Apple Music Put A Weird illuminati Looking Pic As My Artist Profile Pic & Still Refuses To Change It : Alfred Speaks



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hello everybody i'm alfred um i would like to talk about apple music on my music profile page on apple now there is something i've talked about before but i'd like to draw your attention to it again you know till today this issue is not resolved the profile image of my apple music page when you search for you know or you follow the direct link to my music on apple my profile picture the picture there is something that is not my and i can't change it looks weird and somewhat satanic you know i don't get it you know where that image comes from and they just put that there and it's kind of like um them standing for what they stand for thumbing their nose up at me because they know what you know i represent and they know what i talk about so it's kind of let's put an illuminati type symbol as this guy's profile image you know and these are people who do not really pay attention to the music that i do they just put it under category like i noticed on spotify somebody had the nerve to include my music in a playlist called walk christians first of all i am against being woke you can't put my music under that category you know walk a christmas what does that mean

you know if you want to put someone there you put it like crazy and the rest of them you put the people who say they are christians but pander to the world and to the work left and to the pro lgbt and the pro gays and to the um binding and all the black lives matter severity those are the people that are that are if you have to call somebody you would christian you put them in that category you don't put me in that category you know so these people know what they are doing and you know it goes without saying have you ever asked yourself a question why is it that these people push for trash if uh if someone with chocolate skin makes music when they are saying something positive where they are saying don't do drugs you know don't kill each other you know be positive rise up you know work hard when the when people make those kinds of music as a matter of fact conscious rap which is what most people call it you know this is different from christian rap it doesn't explicitly talk about god but it is positive and most of the people who do it are not even um a lot of times they are not christian but it is positive it is clean it doesn't have all the um shake your botox kind of music and all of that you know be promiscuous follow that it doesn't have that that is not promoted no matter how good it is it is never promoted it is when they make secular songs that glorify um looking at women as sex objects treating them like sex objects you know the that's the decadence mindset as a matter of fact it has created a situation where you have strategies like kanye west where he for him to break into the music and to get attention and this is what he said in the song jesus walks he made that kind of music where they are talking all kinds of nonsense you know um sheikh um godiga you know and you know those kinds of songs you know about um those kinds of things that world like some with already costing the f words and with the m word and all of that then later he now changed to goes to music i remember what larry hill said she said she throws the mf in you know you know what ms stands for she said she throws the mf in so that the ignorant can hear me but it's beyond that if she doesn't make that kind of music it's not get played why is it that when someone has chocolate skin you know that is what they want for people who have chocolate skin to listen to they only push that kind of thing but if you make positive music any other any music that is not negative any music that is not degrading to african americans or africans they don't want that if an african-american or an african of african descent is making music it has to be decadent it has to be something that is you know morally bankrupt for it to be pushed look at the nicki minaj even her name coming from manager twas look at cardi b's and look at all their names they are female artists who make quality music but they see positives but that music will not get pushed and everybody knows again they want to lie that it is what the people want no people have different moods even the people who listen to that kind of music they are not always in the mood for that you know a prostitute is not always in the mood for um prostitution she's not a prostitute 247 as in she is not doing the prostitution 24 7. so

everybody you know can be marketed gospel music everybody can be marketed positive music you know but these people they know what they are doing you know so it goes beyond just what they are all these games they are playing like um apple is playing with my um profile image which there's is their platform you know i've done what i've can't come to reach out to them but they have you know they don't care and it is them that intentionally did it make no mistake about this because there's no reason for an image to come out of nowhere to now be my will be used as the profile image you know and to make matters um more interesting you know i have said this on many occasions i have been saying it for years that we christians we need to own our own facebook we need to own our own twitters the apples the microsoft we need to own the industry and swallow up all this whatever we need to own hollywood we need to own the corporations we need to own big farmer look at what is happening now with big farmer look at all the things that john cena johnson is doing look how it seems that um the producers of us astrazeneca and the other are doing look at all that the whistleblowers are revealing but yet that is being censored by mainstream media because we do not own the cnns we do not own the msnbc i have been saying this since you see since these things are owned by people who have their own nefarious skin and they have an outline of step by step how to take over the world and how to destroy and attack christianity do we keep on crying it out until we wake up and take power we are at the strong disadvantage for more check out


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