School Shooter Released On Bail After $75000 Bond Because Of Dark Skin Color : by Alfred


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hello everybody i'm alfred and i like to talk about the young man who basically you know cried out in school shooting this is uh if you do with chocolate skin you know and i believe it's in interestingly enough texas you know in arlington texas he shots ectisha and i believe some students you know and this guy has been now released on bill

just i think it has not yet been up to one day but it has been released on bill after a 75 000 bond you know

yes people want to make noise about blm and systematic oppression and um systematic racism you know there is beginning to be systematic racism but it is not against those whose skin are shocking it is against those who have cream skin you know if this is a white guy he'll be in jail this is a school shooter remember how the left have made all kinds of noise and talked about school shooting this and school shooting does now you have a school shooter because his skin color is chocolate now it's no it falls into the bearing category and of course leftist media will leave out his wrist and they won't put his picture out because of his skin color you know but of course that is what journalists in school learn today you know to be biased they think that um by being social justice warriors they have you know they are carrying out the social responsibility they have there's now a social justice warrior aspect to journalism you know which is under um in their minds social responsibility you know if they put out images of when shockley skin folks carry out crimes if they keep putting out that images they are eating and are betting and then creating people who feel is setting towards to be you know towards those who have chocolate skin and you know they are eating and abiting racism and putting forth a rhetoric you know they are painting um those are after playing skin and sweating like that is what they are taught in schools today you know so journalism is basically a disaster and we tangled for independent people unfortunately the social media channels that independent news drives on is now turning into a cesspool of censorship in spite of the fact that it's supposed to be open and everybody's able to post they are perfecting a system where even that can be controlled and it's even problematic because you know like i heard someone want to say something like um nobody goes viral anymore you see and somebody disputed it and said no people are getting viral are going viral all the time variety of demand is that if you are going for adults because they want you to go viral there are certain people who should go viral but can't for example candice always people like brandon tate some people like my dice even in the youtube i partnering if you are searching for them you don't see their channel what kind of censorship is that you are searching for their name how can you type in candice owens name in youtube search engine and her channel doesn't come out you know and they play games with these kinds of things they have sometimes for some people you know depending on the part of the world they are depending on um their sex history it comes out sometimes it doesn't come out there are people you know there there are people that you search for in google for example search for falsie and china in google then go to bing and search for farsi and china then go to doctor go and search for fashion china then you will see the difference in how these different search engines send settings and put forth information the google focuses on putting for search results and news that aidana bets the left you see being plays in that direction that is very different you'll be amazed at the search results you see in bing which is owned by microsoft then when you go to doctor go it's a completely different case altogether it is a completely different case altogether and who knows even though it seems that dog dog is not doing censorship you see you will see some amazing things that are still being censored you see you can also a simple um thing just search for george soros and china in google then go to bing and then go to um go and search for george soros and china and see what comes out you'll be amazed at the difference you see it doesn't matter how popular somebody is if you are putting us for certain kinds of information certain companies now have social justice warrioring and they have ideologies now part of their mission statement of what they are going to support or be against and that is a problem and that is why i have been emphasizing the importance of christians you know we need to as a united front and that is one of the reasons for you know the investors club you know and for you know the saints so that we can unitedly start our own start our own industries a parallel economy a parallel set of industries that at the end of the day will be what those who have freedom will end up using it to be the only option remember we have to apply for this not what the bible says about the end of the days about the rapture about people not being able to buy on sale or sale they are already doing putting that to test with the vax so we should plan ahead if we are not allowed to buy or sell with their money what about creating our own money what about going back to trade by butter and creating our own system that can run on trade by batter what about having the freedom of us being able to have our own weapons you know our own means of protection and our own means of security look at nigeria for example what security does the average nigerian has it's only the big time politicians who are currently in power does have any sort of protection anybody else can be kidnapped anybody else can be killed anybody else can be raided and robbed for the police are ineffective the police are the greatest armed robbers in a place like nigeria and when you look at different countries you see this similar thing the the governments the current governments are all run by criminals so we need to have our own system that will be able to go up path to power you know and in case they are united against us how are we going to stand how are we going to exist understand that jesus made it clear that it is better you know that if you if your heart causes you to sin it's better for you to cut it off you know if a part of your body can cause you to sin better concept of in the same way if they tell you to take the vast it's better for you to start home and die of hunger don't forget to say let me take the wax and be able to go outside or if they tell you to compromise any of your beliefs any of your christian beliefs or anything that you want to understand that this is freedom and understand where we are coming from in the old testament where people thought was you know and i'm talking about people of course you know if it gets to that stage what are we going to do you know we have two options we can either prepare and you know get ready and in case they come against us with force are we going to stand then there's also the case of us going into politics us going into these positions of power now they have made it very difficult but can we take over that is another option then of course there is the option of just sitting down letting them come and kill you but you see the option of going along is not an option you know the option of going along with the devil and succumbing to what they do yeah yeah that means they are walking away from eternal life forever you want to trade eternity in heaven understand that this life that we have you know the life on it is just shots but in life thereafter is much much longer it has no end note that the people who are going to hell you know that only applies to this physical world the deaths that we are talking about you know that that people are afraid of you know it applies to this physical world you would live on forever in hell do you want to live on forever in hell which because in the lake of fire you being there with the devil or do you want to live on in in heaven the choice is yours and you have to make up your mind and understand which is bigger know where christians we are coming from we are a people who have been crucified we come from a place where we have been tossed into iron wrongs we've we've been sauna sunda we have been thrown to the lions we have made all kinds of things but nothing was able to separate us from the love of god if that seemed going to be your testimony are you also going to refuse to deny jesus so you see this is up to you we need to be smart now to get back to this gentleman who you know is um giving a different treatment because of his skin color you know wokeness is going to end up being the rule of america it is true that what's happened to those who have chocolate skin many years ago was unfair but you see tragedies can be exploited in a terrible way to destroy everybody and for it to be monetized and also for to bring forth a new agenda those who have chocolate skin you know um you know african americans you know those who are actually descended from cities so those who are you know migrated and they have been in america for so long and they are acting like if they won't their ancestors lives even though they were not because the reality of matter that many of the chocolate skin folks in america today a lot of them their ancestors were never slaves their ancestors actually migrated from other countries and not to even mention now this mass illegally my immigration that is going on i understand i'm not saying about illegal immigration at least before trump and i don't i i think brady may have reversed it there is a concept of um best buy naturalization i mean naturalization by best you know becoming a citizen of a nation because you're born in that nation so somebody can a pregnant woman can illegally enter america if she gives birth in america her children and her descendants will not all be american you see and that is something that people don't think about and understand so a lot of these people is like even though um i have so far so much i'm not going to let my children suffer in the country that they are coming from and the people who are trying to buy into the concept of america let america open her arms to help these countries no these countries can be helped from where they are the people can be helped you know everybody in the world cannot be on the titanic no matter how big the titanic is you know everybody in the world cannot be in america there's a reason for other countries other continents by this brain chain and this constant influx of young people are wasting of time and resources imagine the people who have built up wealth and are now you giving it to all this um

coyotes and all these um illegal um traffickers who who would traffic them from their country to this border and tell them this how you get by this security that security before you get to the american border illegally and then already has links with people within the country on how they will travel and all of that think about all the money that is going into all this most of these people they have built so much they don't come from countries that are rich as america but they have tried to build so much and now all of it is being wasted on um coyotes and illegal smokers and most of those people will end up dying on the journey or as sex leaves now if those people had used their money to build themselves in their nations what would have happened and understand that these nations themselves have resources so the nations are rich the nation itself is real just like africa as the continent is rich there is no continent that is richer than africa is it oil africa has it is it diamonds africa has it is it cool africa has it is it still africa has they see everything that is used to manufacture you know the best things in this world africa has it but why is africa poor because you see um the brain is the most important organ and the thinking capacity and you know the understanding of how to manage what god has blessed you with it's very important god has blessed africa more than any other continent in this world that is a fact but it is the africans that are the problem

it is the the the way that the african thinks it is the current brain capacity the cross um domestic brain capacity of africa that is the issue you see that is the realism there is nothing

that is lacking in africa god has done so much how many people in africa has ever seen an ets week do you know how many times that an average american has seen an earthquake has has had to plan for earthquakes hurricanes and all of that the so-called natural disasters in africa are not natural disasters but they are infrastructure building disasters people build roads in in ways that don't make sense they build roads without water or they end up not managing the quarters or and the gutter gets filled with debris and plastics and all kinds of weird stuff and then flooding happens that is not a natural fruit if a natural flows what would happen that would be a today different maternal a lot of the so-called disasters that happen in africa are some until they are created by the by what the african decided to build with for themselves the leaders have the problem their own problem the people have their own problem so people need to think that you know this thing about wokeness walkness everything that is your friend by is destroyed but understand that weakness is a weapon it is a weapon to destroy everything that is so that something new can be built in order to build back better these are the people that are using wokeness as a tool and as a weapon so people need to be wise to this this gentleman just had a school shooting he just shot t-shirts and students now he's not out of jail you know i don't think it has taken up to 24 hours what is he going to do when he kills another person now what who is going to be blamed the white man you know and this is something that has gone on ever since you know kumo and you know the new song of california you know the releasing of of of criminals just because of their skin color have flooded the whole place with criminals that is very unfortunate you know we as christians we need to stand up rise up as another sense you know take out all those people from positions of power i feel that i'm not saying kill them i'm saying knock them out you know and for more check out alfredo's vip for our plans and have encouraged himself thank you and god bless you


- Kaitlin Bennett: There are people who have been in jail for the last 9 months for taking selfies in the Capitol while a school shooter gets released the next day. Anyone want to guess why? Thinking face:

- Alex Salvi: The Texas student who allegedly opened fire at his high school, injuring 4 people, including a teacher, is released on bail after posting a $75,000 bond:

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