Human Traffickers Are Now Advertising Utilizing Their Services To illegally Cross The U.S Boarder On Tik Tok : by Alfred


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hello everybody i'm alfred and i would like to talk about you know something very funny but really not that funny it's coyotes at the u.s border who are in the business of getting people to cross into the u.s illegally they are advertising on tick tock now i am censored on so many platforms you know not just me conservatives or for example roma army you know she keeps on getting banned on so many platforms especially on tick tock you know and she makes videos that seem to be targeted at that market you know her content is not um christian perceived that it is improvements rights which is not what folks want to push you know right now that they want to use me too and all that nonsense and women's rights to forward their globalist agenda but in any case if it was any of those videos it would have been banned or taken down but on tick tock you know the people who are actually carrying people illegally into america are advertising the advertising and understand that they are getting paid all those people that are crossing into america in the gallery they are paying the county's money and they are going through a whole lot of stress and all of that and it might be close to showing them the though that's you know this way this is food package and all of that know that these guys uh behind a lot of not just illegal track trafficking but sex trafficking and drug trafficking these are the same people you cannot follow that route which is known for years to be how drugs gets into the u.s where a lot of officials who are in the hierarchy of most of these drug cartels they use those channels so you cannot use that channel and traffic human beings without paying those drug dealers money also as well as the sex traffickers you know a lot of people who sign up for this who knows where they will end up you know you have to understand if someone let's say someone wants to go to america in the garden and someone says they can help and you know understand the risk these are men and women oftentimes who put themselves in situations where they hide them in trucks where they are like 30 people or 200 people in a lorry and they put them inside bags inside mattresses all kinds of funny things what makes you think that these people are going to end up at the other end in a good place they can end up as a slave anywhere because they have already submitted themselves into a vulnerable situation and this is what often happens and interestingly enough tiktok is getting an embedding this a mainstream media is clearly not going to cover this you know this is just something that one or two conservative youtubers is going to cover and it will um be covered by a few man then the story will die but the thing we keep on going on ever since trump left office you can see with the with the exit of trump everything is just going down because wokeness destroys critical race theory destroys pushing race in everything destroys preaching anti-americanism destroys you know we as christians we need to rise up and all over the world we must make sure that we have our influence on politics you know beyond just voting beyond just forming a unified bloc that makes our requests to the government you know but we must be the ones who fill those government positions and who change the course of things otherwise we are all going to be heading for a concentration camp like ship to the slaughter and you know it is not a matter of selecting that because a lot of select leaders in the church have sellouts and they have shown you that how many select leaders have pro vaccine through anything more than anything the world pushes for today anything oprah winfrey pushes for today most of these shortly that's preferred some more look at the pope for example anything that the globalists push for today the pope doesn't even wait till tomorrow he pushes for it also you know so you have to understand this reality you know we the people you know we need to rise up we we have to use our money our resources our intelligence um don't be afraid to come out and protest don't be afraid to stand up don't be afraid to be broke don't be afraid to go to prison or to be killed for what you believe it is better for you to die for what you believe than for you to live as a slave for more check out you


- Heavy Duty Country: Coyote's Using Tik Tok to Advertise Getting People Over The Border With No Regulation:

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