Nigerian President Would Lift Twitter Ban If Twitter Agrees To Censor Anything He Classifies As Fake News : by Alfred


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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about president buhari and the twitter situation president worry of nigeria is saying that sweetheart will come back under certain times and conditions he wants twitter to start censoring the posts of nigerians and according to him to to combat fake news he doesn't want anybody on twitter saying anything negative about his administration what kind of slavery is that this is basically worse than china you know what the chinese government has done you know he's he's trying to duplicate that where in china the people need a vpn for them to have even the slide tests bits of freedom of speech online because the things that they see online can land them in prison kind of like what is being done in australia in australia if you say certain things about the facts on facebook as a matter of fact even in the uk if someone if a man says that he's a woman and you call him a man even on facebook you could face time in prison just because you posted a comment that that is the wrong way of thinking that is how badly those people wants to control the world and for those of you who do not know buhari is a perfect porn for the united nations the interests of the nigerian people are not his own and that is why the united nations and the foreign media is not bringing out the fact that he is a terrorist and he is enabling terrorism tourism has never been an issue on this level in nigeria as it has been under barrie kidnapping has never been an issue on this level in nigeria until buhari but the international community sides with him because he's doing their bidding on the host of different issues it is very important that nigerians begin to stand up and fight stop waiting and stop thinking you're powerless you're thinking you're powerless is going to result in taking away what little power that you have that you could have used to stop the evil that they are planning because this is very terrible a world where you you can show this shows you what they are planning if they want to do this with twitter they move to other platforms and what about nigeria and it shows you that even the media the nigerian media is a is an arm of the government it is not about the truth it's not about policy it's not about helping the people it's about helping the political party that pays their bills and now president buhari is using the national broadcasting you know commission you know to the to control what is being broadcasted now everything that does not put him in a good light is fake news anything that he does not like is fake news this is very dangerous you know there needs to be legal movements towards eliminating this plan of buhari to make sure that he controls what people see so he can kill millions of people and keep quiet about it just recently they saw a video of this was actually muslims that have been shot we know about what happened in leki but this is a more recent issue in lagos sorry i mean in abuja the first one the lucky

issue was in lagos last year but this you know is

abuja just recently within um just within a few weeks not more than four weeks ago that the the police were shooting at protesters muslim protesters you know their tradition of so-called shooting in the air and some of the muslims were shot but nobody died that i love but the video is spreading online this kind of things that the buhari administration is doing are keeping on that the sheets and the mainstream media did not carry it but social media you know took it with this kind of censorship of these kinds of things happening people will now begin to wonder why is their rebellion since like the um movement by unambicable you know and all the people that have um guns that are on his side you know he did not start in one day this is a accumulation of the essential way that the government has treated people and the buhari government is making matters worse and creating a great

variety of divisions you know and it is actually because of the buhari's government that i have begun to see that i do not think nigeria can walk it is not in the um best interests of those on the piece of land called nigeria for nigeria to continue and that is the honest truth you know embroidery is the one that opened my eyes to this because the reality of the matter is that as much as people would like to believe and push nigeria you see nigeria is a marriage between over 130 different tribes buhari has proven that some tribes will always want dominance and we always want to never get along with certain other tribes you cannot make a marriage work that should not work

nigeria is a marriage that should get a divorce so it should divide of course in the case of humans you know in christianity we are against divorce but the logic behind that is because we are for marriage the definition of marriage is that you have somebody that you will spend the rest of your life with so basically if you believe in marriage if you unders then you cannot believe in divorce you cannot have a divorce if you believe in divorce then you should not believe in marriage and you should not get mine because marriage is saying that i have chosen i am choosing to be with you for the rest of my days and to get those parts in sickness and health for better or for worse in this and in that whatever i'm staying with you however we are not committed to that kind of um marriage in the case of nigeria even though nigeria is a marriage it's the first marriage that was placed upon nigeria by the colonel masters you see so uh the reality of the mata is that whether anyone likes it or not nigeria is not nigeria is a combination of different tribes that you know apparently some tribes never get along with certain other tribes so it is best that everyone goes their separate ways and it is that opened my eyes to that congratulations for more check out



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