The Biden Administration Branding Any American Who Doesn't Agree With Their Every Ideology A Domestic Terrorist Is The Beginning Of A Tyrannical Government : Alfred


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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to address the fact that by this white house feels that the greatest traits to america are those within america that don't believe anything he pushes us if you don't agree with any new weird thing that he pushes up no matter what it is you are americans number one enemy now this goes without saying this is basically the beginning of tyranny this is the launch of the tyrannical government and it's bigger than biden it is about the deep states president trump didn't get rid of the swamp does seals leaves and it has grown its tentacles and it's straight up in so many different forms and people don't see it if you don't fight it at this early stages to get to a stage where it becomes too big and too difficult for you to fight and defeat just like nazi germany the first victims of the nazis were the germans themselves they had to give up the families that they already had with jews they had to give away a lot of their beliefs they lost the relationship that a lot of parents had with the children because now the states became the father you know children were taunted in their parents for suspicion of being a um someone who is pro-jews or somebody who is not 100 for the nazi that is what is happening in america there is a divide and the creation of a new tyranny the tyranny of the left you know this tyranny manifests itself with the left and other people on the left don't see what they have joined themselves to but you see at the center of expo there is still structure that is actually bringing forth a tyranny and when it rises it is going to be too late so americans if you believe in freedom you have to unite those who are on the left who still have some sense about them you need to realize that they left that was is not what is to do today so you have to stand up and fight against it i would like you to reach out to also now frederick's vip so that we can plan we can strategize and know what we have to do right now to or puts the spirits behind the biting administration these spirits of tyranny these spirits of the government feeling that every american that doesn't go along with any mandate or any law that they pass is the enemy and there are the terrorists and domestic stories that they go after that is something that needs to be addressed for more check out



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