What Christians Must Do Regarding The Edo State Governor Move To Mandate The Vax : by Alfred


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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about the adult states governor and his attempts to mandate the works in edo states you know

Christians need to stand up i have said this on so many occasions and so we get into positions of power we get into politics we'll position ourselves to continue position ourselves in a way where we can be persecuted and you know

be treated as not just sick of class citizens bits as ship to the slaughter what gives the governor an elected governor somebody that is supposed to serve the people to say that everybody must take the vax in their state and you know if you do not have the vax um you can no longer use banking services past the particular dates you know what gives him the right to say that what gives him the right to say that you will no longer be able to go to church more so go to any girls and you'll have to start someone assess life um remotely you know you will no longer be a part of society if you're not take the facts this shows you how authoritarian a lot of african leaders and that is the problem with africa understand you know this is a move against the church these people are not going to go to the mosque they are not going to go they must stand in front of a marx with security personnel and say you cannot enter you cannot enter because you have the verse you you do not have the books versed they are not going to do that to the most but it will do that to churches you know christians we need to start standing up for what we believe the bible says the kingdom of god suffers violence and violence taken it by force ever since the games of johnny baptist we need to be bored we need to stand up you know we we need to take action you know we thank god that someone um took the um the governor to cut you know took the matter to courts and stopped this from happening note that a lot of these governors these same governors that kept palliatives from the people during lockdown the same governance that were stealing palliatives and we're reserving them so that we sell them later this same governors that were using palliatives as their personal wealth who refused to give people palliatives for any form of relief during the lockdown that they forced people not to work and was arresting people who came out and some were even shots this same government is the government that now wants to force people to take the vax what nonsense is this and understand that these governance they are incentivized to give people the value because of course those rocks are given to them by um foreign countries that's you know are tracking every single detail up to the people that are giving it so it is more money for the governors when those vacs actually end up in people's arms it's not enough for the votes to be ourselves now if those states is there every more more um vast understand that these people this is how they do do we roll out something in one state that's an experiment before they will try to roll it out all over nigerians need to stand up you know are you a slave are you a free man it is up to you i understand that slavery is a choice but it's only a choice to those who have the hearts of free men a free man will rather choose debts than slavery give me freedom or give me that you see you if you can

abide by following by rules that violates your beliefs you know that violates what you believe just so that you can super continue to exist what kind of life is that it shows that you've always had the heart of his life you know we as christians we must you know stand up if this fellow did not stand up against the governor you know that is how it states everybody would have been forced that all of you must take the verbs this is slavery they have not even gone into the fact that you know this nonsense um verbs what evidence is that i have saved it from numerous occasions who did they give this thing to that it has proved that it took away the um virus you know it prevents people from taking the virus there's no experiment that has been done in that direction that proves that as a matter of fact it was after i have said that on numerous occasions that later news came out and they said that ah even if you have taken effect you can still get the virus and you can still spread it so you still have to wear max what nonsense is that even the way max you know which mask can actually prevent a virus from spreading so all this foolishness you know that that is going on all these nonsense you know they are pushing for the extermination of africa the editing of the dnas of africans as well as the rest of the world by the time people take out this nonsense and their dna is so edited and the people who want to see the world decrease has now done something and it is now impossible for you to impregnate um your wife you know it's impossible for it to reproduce who would you have to blame i understand that this vax you know the companies that are pushing it out has already signed and put it into law that they are not going to be held accountable for any side effects or any debts anything they are they are free of any um legal um consequences of any resource that can link them to what happens to you and of course the mainstream media will protect them and say that that it is a lie it's not because of that that there are other complications that people have this and all of that what about all these people that took it and nothing happened today nonsense you see um that being said you know it's unfortunate that people did not listen to personal christian that's why you know and people are on this foolishness whatever americans or the western world wants to do a lot of people a lot of africans have the mentality that it is sophisticated it is right and it has to be done don't have that kind of thinking think for yourself use your own brain know the difference between right and wrong it is unfortunate that some people are so so blind you know in any case we ask christians first of all we need to take out this girlfriend you know you need to take him out of power and don't twist what i'm saying to me what i did not see you know by that he means he needs to he needs to be kicked out of politics you know voted out sued out and all of that you know this is a man that's trying to violate human rights and what about freddie just rights and all those kinds of things you know all of that has gone away they have been thrown away to the back boner you know and this is very interesting when people saw christians being persecuted he kept quiet now they are doing things that also now leads to your own persecution for those of you who are not christian or two of you belong to other faiths you see so where does the government's limits start and end

salt governors need to be taken out of power we as christians we must be accustomed to taking more legal actions against things that are done to execute the church it's unfortunate that a lot of churches because that is how satan has destroyed the trust anytime there is something that happens that the church should stand up for there will always be those churches who are children of satan or align themselves with the ideology of satan with fights you're attritious like now there are those who say that that this has nothing to do with a religious exemption you know there are pastors who will stand up and say this has nothing to do with religious attention that they are for the vaccine but there are choices that are stopped and said that if you do not take the vex that you are not a christian that just is unhappy with you what nonsense this is the same thing that will be done with the mark of the beast this verse is clearly a precursor and it is in the order of the mark of the beast it is this is showing you the format you are seeing it before your very eyes you cannot use banking services they want to eliminate you from society because that is what it is going to you have to have this vex you know very soon you have to have this ship in your forehead when your right hand you know so we need to be wise we need to be smart if we do not stand up against this you know what if this gentleman had not gone against the government you know and understand that it has not been totally put off it has just been halted the governor is still in power and he still wants this evil plan to roll out so what are christians doing with the numbers that we have now with the numbers that christians have now in nigeria can't christians organize and say number one we are protesting for this or we are standing for this for we are not going to have any government any presidents that will stand against the interests of christianity or would want to hurt any group or want to oppose any group or even muslims or not you know who anybody that has any agenda to hurt any group of people we are not going to stand for it but christians fool their hands pastors leaders before they have they believe no some have linked stay away from politics reply to you now in many places the government is now deciding how many people can enter into our church and how do we act in church and we have all kinds of ignorant people ignorant pastors who are pushing for this nonsense that is why the world will not cannot believe believe the gospel that they are preaching because now they can see that they can see who is behind all these nonsense they can see uh behind this fiasco and then they now see you saying that jesus wants people to take the vex and all of that so they they discount everything that you see because that is what you are yeah somebody who is easily manipulated by any wind of doctrine any anything that comes and goes you just go go along with the flu you you believe anything you have to you know you don't stick to the bible and you don't think for yourself you don't reason first so if you don't look into things you don't look into matters you know we must you know if it means consistent just talked about a leader you know who was persistently disturbed by a widow man and you know in spite of the fact he did not care about woman he had to listen to her because of her persistence with christians we need to be persistent with our demands to the government look at the lgbt and how persistent they are with the government look at all these other groups how persistent they are with the government and the government bows to their bill we are just asking for the right to survive their rights to still be christian their lives to still live as christians the light the rights it is in nigeria where you have the great concentration of pastors and churches yet churches are not allowed to own their own tv stations in nigeria how does that make sense this is something that muslims have put in place

you know this war and this battle we need to and we need to understand um where we stand how we we need to use trinity we have now to still have some influence in politics to do what we have to do because the world is going after the order of china when it comes to the way politics is built and when politics is built in that order you know it is built to look like if it is the will of the people but it is actually um the slavery of the people it's actually a government where the people have no voice and the people are just going to school to be programmed and and and you know it is retraining class you know that they are reprogramming the way people think this is terrible and you know when people are in that space of reprogramming people's thinking they can program the people to actually own nothing and be happy they can program the people to actually be shipped to be slaughter and be happy

we need to stand up we need to use everything every ounce of energy and intellect and power that we have to make sure we expand and we have our grip on politicians to preserve the lives of christians future christians christians and future generations otherwise it will be very unfortunate for more check out alfredo's vip


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