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And a baby makes 3.

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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about the series you apparently you is about to have a season tree now i've seen season one and season two you know on netflix and i'm not sure i would also um watch season 3 but it's interesting that they have switched it over from this guy who is a serial killer and is killing people in the way of the woman of his you know interest at different points in time you know so he just kills everyone that would compromise every inch between you know what he him trying to win a gulp over that was what season one was about season two was you know about another female and he's obsession in that direction and all the people he killed also with the crazy concept of creating a cage to put um people that stand standing his way in you know and having that in a private location there's so many things to be said about that after what happened in season one it made no logical sense for him to do the same thing to have even that cave built in the in the first place in season two now in this season she apparently now the obsession is about the baby you know being a good father that is based on the trailer you know and there are um the u has its own twitter accounts the show itself and one of its tweets you know it is saying um the past will come back to haunt you and comment on your parenting abilities you know putting that in brackets you know there's a lot to be said about the genius of the markets and even putting like the big day kick showing the dates that the um the the series will kick off as well as that being the dates that is supposedly based on the marketing um presentation the the dates that the baby was born or will be born you know so this is going to be um interesting but it's completely different so now here are settled to be with this girl who is also a killer just like him you know and so um there's so much to be said the entire series about trying to create a romanticized um hero out of a killer it's a is a huge problem and this is actually what was done with interview with the vampire you know this concept of trying to create romantic heroes out of evil characters out of like vampires you know who kill humans and drink human blood you know that kind of thing trying to make the unlawful lovable it's dangerous because it messes around with um a lot with people the way people think you know people have to have an understanding of right is right and wrong is wrong this blending of characters where um you are supposed to be rooting for the evil character or the character that is killing so many people for example movies like the godfather and the last dome you are basically rooting for the head of a criminal family the head of a crime family you know so um it is unfortunate such things should not be done of course game of thrones you know i haven't seen um the game of thrones series you know i have seen some clips from its you know and no there was an episode i was posted on youtube but the entire um um entirety of of game of thrones a lot it's popular with a lot of people but you know it doesn't appeal to me in in any way shape or form based on what i've seen i think that um personally game of thrones is highly overrated you know based on what i have seen you know the trailers and you know the the clip and the episode like so you know it is highly overrated they are better and more interesting

stories and work out there but in any case back to this um shoe this is um terrible on on many levels when it comes to its impact on what it's about you know basically i think about trying to romanticize the murderer you know and since they want to give you this continuity does it mean that he will never be caught will he just keep on killing killing killing and now that his wife is also a killer is that how they are going to be you know and then trying to humanize like he did doesn't really want to kill but when he is pushed to the brink oh is it like would he he's obviously not going to um follow this path or perhaps you know the the relationship between um right and wrong you know so many lines are being brought but at the end of the day there are so many people here just killing to have his own idea of um a dream life you know so um it is it is unfortunate this is why we as christians must talk about the entertainment industry and you know writes good movies great movies great series that change life that those lives that make um the world a better place that teach corrects um things about morality and you know would not be something like this that romanticizes um evil it's bad enough that it has been said that girls like bad boy that women's like bad boy first of all it's not women it is girls and it is because of the influence of these kinds of things you know the the media when you look at all romance novels that are for women the character is always a playboy and it also pushes this silly ideology that's when she when the heroine in the story ends up with this play by a character you know he's going to change he's going to transform and they're going to live happily ever after that is not going to happen you know a playboy is a playboy he's not going to automatically stop you know it's it gives women this this idea of he's like they want to redeem or save the playboy you know and make him you know from being a bad boy and you know sleeping with so many women and being the guy that when he walks into the room all the women look at him no now they now have him for themselves and he's not a respectable person who never cheats on her that is never going to happen and that clearly influences a lot of successable little girls you know that is the reality of the matter you see um entertainment and stories teach look at jesus jesus starts with stories when he taught the people he told parables you know how many summers did jesus preach jesus was telling stories and healing the seekers giving people free food you know and you know a lot of people didn't even understand the message that he was passing across it was the disciples that really you know later on broke things down and you know really um had that mission of really pushing the the mission and the purpose and the ideology you know what jails was actually about you know that is where a lot of those teachings came from a lot of the things that we today even know that jesus said it is because of the interpretation that jesus called the disciples aside and told them you see so that is something that i have to understand when you are reading matthew mcluck and john it is because of the interpretation and the understanding of mathematical concern if you had lived in that time you would have needed just like um just told to peter you know flesh and blood have not revealed this to you but my father i have not revealed this to you would have need god to reveal certain things to you if you were not one of the disciples that's head in privacy the meaning of the prayer busan really saw the work and really got the the message because it's really hard to be passed across by revelation jesus said that when you receive the holy spirit the holy spirit if you bring to your memory the things that i've told you so when the holy spirit came a lot of things that jesus said the disciples started receiving clarity insight and revelation this testing deeper into it and what it really meant and that is where we actually get the the deeper understanding of what jesus was actually doing and saying you see so um it's important you understand the the power stories and why we ask christians we must take over you know entertainment and storytelling movies sitcoms and everything you know this kind of um sitcom that also promotes um lgbt and all that nonsense you know it is it is very unfortunate the the gay character in this at least in season two was they put him as one kind of wise all knowing you know helpful you know it is all this silly propaganda just like when you see all these new movies that have african-americans in weird weird situations and they want to make them um in in a situation that is very unrealistic for an african-american to be you know like you know making whatever the most um african-american or somebody that's of african descent and making her you know the most um beautiful person in the eyes of the king you know that is not the way uh things work a lot of um light skin you know white people they are not they are um the the image the ideal model the ideal physical appearance of a woman is not that of an african-american woman or philosophy woman of african descent in their eyes so that reality must be maintained propaganda should not take it away you know also putting things like putting one african-american as the wisest person in harvard or as the smartest person in one procedural school it is not realistic you see it it is virtually signaling and it's what peop um some crazy people would want to promote but it is madness the most intelligent people in private wealthy schools and not african-americans you know that is just the reality a lot of the african-americans that are there got there on on on the back of affirmative action so they're actually struggling academically they can't keep up that is the reality you know and it is only um a christian and someone who is fearless that will tell the stories and tell you that it is and doesn't have the time to listen to you know people men and you know because you know as as a believer as i am i am not the people pleaser i do not have time to please people i do i'm not interested in it i'm against that i live to please god you please go i know when someone has that mindset they tell the truth fearlessly you know and that's is something that has to be uh pushed forth for if he actually wants to see things improve he's not by line and bringing all these kinds of nonsense around the the way are you know putting gays as you know um oh this person is um so um is the is the wisest person in the whole city or the wisest person in the whole movie or the whole um sitcom you know it's crazy you know and that kind of propaganda is too obvious and that is why you see movies like the latest um charlie's angel that future that girl from um twilight you know it's just because of that nonsense and you can see that same nonsense in the super girl um series which is also a netflix complete garbage you know that being said if you like to start your own entertainment company your movie company

christian rome you know just take the first step and then you take the second step the third step and you know we have to move fast and you know we have to help each other out to do it you know and um there are a lot of factors that are working against us guys the world health organization and all this um world economic forum you know this gang of criminals that are saying we will not now be happy you know shall swab and all those that industrial revolution that they want you know these criminals they need to be brought to justice and you know the activities that they are bringing for look at how australia has turned into a giant prison all these things need to be addressed we need to get a hold on it and control politics as well if politics is controlled by evil men this is the kind of disasters we see you know a a robbery in the eyes of everybody locked downs and all kinds of things being used and you can see the shift and how they have seen certain companies you know where they talk about certain companies that are making trillions and all of that during this lockdown you know that are making so much in profits this is all planned their businesses were not shut down but small businesses were shut down and understand this reality

big businesses a lot of the joint corporations are capable of meeting the needs of everyone in in the marketplace but of course that would eliminate the invisible heart in economics because the invisible hand in economics can only work when there is fairness you know and when there is no government restrictions on on people letting people be them so letting people have the freedom to study on companies but you see my point is that amazon for example a loan can be the only company that provides all the delivery services you know and all the online ordering services and that is what some people would want so they don't mind shutting down small businesses and they with their investments in amazon increasing and all of that a lot of politicians made a lot of money during this lock down there is no politician that this lockdown isn't making richer there is no including the ones that are being bribed to give people vaccines that it is clear that the same companies that are producing it and us tell you that it does not work and that you will still need more now they have come up with the the topic of booster shots unfortunately saying that you will need a booster shot whether every eight months or every six months so this is clearly showing you that they are editing your dna they are telling you that it is not giving you prevention it is not giving you immunity it doesn't cure the virus it doesn't give you immunity against the virus you know but yet they want you to take it and they want you to keep now it's not just first shot second shot that shots there's now the concept of booster shots so you keep taking so where are they editing your dna thoughts you are no longer going to be human at the end of the day you are no longer going to be a human being

you see by the time you have altered and altered what god created and then now you and and machine you are machine are now becoming one

you know you have now become something you have edited yourself into into something that god did not create you have created another creation out of yourself

now you expect god to accept you into heaven no understand that and and and think about that as as it was written in in the scriptures just as it was in the days of noah so shall it be again when the son of mantra comes so you have to understand that in the day of noah there was the editing of human dna

the humanity was being dissolved by the fallen angels that were having sex with human women so we you know had a situation where they were creating nephilim and when the nephilim you know sleeps with humans so some will be coming out looking human but they have fallen angel blood within their bloodstream so there's an editing of all the human dna and that is what satan was trying to spread out to understand that the fear people on the earth in those days than it is now you know it is not like those were the early days that was closely other so there was a move to change and edit the entire dna and the entire makeup of all of humanity via phone angels now they are putting vaccines in people's body that they don't know where they're coming from you don't know if that vaccine is coming from a fallen angel if that is what is being injected into you but now it has they have shown you and unfortunately people are still being blind they are still pushing it you have silly evil politicians in african countries that want to still push this nonsense you see so it shows you what this is really you know about you know and these guys have had this plans for so many years you know these guys you know um are under the influence of the devil they don't have to receive direct instruction from the devil the antichrist is not somebody that has to be a direct devil worshipper as a matter of fact the the antichrist and the bible points to atheism the bible says that he shall exalt himself above all that is called god and you can see that spirit of the antichrist today where people don't believe in god where people are any god not just christian god you know um muslim god you know any concept of god any idea of god they are offended by they want to kick it out and they can't see that that spirit of the antichrist and christ has exhausted himself above others called god you have people like oprah winfrey who are saying that you are god the human beings are good that is the kind of teaching and that is the new institution where it is the human being that is god you are god you know you see people thinking that way and this this is not um a revelation of um that which is um born of god's gods you know you know these people don't believe in god the creator they believe that they themselves they are god and is this kind of ideology so the antichrist himself does not have to be direct you know conscious worship of satan but satan will use him and he would be doing a lot of satanic thing whether he recognizes it as satanism or not you see he's going to be in that flu because satan does not always reveal himself to people like satan you know it depends on what is most effective it is effective for him to reveal himself for to present himself as satan he will because we understand that all the beliefs he stands in this world all the religions you know everything outside of christ he's he's under the devil this the satan is behind that that is a reality so so you have to understand um listen we we have um a long way to go but we got all things are possible and we can do things first time we must move quickly to push this gospel because it's a matter of the salvation of souls soon this earth this present world will come to an end and you know there will be a new phase you know so we must do everything right now that being said check out for more God bless you

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