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A team of wildly talented high school girls soccer players who become the (un)lucky survivors of a plane crash deep in the Ontario wilderness. 

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Creators: Ashley Lyle, Bart Nickerson

Cast: Melanie Lynskey, Juliette Lewis, Christina Ricci

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hey everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about the upcoming series yellow jackets now the yellow jackets is actually joined together you know based on what i can see from their marketing you know kind of like it's a hashtag but it's not hashtag you know the yellow and jackets this joins together like one words let me read the official synopsis a team of wildly talented high school girls soccer players who become the unlucky survivors of a plane crash deep in the ontario wilderness now the interesting thing about the unlock is that the un in unlucky as in on you know that part of the unlocking is in brackets you know so that's very interesting but in any case based on the trailer this is basically um a team of soccer players you know all girls soccer players high school girls they are to i believe go for a match somewhere else but the plane crashes and they are you know stuck in the wilderness and it turns into a lot of the flies kind of situation where you know things go crazy for those of you who remember a lot of the flies this you know basically about a bunch of guys who were abandoned on an island and they just basically went crazy you know it turned into a savage call show them killing a lot of crazy things went on so that is basically what this is but apparently you know um there are going to be a lot of flashbacks from that time and the presence because in the presence all those girls you know most of the girls that survived the plane crash you know also ended up being rescued but there was quite a lot of time period and during that time period since we went to very lot of the flies you know so that is what this movie is about it's a survivor movie now the problem with this lord of the flies mentality is that you know you have to come up with logical explanations why people will go that crazy of course there are a lot of survivor reality tv issues now we can see that women do not fare well when they are in that kind of situations where they are abandoned on an island but one thing is for sure they won't go crazy and become service you know in spite of what movies may want people to think people are not going to go crazy and become savages you know if you want to go that route you have to bring out some logical explanations why rational people would say well there is no law and order here so i'm going to go crazy and that struggle for power and you know it brings about the savage culture there has to be something logical about it but when it comes to your survival and you know based on the trailer i think they started eating themselves now let's understand something if you are stranded on an island understand that trees around you are food grasses are food you are near water that is a constant supply of different kinds of fish you see so there is no reason for it to go savage this is why things like boy scouts are important you know they taste setting um survivor skills and certain important skill skills that obviously will also be important for those of you who will be left behind after the rapture you know when the society is against you and you cannot buy yourself you will still have to survive without that mark of the beast so you will know how to live off the grid you have to learn how to live off the grid but you know a survivor kind of to where somebody is on an isolated island or in an isolated wilderness you are surrounded by animals you can eat animals you know you are surrounded by trees what grows on trees food grows on trees fruits and all of that you know all the items are there you can use um certain kinds of stones rub them together you know make fur wood and cook and all that kind of thing so um there is um a lot that could be delved into as soon why people um a lot of people don't think in that direction but the reality of the matter is that if any um

logical thinking person is stranded on an island with a bunch of several people there's no reason for them to become savages while they are waiting for help they can actually build their own culture their own um life that that will be so much civilized that we still maintain um um civility and morality you know it is not like oh because there is no police and there is no law um there is no court system and all of that everybody just turns into his into his savage and starts eating each other and you know killing each other for food you know this is crazy so there is that now the aspect of using flashbacks with such a series there will be too many flashbacks and what is going to be happening now is it's um the impact of that on the on the girls now who have grown into women and then the aspect of seeking revenge based on things that happened there and all of that and also why did it take so much time so there are so many things to deal with now this kind of story would have been best written from a christian perspective or from a christian you know so it will give a good christian perspective and a good um

way to look at different kinds of things and explore different kinds of things especially the facts you know that the entire premise of this of the story you know that suggests that if people are stranded on an island they will turn into savages it's crazy and they talked about praying obviously it's like they started their own cause which is also crazy you know um that is not the way human beings behave you know it's not going to happen that way even for people who do not have basic survival skills do we know at that time that they need survival skills you know if you do not know how to swim and someone throws you into um a lake or you know a pond or a swimming pool you will know at that time that's what's the solution for you you know is knowing how to swim and you feel well if you have learnt how to swim it could have really made things easier then the question is you have to in that little time do all you can to mimic learning how to swim and try to perfect otherwise you will drown you know that is the reality so that is the same thing that will happen with people who are stranded on an island they will not turn into savages don't know that what they need is survival skills because basically you are surrounded by food the water is full of all kinds of fish the trees and all of that in the island that you are um in you know that is all food then the animals also understand that man is king for a reason the lion is not the king first of all the land is not even the strongest animal it is not even though it doesn't even have poison you know it is not poisonous like a snake it is not um faster than most animals you know they are setting um quite a number of other animals that are faster than the lion you know there are a lot of animals that are bigger than the lion and all of that but you have to understand that a human being going into that kind of situation especially when they are more than one you have to learn how to adjust and not just live but dominate you know so um that is that reality not something that's in in the firing of america america was funded by a bunch of people who didn't know where they were going they didn't know what's waited for them in america all they knew is that i am free i am not going to be under england i'm not going to be under the king i'm not going to be on that this slavery the king and the the government is not going to tell me what to do i'm a free man i'm not going to be the government slave that is all they knew and they went to a piece of land which later became america they went you know they traveled going you know to what's in us america today they didn't know what to wait for them there they went there empty-handed or some with um just all that they have knowing that whatever we find there whether it is a wilderness whether it is whatever we would make it a great nation and that is what they did so that is the same thing and the same kind of mentality that i should have a mind and understand who humans are that is actually what is going to happen if a bunch of humans find themselves in an isolated place perhaps stranded on an island or in a forest or something like that you know um depending it depends on the extent of knowledge and survival skills and building skills roots grow building skills that the individuals have that will depend on how long will it take them or if they ever will dominate and what kind of civilization and culture do we build they understand that even in africa there are villages that are inside bushes inside forests with animals and all of that yet they have built their own um cities or or many villages you know within all of that so that is what you will happen so you have to understand humans you know so um that is one aspect then the aspects of um revenge are saying things happening there and perhaps um somebody having their friends killed or somebody almost getting killed just before they were rescued all those kinds of things you know that there are better ways to approach it also with the aspect of revenge and you know revenge is something that kills the person who is seeking the revenge revenge is a cancer because that is hatred it consumes you so and that is one thing that you know revenge is always it seems in a lot of movies but it's never dealt with from this aspect of how dangerous it is it is rarely ever dealt with that and only a christian will bring that and show you that you know god can give you peace and satisfaction and all of that and you know that is actually where it always comes from you know there is nobody that sought revenge that got satisfaction and you know peace and relaxation from no longer seeking revenge without god without christianity that is a fact you know it's it's it's um when it comes to the person being settled and letting it go you know that is something that when you look at the testimonies of people and stories all around the world you know people forgiving the greater stories of forgiveness are with christian themed and christian beasts you know the greatest real life stories you know you see that influence of christianity and you know the god um working day you know so those kinds of things should be dealt with that being said check out alfredo's vip for more

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