White Leftist Teacher Says Expecting African-Americans To Sit & Behave In Classrooms Is Racist : by Alfred


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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about the video that went viral and has been taken down you know by its creator and tiktok who is actually a t-shirt who is basically suggesting that telling dark skinned kids to behave you know when tell african-american or kids from of african descent when you tell them to behave you know when you tell them to you know sit down and listen in class you know for them to behave properly that that is from white's culture so it is racist you know that that's why supremacy is putting um white culture at the center of everything or something of that crazy sort you see um it goes without saying this will crowd these antifa types these leftist types they are the most racist people in the world so now you are saying that for an african-american to behave himself in a classroom that's is part of white culture that is impossible you know it is not part of african americans to behave properly so you should allow african americans to run them up teachers to allow you know if the kid is african-american he should be allowed to run a mock in a classroom yes the white the white kids because you know it is part of their culture according to this teacher you know they should sit down behave and listen so at the end of the day who is going to get the higher grades at the end of the day who is going to be a vital part of society at the end of the day who is going to be the dropouts who is not going to be able to contribute to society in a meaningful way it is obviously the kid who who has been told that you know you don't have to behave you know that it is not part of your culture for you to behave you know this this is really not surprising that you see these things started with them taking god out of school this is how it started they started taking god out of school to teaching that there is no god and you know there was imagine of the academia with the a test ideology or you have to have a secular mindset we need a class society secular humanism started overtaking the schools so that is what professors were teaching now look at where things have progressed to

these things starts somewhere it started we have gone way back you know from the days of you know taking prayer out of schools keep in mind that in this work society you know muslims are allowed to pray in schools but christians can't you know so um this is very interesting christians are not allowed to wear um so-called symbols of christianity you know christians wear a cross a t-shirt wears a cross that is an issue politician can put a blm flag in their classroom or an lgbt flag and tell the kids to pledge their allegiance to the lgbt flag and not to the american flag that is okay you see these things and you know in addition to the need for taking the schools back storing it to a state of secular humanism where this and this is not allowed we must take it and make sure it is one represent christian and have no tolerance for their madness because leaving that liberal state of um let's it a school be a neutral ground it's what creates situations like this when people believed in god when people um did not um this god and they abided by the the laws of god they believed that there was a higher power you know and that we had to conduct ourselves molarity in a moral way you know otherwise there could be repercussions so we could go to hell all those kinds of things even in a society where people were not um born again at least let us say that over 90 percent of people are not born again but that but the society was built on those christian principles you cannot compare those societies and how things were back in those states right now it is because of this element elimination of christianity and god from public spaces this is how things keep going in this direction so and it goes it goes you are saying so this is what people this is what this um light skin you know those people of european descent americans this is what they really think of dark skinned people this is what they really think of african americans that you cannot behave that behaving properly in class sitting down and you know being taught it's not part of your culture how do you think people learn even in the in the old days you know when people touch via stories either in africa or um the days of you know the native americans you know before um the founding fathers went to that piece of land how do you think that children were taught do you think that they were running about when they when their parents were giving them instruction

even in the bible when jesus was telling parables do you think people were walking about what are they sitting down in one place how else are you going to learn is not when you sit down you are calm and then you assimilate what is being taught now you are saying it is not part of the culture of african americans and of course it is this kind of nonsense that i that i have heard from certain so-called african-american leaders this is the nonsense that is pushed inside by a lot of crt folks because it is their excuse for in poor performance oh and this is not part of a african am african culture or african-american culture because these people don't even know know where they are from because they do not even give credit to africa they love to call themselves black and you know there there is not the movement of of they were always there before the white man came that it is not just the native american that they were all always on that land that is currently called america all this craziness they are so against africa and they hate africa so they don't want to want any liquidity they look at africans and be like oh we are better than these people and then they call themselves black

unintelligent enough to open up the dictionary and look at the meaning of that word black and understand that that is a very sad and unfortunate ratio of slow black means darkness it means unwanted it means undesired it means that which does not have light that is the meaning of black all the negative things so many negative things there is there is nothing that darkness represents that is not represented in that world black and that is what you have chosen to make your identity and that you are proud of shame on you in any case for more check outs alfredo's vip God bless you



- Anthony Brian Logan: White Teacher Says Teaching Black Kids To BEHAVE Is RACIST!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBlsjSnBzTk

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