Nigeria's Vice President Sells Nigerians Out To Foreigners As He Calls For Devaluing The Nigerian Naira : by Alfred


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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about the vice president of nigeria calling for the devaluation of the nigerian era now he is saying that the mentioner naira the value it has against the dollar is actually kept that way artificially and it's because of it being kept that way artificially that a lot of investors are hesitant to buy the naira and to you know put their resources in the naira this is very unfortunate because you have to understand that right now the value of the naira is bad it is super bad you know it is around 500 naira to a dollar very very sad now there are a lot of people who they gain their income from within nigeria and you know they are on pension they are not going to get the risk by dropping the value of the naira even more you you actually increase poverty what the vice president is saying only works for people like him who has dollars or who is doing a lot of business outside the country society would also eventually affect him in the long run we affect those who are doing business outside the country but when you have setting um fixed deals outside the country are setting resources outside a nation it doesn't matter how much your nation's currency drops now the reality of the matter is that you have to understand what it means when you hear what's like foreign investments you know i believe it was pastor chris who wants sid that's

currency money you know the paper cash is being created to keep the poor poor it is a two by the rich that was created to keep the poor poor and this is a good illustration of it the banking systems of the world were not created by gold the the paper money that we have now is not created by gold you see all of these are created by man and the systems are done to keep africa and certain nations poor that is a fact when you are now catering to the interests of foreigners being able to invest as opposed to the consumers and the livelihoods of those within the nation who are you for what the president and the vice president should be doing is asking themselves how do we manufacture more how do we turn the nation into a nation that we have more to sell when you look at the financial statements and even in your life your life should have the financial statements it is all about assets versus liabilities you know and when i say assets i'm not talking about the standard economic definition of assets you know i'm talking about you know robert kiyosaki's definition that is the best you know gravel chaos circus definition of assets is anything that puts money in your pockets on a recurring basis you know preferably every month or you know every week or every day you know something that puts money in your pocket but the liability is something that takes a little money from your pocket it's an expense it does not give you back it does not bring back it does not create cash flow you know so for example buying real real estates you know it's a questions it's an expense but when you if you list it out or if you resell it you know that's you know it is classified as an asset you know at least for the for the period of time that it got you money you know if you if you if you rent it out or you list it out you know it's is bringing in money but if it's something that you sell once you flip it you know that is uh it was just an asset for a little while it is not um the asset that you held on to you know you did not monetize it to be an asset in that way but if you buy that real estate and you live in it it is a liability because you are not making money from it however if you perhaps you divide the house in half or you share you know it in such a way that people can rent out some species or you use some part of it you know you list it out after the warehouse now that is an asset so these are the setting concepts you have to understand and a nation should be run that way you know a nation should be run in such a way that people will have demand for the nation's currency and even at that understand how currencies work and how the forex market works you know with nations like america that have their um federal reserve and their central banks their intentional buying and selling of currency is done to manipulate interest rates and to make things favorable for their country as opposed to other countries because somebody is always losing when you are in the business of buying and selling different currencies someone for someone to win someone has to lose and it's often the poorer nations the african nations who do not understand this and i have said it before the us as a whole a lot of people are complaining about the the the us dollar because first of all it is not backed up by gold it is not backed up by any real um

raw material of value but africans have raw materials of value africans have gold have diamonds yes they back up their wealth on the dollar which is not backed up by anything you know it used to be backed up by gold but it is no longer however africa that has the gold instead of building their wealth on the resources that they have they are building on the dollar and those who have the dollar the u.s is wishing that they had gold to a more

you can imagine the craziness you know so what um professor yemi osinbajo is proposing is basically going to turn nigeria into you know venezuela in such a way that there will soon be a 1000 era notes and probably if things continue there will be a 1 million naira notes which will be the equivalent of 10 naira you know the the value of the nigerian naira will be less valuable than tissue paper and these guys don't care because as it stands now you know they are using it as a strategy as as a legitimate strategy to become richer for example if you made a million naira you convert it to dollars then the value of the naira drops you cannot buy more naira you have a lot of possessing power now and you cannot do more and to make mothers worse a lot of these guys are citizens of other foreign countries so they as they have dual citizenship that is where their legacy is that is where their children are and as they are doing this kind of system they are only making other nations worldia they are making things too difficult for the people in the nation to be able to buy assets and resources so they need foreign aid to help them it is not a good thing for a company for sorry for a nation strategy to be gathering foreign investments france fell because of this if there was if this didn't happen there would have been no french revolution the french resolution was a result of this kind of thing you know france put itself in a position where it needed foreign investment and no foreign investment king you know when you're in a position where you need foreign investment as a nation what are the terms and conditions that other people will apply to you you will end up sending yourself into slavery you know this is very unfortunate and all of this being seen if for example your apprenticeship because you are probably not going to get the risk but the value of the narra that you have now is going to seriously decrease you need to look for something to invest in and due to what has this direction that is that the nigerian government is going to you have to invest outside of nigeria because that is what it is even if for example you work in a good company in nigeria you are about to be put at a disadvantage where a lot of companies are going to go out of business because you are dealing with naira if you a company that doesn't deal with foreigners and you do not get paid in dollars you are in suit you will soon go out of business that is what is going to happen and of course to make modest was we know about the lockdowns the lockdowns was created by politicians and politics and you know politicians who listen to the world health organizations and and this globalists you know so they are the reason for the a and a recession it was an artificial recession that made them rich that made them much more richer the global wealth of the billionaire certain billionaires in this war in 2020 when everyone was on lockdown went to trillions it crossed over to to astronomical amounts because their businesses were open and they had shut down everybody else's and they had you know created supply chains and distribution machines that worked for them so you can see how a lot of things are being created and manipulated and it's unfortunate that certain people in the nigerian government don't know these things and they assume that if they know they decide to keep quiet and get paid but this is a disaster for nigeria industry and this is not something that is really new i have had the um the ceo of gt bank you know mr shegu say this kind of thing but this was even before this is taking it to a worse level you know he was trying to make a point that nigeria has always survived you know in spite of how the marriage has been dropping against the dollar for years now this move is going to make things way worse it's going to drop even more and what are nigerians going to do now nigeria is built to make foreigners rich nigeria is basically the slave of the us the uk and actually setting global organizations and setting individuals certainly selecting the individuals now it begins to make sense why someone will want to break away from nigeria and create the behavior of something else when you see this not like biafra is going to be the answer because it's still the same politicians that are in nigeria that are doing these kinds of things that will be in the afro so therefore is probably going to be worse probably if this status you know but the the reality of the matter is that this is so very sad now if you are um in nigeria or you are interested in icon everybody should be you know there are certain things you must do you must put out the knowledge you must make sure that the media you know this goes out to the media what i'm saying you can share this video you can make your own videos you can do your own research and put out this information about the disaster that this is going to lead to because now there is no point in working for any company within nigeria as the naira is dropping because a lot of what is in nigeria is based on things that are brought even the bread that is made in nigeria is gotten from flow that is imported and there are certainly select companies like dangote cement and goldifly and all of that that are going to rise even more in this kind of situation they are select companies that are going to rise so um perhaps you should get into for some of you get into the nigerian stock exchange and when you go to alfred vip i'll pick out select companies that will do well in such a disaster because of how they are a monopoly invest in the monopolies in nigeria in america is illegal to own monopolies even though there are ways that selling companies have gone around that you know they are setting tech companies silicon valley companies and banks have used their own way to have um shell companies and you know companies behind companies and phones behind phones that have helped them to circumvent this and they have created cartels so that is why you can see a situation where if one if somebody just decides okay we are going to stand for black lives matter or it looks like all the corporations are all on board it is not um something made up why don't they do the same thing with other movements the mother movement is bigger why don't the um corporations stand for mother but the reality of the mata is that there are cartels they are business cartels you know that when they have an agreement this way we are going they go in that direction because when you look at the top it's just a few people so if those few people want to push for something unpopular lgbt is very unpopular it is not like a lot of people are on board on it but they keep pushing it and pushing it and pushing it it seems popular until more people embrace it there's nothing that has been so artificially pushed like lgbt when it comes to mindset it is not something that grew from the people it is not a grassroots movement the lgbt movement is not grassroots there is something that is pure propaganda what happens when the media pushes propaganda in that way we can actually push for something positive like christianity and push for christian ideologies but you know what um you guys have to do is that you know in addition to investing in seller companies you know no matter who you are make sure that your company if you if you are working for a company you know and you cannot change the way it is wrong you know it is run in such a way that it buys from other nigerian companies it buys it makes its procedures in naira you are about to go into a a pot of soup you see because with release for that evaluation you must structure your company unfortunately in such a way that it is um going to be getting um payments from america the u.s or switzerland or other other key western nations and it's unfortunate because this is the signing of poverty for nigeria and those countries will be forever bigger than nigeria and that is one of the things that currency has done it doesn't have to be this week but since nigeria has built itself around a currency that is globally traded africa was doing well before slavery understand that africa did not have a universal um

currency where currency that was recognized you know by the white man of the western world yet they traded you know apart from the fact that it was traded by button they mostly traded slaves for um equipment which is their fault if they had made better deals they could have rather than trading human beings they could have traded raw materials and they could have traded raw material for raw materials as a matter of fact um sorry for saying what about the issue of africa trading raw materials for the white men to be slaves but that is a completely different topic but the point of the matter is that it is only a matter of choices and understanding that certain things are not laws that are ordained by god it's just like some people say that debts and taxes are two things that are most certain it is not so death is a choice you know and when you um get to read my book i'll be putting it out there it's a long time coming back you know how i'll publish it you read my book the reality about dates what you have to know about this you know from a medical perspective and from the scriptures and when it comes to taxes for a lot of time taxes were not paid as a matter of fact in a lot of situations the warriors people did not even pay taxes and taxes started as something that was a levy on concatenations it was a level on slaves it was a levy on people that were colonized that was what taxes were you know not everybody paid taxes throughout when you look at the reality of when taxes that they are even before taxes were in was primarily invented mainly by the rumors people did not pay taxes but nations were getting bigger and expanding life continued can life continue now without taxes yes you know perhaps i'll talk about that in another book but the point i'm trying to show you is that you have to think outside of the box and know that certain things are not obtained by gold and it is not like this is the only way it has to be nigeria does not have to run on foreign exchange as long as nigeria is running on the engine of foreign exchange nigeria will never prosper nigeria will never be a great nation nigeria will never be greater than any foreign nations because the currencies are already geared towards working against nigeria and to meet mothers was the wealthiest people the bank um leaders like the ceo of gt bank you can see even the president they are happy and they are telling you they want to devalue the narrative even more how stupid is that how stupid is that the nigeria is at the melting point understand that it was only by prayer that the nsa's movement didn't turn into a war it is only by prayer but you see some things can just be postponed instead of averted because of the stupidity of people who bring things back there are a lot of things happening nigeria is planning for vax mandates because they there is pressure on u.n and you know this globalist organizations that direct the nigerian politicians not the nigerian people you know all these organizations that are run by people who are not elected the united nations you know all these so-called charities you know the african union all these people that are not elected that are controlling the whoever is president and telling them that as africa that's what we are doing you know the the leaders of ecuador and the people who are really the engine behind it all of this africa is still colonized in the worst possible way very there is there are two ways to make people's sleeves you know two key ways you can make them slips and let them know that they are slaves the other option is to make them sleeves and make them not know their sleeves that is the same thing you know and that second option is the way that slavery works best if you want it to be prolonged i wanted to do well let the people be ignorant of their own slavery let people not know what freedom is let the people think that they are free if they are taught they will they discover or they hear about freedom you lie to them deception is an interesting tool when it comes to politics and war but that being said you know you need to start um looking for jobs outside nigeria if you're in nigeria or you have to start investing outside nigeria or restructure your company to get resources outside nigeria and also you begin you have to start looking for ways to buy up assets within nigeria and by assets i'm talking about mostly real assets the assets that will work in this way because the real estate market is going to take a hit when the value of the narrative drops because what is going to happen is that real estate would become too expensive for a lot of nigerians to buy only to buy and foreign will only want to live in a place where there is peace and this kind of thing is going to create a lot of more instability and unrest you know so um the foreigners themselves even though they may buy for some of them they may not want to leave and if they buy and you know people don't want to live in it and well there are people who are not able to afford it you know it creates a situation where the entire markets will have to

basically suffer the real estate market will suffer so when i say buy assets in such a situation assets that would have worked before you know will probably not work the only kinds of assets are assets that have to do with owning the resources of nigeria that is what you have to go for get the resources of nigeria things like farms and agriculture will become super valued

owning land that grows crops and you know agriculture is going to get be it's going to mix people super wealthy when it comes to narrative as the narrative is dividing because they will have more naira you know bet even at that the value of the night so it'll be like they have more digits they could have billions now bits and it will multiply but the value of the billions will not be what it used to be but they will still be at a greater advantage among other nigerians but the truth the true thing is to have an ankle outside nigeria with such laws it is very unfortunate you know so uh that is that that being said make sure you check out for more you know i'll be talking to you more there you know especially through the investors club you know if you've not joined the investors club but it says reach out to us you need to be a part of our club you know and we need to um change the world and save the world thank you God bless you


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