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hello everybody i would like to talk about encore dot fm now anchor dot fm is a platform that helps people um posts and you know creates podcasts you know

now this is not the first time that this has happened before when anchor was an independent company it was later bought by spotify it was bought by spotify recently but before they banned me because of what i was saying you know i have been saying in broadcast i have been saying for so long that is important for christians to own you know the corporations for us to own the social media you know for us to become a force a financial force a united front financially and also you know when it comes to politics we should also be forced to be reckoned with when we need to get political power i have been saying this for a long time and you know because of the kinds of messages this is way before all this um viral stuff and vag stuff you know because of the kinds of things i see my accounts because i have multiple accounts they actually locked me out from anchor which is an interesting strategy instagram has used that same strategy with some of my old pages where no matter what i can't log in you know i change the password draw the whatever you know bits they block it i can't log in you know so this is an interesting strategy that most people use and it's funny that they are using the same strategies but in any case recently they were bots i think so it could be um it's not more than it's not up to two years ago but we're purchased by spotify and when i got that news i said let me try because what happened is that after this they actually started banning me if i create an account you know and because it's a podcast i'm using my voice when the voice recognition catches my voice no matter what email i used to create a new account on uncle that's fm they cashed the voice and they banned me that is the same thing facebook was doing with my voice you know even right now to today pastoral you know is not um allowed on facebook you know and i i no longer use that url i now just use alfredo vip is also banned alfred and friends is also banned you know on facebook so if you post any link if you try to post um create any posts on instagram or on facebook that has any of those urls that belong to me it is burnt it is not allowed you cannot do it on facebook or on instagram you know things that are owned by mark zuckerberg so they know what i'm saying and they they don't want this message to become popular they don't want christians saying that well they can turn the tides on all these lgbt nonsense they can turn the tides on all these vaccines and they can turn the towers and actually be the ones who call the shots in the direction the world goes when it comes to politics when it comes to money and a whole bunch of other things they don't want that power to be there and understand that it is the devil that drives them so they represented the devil satan is their father and this is part of the reason why i emphasize the importance of us building our own platforms and you know swallowing up theirs it is not like our platform we exist side by side they don't want our platforms to exist side by side with theirs even platforms that you know are not explicitly christian but are not prove their agenda that's what they do or they can't to ban look at what's happened to parlor they kicked paula out of the apple store they kicked us out of the google store and then said we are no longer going to be a web host so they just pulled the rock out of under that company in spite of all the previous arrangements and deals and contracts all of that null and void it is a matter of you don't support our agenda and you know it was said at that time that president trump was going to move to parlor you know so that is what pushed it this is the same thing when somebody has a christian message you see and this is how you differentiate between um

men of god or people of god children of god who are giving forth the real gospel message versus those who aren't you would see that those who are giving forth the real christian message the world finds them to be a great stress so

the enemy does everything they can to censor them to stop them but you see it is the choices that are always being promoted and are working hand in hand with government that are doing evil things that you should be wary of it shows you that they are not a threat to the devil understand that the devil will still come after them eventually because the devil does not want anyone saying the name of jesus so even fake churches will be destroyed by the devil but the devil will start by going after the real churches even though he's running the fake churches he's going to eventually wipe them out you know remember what the scripture says about the antichrist that he will exalt himself against everything that is named god he is going to make war against anything that is called god so it is a taste it is a secular society and this is something that the bible that was written how many years ago is telling us about that we can see it's happening now the building of a secular society the building of we don't want god we don't want any mention of god you know they claim to be for rights and human rights but it's like no you don't have rights to you know believe in god or to be pro god all of that you know and of course this is going to they are going to create a one-world religion and say that you know um you have to be accepting of everything you know that is bigotry it is racist for you not to accept any anyone you know there's a saying now that i say that that people like to say and you know will smith put it in one of his songs where he said um just because i don't believe what you believe i'm going to hell you know i'm trying to put it on christmas like look at look at how a terrible person you build just because we have different beliefs you you believe i'm going to go to hell you know how does that even work in his mind you know but he's using it to cast that you know basically that is that is a pushing for a one-world religion that every you should accept every belief system you should accept everything when they match everything into one it is not it's no longer going to be uniquely any any any of the individual things that was there before when you mix coke and fanta into the same cup it is no longer coco or fanta that you have in that cup you now have something new and when they mix all these religions when they mix um christianity they say christians muslims buddhists um all the satanists church of satan this all of them and they join them together and with jews and everything i say all of you are now one and then this is your pope this is your prophet the false prophet you know when they do all this they will have to have a new set of doctrines a new set of stations so every individual belief system is destroyed and that one word religion is going to eventually point towards the antichrist being god and that is what the bible says you know of course they are going to start with you are god you know and everybody like you can see the pope saying that you can be an atheist it doesn't matter god still loves you and god will still accept you you know you that and all kinds of nonsense there's no new kind of nonsense that the pope doesn't see nowadays but in any case

um it's very important that we understand the the

the pressing need for us to ensure that we have the industries we must take over the business world the banks the financial systems of the world everything you know the facebooks googles everything you know even the fbi the cia the cia and all of that because these organizations as popular they have have been taken over by globalists you can see them with having things like big you know and you can see them with the kind of loyalty they have to the united nations and the way they protect these guys and you you can see even the slogans that they use to build back better slogan the you know the unique selling proposition from the world economic forum you can see they are rich how are they presents you know different politicians in other parts of the world are saying goodbye data the same unique selling proposition you can see how they are pushing equity how can you push equity when they you you want equality of outcome equality of wealth you say you want to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor by taking away from the rich and giving to the poor why don't you ask yourself you know what about the inputs you if you want to talk about um equality of outcome what about inputs there is no equality of inputs you see as long as there is no equality of inputs and everyone's individual ability is different you know and you know timing and so many other factors matter because of all this there is no way that everybody will be equal when it comes to finances this thing that they are pushing equity it is actually going to push for the the power that is in money will be removed from money and be given to individuals who call the shots so it's a matter of what the king says what the globalist head says the one that runs that united nation or that organization that is a so-called international organization that it consisting of people who are not voted for who have captured nations who have captured different states and have had the politicians and everybody subject to them understand that slavery is um something that can be easily done when you understand mass mind control and that is where this world is heading we must be very careful and we christians we must stand and fight against it you know because the time will come where it will be too late to do any fighting for more check out


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