Why Mainstream Media Claims Only The Vax NWO Big Pharma Pushes Is Good, Everything Else Is Bad : Alfred Speaks


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Why Mainstream Media Claims Only The Vax NWO Big Pharma Pushes Is Good, Everything Else Is Bad : Alfred Speaks


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hello everybody i'm alfred and i like to leave you with some food for thoughts why is it that the big farmer is basically pushing that nothing works against the virus except the vaccine that's they are trying to serve you that they want to give you understand that this is not free the nations are paying for it you know the governments of different nations are paying for it it is not free so big farmer is making a lot of money and a lot of these politicians are invested in a lot of these pharmaceutical companies apart from what they are paid they also have shares so these are things that you need to think about a lot of people are saying why is it that people you know are opposing the works why are people vex hesitant and all that that it is not good for the health why is only the wax being pushed that is the question you must ask yourself especially since the vex does not prevent you from getting the virus it does not stop you from spreading it so what is the entire point of the facts there are a lot of people who are works who still get the virus look at the nations that have the highest cases of the virus they are nations that have accepted the wax for example israel look at india for example before india accepted the wax the so-called covered numbers were low it is after they started taking in the wax that the kovid numbers skyrocketed look at nigeria and the propaganda that is being done where they are always showing the number of so-called um virus related deaths you know keep in mind that the number of people that recover are so enormous as opposed to the people that so-called die and understand that these people it is not the virus that's killed majority of them it is not just virus they have other illness they don't mention that so they'll use phrases like kovic related debts you know and that in itself is a great deception but you must ask yourself why is it that all of that sense no longer matter every other drug that actually works that actually kills the virus why don't they push it is always diverse and there are people who are on board with oh if you are pushing anything other than the facts you are a danger to humanity against um the public good why is that why have people brought into this life what makes you think that it is only the vex that is the solution when it has clearly proven that it is not any sort of solution it doesn't cure anything it doesn't stop you from getting it it doesn't stop you from passing it on so what is the point that you see these big pharma companies are making a lot of money and they are giving governments a lot of free will to have a lot of rights and control they are taking away the rights from the people these are things that you need to think about we need to act now and take away power from a lot of those big pharma companies and these politicians they must be brought through accounts they need to be kicked out of office their assets needs to be ceased and they have to face criminal persecution you know this is something that um we have allowed the system itself the so-called justice system to be what it is and we say oh the system is corrupt oh the justice system is corrupt all the political system is corrupt and we have left it to be like that so we have been run by a corrupt system now this corrupt system wants to enslave everybody and has come up with a plan to decrease the population and to come up with all kinds of nonsense and what are we going to do are we going to sit back or exercise our rights as people and understand that we have the power and we are the majority more check out alfred.vip



- Candace Owens: You’re not allowed to say this. Big Pharma says that absolutely nothing works to help treat Covid at all. Nothing anywhere ever on the face of the planet… except the vaccine that is earning them billions.: https://twitter.com/RealCandaceO/status/1438677976158244872

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