in the case of um a lot of women who when they are abandoned by their husband their husband leaves them for a younger woman um in a lot of cases they have no money and they have had no money so the government's not ended up creating laws to be like if you are married to someone you know and you have a divorce the the woman can collect half of everything um he has and all of that so all those kinds of laws has created a situation now where it is basically gold diggers that go for marriage you know it has destroyed so much now we have men that are afraid of marriage we have um that entire um situation so problematic and people are actually reverting back to how things were by making prenuptial agreements because if that law was not made in the first place there will be no need for prenuptial agreements and you know people were more careful when they married especially women because women had to make sure that you know um this guy was not a wolf or he was not a dog people were more it was it was something that people were more meticulous people actually studied people but nowadays people just have this pack you know they have some feeling they are attracted to somebody you know next thing they turn turns into my heart you have people who have been dating they have been boyfriend and girlfriend for five years ten years later they get mine and then three weeks later they have a divorce you see so many of all these situations are created by such laws the incentivization of divorce because now it's like get a divorce and you and you walk away with this giant bag of money you know and assets but that being said let's focus you know i want to focus on you know disrespect between the whole you know it is just like um

dogs for example you could learn so much from training dogs you see because it shows also a part of behavior and honor you know it is just like a pack of wolves when you attack the leader you know it changes the whole dynamics of the other wolves when you defeat the leader and it is also the same way that um um when you study dogs um there is it in most cases there is a dog that you want to be the alpha and then there is the challenging of that position but you have to understand that dogs that's you know working close parks they regard their owner as the head of the park this the real the reason why um people can live in a compound or around dogs they have been with those dogs for years but those dogs do not know them those dogs always back at them the dogs are not like that it is because the dogs do not respect them the dog was never introduced properly and you know never accepted that person you know as a member of the park you know as this is you know one of us so the dog has that mindset and you know in cases where the dogs um back at the owner or one of the people who are the owners the dog does not recognize the relationship that this is above you know that the the human is actually this particular human is the one that is above and cause the trust that that is the alpha you know so they do not see that way so you have to change things and make the dog sit since that's with that there's one you know i am part of the pack oh you know i am the head you know i'm above you so you do what i see if you do not establish that authority with dogs especially when they are they are young it becomes difficult when they are older you know even though it is still possible but you see if that is not done you have a problem in the same way with children there are certain things that you do for example when mommy is shouting at daddy i'm calling daddy name so that is calling mommy names when there is no submission when the wife does not submit to the husband or the husband does not love the wife as christ not the church when that respect is not there when that questioning of authorities is there you would see the child will also be like i can question your authority you are embodying the child to challenge your authority because there is no unity you have you have brought down that um the alpha figures who are the parents you have brought them down into the level of people who can be challenged and you know should be challenged so they will now begin to challenge your authority because of this portion of the scripture the wife refused to submit to her husband when the husband says something she's always arguing and bringing points and all of that you know she the husband says let us do this she does not know how to carefully offer a suggestion in the cases where she disagree but you know

ask humbly but what about this way you know and then whatever the man says at the end of the day she still does you know bet she can bring her suggestion and demand respect and consider it that way you know if he is a man that loves his wife as christ not the church so these two things are there and it's amazing this affects you see the children respecting you and obeying what you see which will reflect on whether or not they will end up well you know whether we end up in jail or they will end up worthy happy and successful you know so all of this is very important you know the portion of scripture i read remember what i said basically over 95 percent of the problems that people face in marriage if they listen to lisa bye to this ephesians chapter 5 22 22 28 wife submit yourself unto your own husband that's unto the law imagine that kind of submission has unto the lord so jesus does not mind he's telling you the wife you submit so the same way no man can say they they love god if they don't love their brother a woman cannot say she loves god or she's submitted to jesus if she does not submit to her husband which she cannot who she can see you know when you look at the scripture if you you do not love your brother who you can't see how can you say you love god who you cannot see well the same bible tells you to submit to to your husband respond to the lord so if you don't submit to your husband respond to the lord how can you be submitted to the lord who you cannot see when your husband who you can you can see you cannot submit to me and this is another thing if you understand this you will never marry any and anybody because whoever you marry if you're a woman the man you marry you have to submit to so you have to be careful there are a lot of women who marry based on oh this man has money especially thanks to the rule of if if things do not work out and he you get a divorcee what can we be bad you know enough women women when they talk about marriage they are thinking about you know money and status and you know how good looking or whatever is you know that is not even um immediately for women i perhaps you know but i know money is immediate but they have moved out of character just the same way a lot of men do not look at a woman's character a lot of men when it comes to marriage all they care about is is the level of beauty that beauty you know for a lot of people is we feel and that is a reality that is the law of diminishing returns you know it is it's repeated decline bets and then what will happen then we do not have to go to a younger woman because you know um you your marriage in the first place was because of the beauty you should attach to her youths you know and of course if she is not that smart you know to know these settings and to avoid someone like you she doesn't have the revelation of you know eternal youth which is inside the revelation of eternal life you know so that being said you know

go through the portion of that of scripture ephesians 5 22-28 go it over and over again you know and make sure it becomes a part of you and you incorporate that in your relationship you know and when it comes to your planning to get married and also um after you get a mind how you believe and how you go about things you know and you would see when it comes to love margin rumors you will have no progress for more check out alfredo's yeah be you haven't given a life to christ go to alfredo's vip cleaning the salvation pride link in the main menu when do they pay your commander has a pro salvation thank you and God bless you

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