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The music of Halsey's upcoming album, introduces a young pregnant Queen, Lila, as she wrestles with the chokehold of love to ultimately discover that the ability to create life (and end it) unlocks the paranormal power within her.

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hello everybody i'm alfred and i like to talk about you know if i can't have love i want power you know i just basically saw the trailer for it you know so under the impression that it's a movie it looked like a movie trailer but doing further research on it i see that it is actually a music album you know or perhaps it is somewhat both let me just read the official synonyms from the internet movie database the music of hisley's upcoming album introduces a young pregnant queen lalia as she wrestles with a shock hold of love to ultimately discover that the ability to create life and to end it unlocks the paranormal power within her notice what that is you know apart from you know the trailer being something that just makes you go like this is like a tribute to witchcraft and feminism you know this one itself says so much the ability to create life that is to give birth you know and the ability to end it that is to have an abortion unlocks the paranormal power within her when you look at the trailer that i saw it's kind of like she was a witch slash queen you know of course all the men are evil and the men i guess i want to disrupt that is the theme of you know this modern day feminist you know that is what this era of film is uh you know just like this era of um civil rights activists are all about white men but you know it is not about you know equal opportunities like it once was now that the opportunities are equal you know when it comes to the the different races you know those that are open to people whose skin wear cream in the 60s and before that that's you know when open to people whose skin were chocolate but all of that has changed now so it's now like to keep on um being a victim new things have to be created and it has gone to the point of you know even though you know the light-skinned folk and the christian folks are giving to chocolate food anything they are so it's like let's just make it that they are just resisting inherently you know just the same with this modern feminist it's like all men are inheritly chauvinistic misogynistic and all that nonsense you know so um this says a lot and this is the kind of thing that satan will want to push in entertainment to change people's minds to alter people's smiles you know not only is it so-called celebrating being promiscuous and you know sleeping and acting however one wants you know you have this idea that the ability to give better the ability to kill to commit abortion give supernatural power if they're not with craft is that not a ritual but this is what they want to push why would somebody want to push that there are so many other messages for someone to send you know whether a christian or not why would you want to push this message why do you want to put so much money into pushing this message what is this about you know and it i can't even figure out is it a movie and also a music album or or you know like like what is it happening or is it a music album that you know has a lot of cinematics in it like a movie or has a story line to go with it kind of like video games has cinematics you know that's when you pick them out it could make a a full future animation you know which in most cases might even be longer than regular fusion animations but this is something that you know um comes as no surprise and they do this kind of thing hollywood has always been about pushing witchcraft and all kinds of satanic concerts you know about the music with the music you will see all kinds of satanic symbols you know about backward max and explaining when it comes to rock and roll back in the day that when you play this song backwards you should be saying something else to be like glorified satan all of that you know when you switch the tape and play the songs backwards so all these kinds of things that have been in the music that people have warned about you know we see it now coming to the top and they are boldly pushing us you know we we see that this is the era of that's a mystery bubble or mother of hamlets and they are always wanting to push women to the forefront to take the lead because they understand other understand what's um apostle paul see when it comes to angels he said that women should cover their head you know when they pray you know and when doing the prayers and that is actually linked to um a lot of things when you study judaism and you know certain things that are actually in the book of enoch that will actually open your minds to how that relates to what apostle is talking about when it comes to angels he said that solar and just know your currency to angels there is a big difference between male and female understand that man is created in the image of god but woman is created in the image of man there's a reason why god puts man in church the woman should not be in charge you see there is an order to that and angels see that and recognize that now we have these fallen angels who want to change the order and make sure that the woman is in the lead in every single team when it comes to running countries and running every single thing companies whatever they are pushing for it like oh um there's something wrong with the world if a man is in charge it has to be a woman that is in charge they want women in charge of every single thing on an unfair

platform you know it is not about who is the best for the job it's about quotas for oh we we need more women here or we need more women leaders so we need women presidents we've not had women a female president or we've not had a lesbian female president or a lesbian whatever new way they want to break up themselves and categorize themselves but you see this is what satan is doing he knows what is what what he is doing and it apparently is easier for satan to manipulate women than men you know it's a different ballgame manipulating me apparently based on a lot of things that satan has done when it comes to the supernatural a lot of times who are the prophetesses or the the mouthpieces and the oracles for all the different idols and so-called gods that have existed through time it has been women why is it that demon spirits find it easier to to use women look at the temptation in the garden who did satan first go to it was eve the woman you know there is um a way that angels think and they do not see men and women on the same level so there is that intentional shifting of the body and that is why we have now females where you have men we know who are told and encouraged to be effeminate you know the nature of the woman is to be dominated by the man and that is the fact it doesn't matter if uh what i say does not sound look or you don't like it that is the fact and this is the way and just sits in both good angels and the fallen angels and that is part of the reason why they are pushing for the feminization even when you look at nations that want to conquer other nations through time you know most of them one of the strategies if they had the time was to effeminate the men of the culture they wanted to conquer you see when the men become weaker and effeminate you know and a guinness you know that is actually the word that actually refers to being a feminist for those of you who are you know familiar with the name guinness from um guinness book of articles and all that you know that is actually where that the word comes from you know so there is that there is that weakening of the men because it's like it's the man that we stand and protects let us switch that to let us tell them there's there is no rule you know they want to destroy that order and change things in a way that it will be easier for them to move through you know it is easier satan feels it is easier to dominate a woman than a man however if you are in christ this does not apply to you if you're a woman if you are female are you in christ because you are in christ you that does not stand you have nothing to worry about because you have christ you know so because you have christ all demons and satan himself is under your feet you know let him look at you how he wants to look at you but you have the authority you have the final seat because you are with god who has the financing you know so that's that for more check out alfred those vip and make sure that you know you get involved in what we are doing because we must take over all the entertainment landscape it is very important for us to do that that anywhere you look all you see is content that is influenced by christianity because these people they want everywhere you looked to be contentized influenced by their witchcraft by the satanism by their esoteric thoughts by their lgbt and their awakeness and they have every whatever move they are using to try to reshape the world into an image that they want we must stop that remember reach out to me and alfredo vip thank you and God bless you


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