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 hello everybody i'm alfred and i like to read out some tweets from biden and also from eoc so that you can see how much is really deceiving so many a lot of people think that she is just a socialist that is committed to marxist ideologies and for those of you who know you understand that the establishments the deep states is not about marxism in its purest form it is not about a building a communist society and it's all about building a society where there is a new world order and they are the only ones in power they are the only ones who have all the power and this tweets proves that uc is actually on board with that if you have the same way by then pretended to be a so-called moderates you know we have eoc you know who is appealing to the communists and the marxists you know the antifa crowd but yet she's establishments very establishments first of all joe biden tweeted we have a path to osha in a new era of economic growth that benefits everybody not just those at the top with the

build back better agenda and bipartisan infrastructure deal so you can see what he's saying this build back beta this is a global international plan by the new world order and they're using their agents and governments all around the world to do it anywhere you hear that phrase build back better it is the same thing it is the shopping of individual nation states by organizations that are outside of the and comprises of different nations i want to rule everything and this is what the bible talks about you see about you know the fit of the statue that daniel saw you know the the statue with you know 10 tools you know and um nine toes you know bowing down and all of that they will bow down to the beast the antichrist is going to be the head of a un type organization and you see that is the future that they want an organization like the un like the world economic forum that rules everything and calls the shows and that is the people that are pushing this big bad better you see the presidents of the individual nations will not be as powerful as any of this um so-called u.n or so-called international body head and look at the way the world is already going when there's a trouble in a country let's say for example nigeria when the president of nigeria carries our catastrophes who do people go to they look to the u.n they say you went to something what does that mean you see what happens to the independence of nigeria what happens to its ability to solve its own problem that has been put aside for oh there's a crisis in afghanistan you went do something world economic forum do something you know one bank do something these organizations are at the end of the day becoming the government and all the individual governments in different nations that are so-called elected by the people i am going to be a team of the past and let me just read on you see he's actually using the word by pat um built back beta and he he claims his bipartisan you see understand that the establishment republican before trump was actually doing the same thing as the democrats you know the democrats were worse but you see the democrats and the republicans before trump were basically you know very similar they say different things but did the same thing when you look at their policies and what they pushed the bipartisan infrastructure deal that rebuild back better agenda will create good paying jobs and lower costs for family and they are telling you this that it is an agenda

now they say it will create better paying jobs and workers for families together they will grow the economy for everybody you know these are um two different tweets from joe biden and you see he's saying that it's going to create um good paying jobs and lower costs for the family what has bailing done that has actually made things better economically you see the more you rob from the rich and give to the point the name of taxes the poorer you make everybody you are just establishing a system where everybody is poor it is funny how people keep pushing for higher taxes in the name of helping the poor but show me a nation where taxes went up and the situation the lives of the poor the public started becoming rich when the taxes went up when you increase taxes poor people will not start becoming rich you know there is the topic of increasing taxes and then making more um things available you know making amenities you know food stamps and all of that available for the poor guess what that means the poor are still poor but it makes you they give up the food stamps powerful because you see you have to understand true empowerment if i create a situation where i am the one feeding everybody in the nation yes they may have food on the table but guess what i have made myself their god and they are all poor because they have no independence it is not their own food they look to me for food when you look to the government for your food when you look to the government for this and for that for you to be able to um have transportation to go where you want to go for it to enjoy the things of life if you look to the government that means that you are poor the government controls everything it's just like a parent and a child when a child is not working a child has no job your child has no income you know let's say um um a teenager you are at home you are under your parents you know um authority and apart from that you know the fact that they are under your parents roof and they are paying for everything that makes them the boss of you don't give them the right because they are paying all the bills they are taking care of all of your expenses so you have no independence to actually go out and be who you want to be i know in this damn age people getting twisted and they want to act crazy but you have to understand that um whoever is paying the bills is the master whoever is the one that is provided is the master that kid has to be able to leave the parents house when the the kid is of age and fend for themselves that is the independence if that child is not independence that child is still you know under the parents that child is still poor you see that is still poverty you have to understand the difference between these three things it is not good that you can see well my government provides this and this for me you know the government is always giving you imagine if um for you to feed you have to go to your neighbor every end if you needed transport money to go somewhere you had to go to your neighbor you have to go to somewhere to beg just like some wives always go to their husbands to beg for everything that is not financial independence that is not a good situation you are not standing on your own your own finances are not safe it doesn't matter if the man is a billionaire but if you are always needing to go to him you are dependent on him that is not you being worthy that is not a good situation for you you have to be able to be the one that on your own yes i am providing for myself i have been built up so that i can provide for myself and that is something that people need to understand and interestingly enough the more government increases taxes even those amenities and all those free stuff it doesn't give you know it only gives the ones that give deeply to in comparison to the taxes that they take and then they end up creating a world where wealth cannot be attained but people will have to walk so you are working and the money that you have you could have made is being distributed to everybody else because guess what people will still need to work when the work stops the value of the currency will drop and it's returning to venezuela you see and you know you you will see situations where people um will be using a a thousand or a million dollar bills to buy you know a a a cup of water you know so that is just the reality of this now look at what aocc from medicare expansion and universal pre-k to ultimate sorry to climate action or housing infrastructure investments we can truly accomplish all this amount when we join our priorities for the betterment of our country it's time to build that better that is uc and she's using that freeze also build back better just like when the early politicians race in the world it's time to build a new world order new world order new world order now you see the same phrase better better people better it is the same people and this is the concept they are promoting this socialist world where you will all not not be happy where the government will be providing everything for you and guess what a lot of times like i said the government will end up providing little or nothing at all

and you are working you see if you reach a stage where the government will decide where you have a job where you should go and work what you should read and what you should do if socialism is to work that must be controlled because if for example everybody wants in a world where a government where the government gives everybody free everything you know nothing is for sale the government gives you everything for free you know or at least sixty percent of the teams you use or eighty percent or whatever percent of the things you use the government gives it to you for free and in exchange for it you are trading your poverty so you are paying is like if you are pain above what you are actually using in your daily life you know and there is no possibility for growth no matter how much inputs you put your output has to be equal in the name of equity with everybody else how does that even make sense but because of that situation let's see it becomes favorable you know conditions in one word please let us see one industry you know everybody is getting everything is no salary because everything is free and provided by the government let's say everybody who says they want to become a vlogger it's easy or they want to become a streamer they want to sit at home and stream content on the internet and be paid equally whether anybody is viewing their content or not it doesn't matter they want to play video games on camera all day and be paid the same thing that the medical doctor is being paid that is equity in spite of the fact that nobody is watching them so they are not even getting revenue just like the wnba that nobody is watching them yet they are demanding to be paid the same amount with the mba that everybody is watching in any case in that kind of situation for the economy to work the government you have to say well sustainable people cannot distribute sustainable percent you have to go to this industry you have to work here you have to work here you have to okay that is something that would have to happen but you see the reality of the matter is that all of this is a sham those who are following aoc a lot of them are thinking she's pushing socialism and um all of that you see this is the administration that has fired moses and health care providers for not getting the vax in spite of all the pandering they did throughout 2020 and all the um these are heroes and all of that and then these are the people that are claiming that they want to push universal healthcare the governor of you know came out that was saying that she's going to be getting workers from places like philippines to replace those who refuse to be works who are fired can you imagine that you see and this is something that um um the left is saying that is good for healthcare they keep saying oh we are helping people but everything they have done has created more poverty everything that they have done has jeopardized medicaid everything they have done has helped to increase poverty you see we need to understand that these people and their christians are not going to stop there needs to be a complete replacement of the people at the top we need to be on the votes we need to think outside of the box you need to have things that match the new world order we may not most of us may not have the finances right now but each as on an individual basis but when you look at the collectiveness just like what's happened with um i believe it was um the games gamestop you know there was a uh estonia i was trading on robinhood that the establishment investors you know the seasons um the big banks were actually betting on the stock dropping but the people pushed it forward you know totally with the people we have more money than those individuals we may not have more money than um individuals who are on the rights or who are in the rights may not have more money than one of the members of the world economic forum or we may not have more money than jeff brazos you know on an individual level but when you put it together what we totally have we have more money than them so we have to work in unity and as wrong you know so we need to put forth freedom and kick these people out of power there needs to be a dissolution of all these organizations that are calling the shops all these organizations that ponder us um humanitarian global organizations that are controlling things and are telling politicians what to do these are the same people who are pushing the kind out of this um pandemic understand that um it's part of the fact that yes the virus is out there but you can exploit the situation to your advantage and that is what is actually happening with the virus the virus it has has turned out to be less harmful than the common cold that is the truth if somebody wants to be honest the common cold has killed more people than this virus that is the fact but yes look at all the measures that is being carried out like if this is the worst thing to happen it has been worse than this malaria has been worse than this malaria has claimed more lives than this you see but this is what happens when people exploit all kinds of situations to bring forth their agenda this year build back better agenda is an agenda where you you would soak out all martian and be happy you know you'll be you'll be so called happy after only not that is their plan for you you see and this is something that the bible wants us about you know for those of you who do not know you will not be able to buy or sell without the mark of the beast for that to happen that is a control control of currency buying and selling the control of money all money would have to be with the world there needs to be a change we need to have our own system our own economic system understand that as they are kicking out people from um jobs and companies because they do not take the facts these are a lot of talented people that we can now start companies in different industries we need to come together and do this as well as kick out all these people these globalists and their cronies in power you know like a cronie like aoc because eoc does not have parts she's just doing the work of the higher up just like obama does not have power it's part of his millions he's just doing the work of the higher up true globalists at the end of the day though discard of him when they don't need him anymore just like the discarded of you know the former governor of new york you know and they also discarded of harvey weinstein and also um the other guy epstein but that being said we need to have our own thing that will be righteous and will be not just an equal match but we'll beat the world economic front that will beat the free messages that would beat all the different organizations that will beat all the different um secret societies and all the different moves and agendas this control of media that the world has this control and cramping down on social media we need to move fast now when we still have the opportunity and save the world we need to be in control of it we need to start our organizations expand and if it means getting to the point where they um there has to be a revolution that might take on a violent term we'll do our best to make sure it is not violent but it is better to fight to the death than to be slave in a concentration camp remember who we are and where we come from you see so especially if you are an american if you if you have you know it doesn't even matter the color of your skin but ex but if you have chocolate skin this is an opportunity that if if you have chocolate skin and your ancestors were slaves at one point this is an opportunity for you to prevent your descendants from being slaves of the new world order you know you have to take it for more check out alfredo's vip God bless you



- Joe Biden: The Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal and the Build Back Better Agenda will create good-paying jobs and lower costs for families. Together they will grow the economy for everybody.

- Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Together indeed, @POTUS! Flexed biceps From Medicare expansion and universal pre-k to climate action and housing/infrastructure investment, we can truly accomplish all this and more when we join our priorities for the betterment of our country. It’s time to Build Back Better together.:

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