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We Must Act Quickly To Counter The Growing Wave Of School Teachers Pledging To Turn Students Into Leftist Revolutionaries & Haters Of Anything White : by Alfred

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Click Here To Download: We Must Act Quickly To Counter The Growing Wave Of School Teachers Pledging To Turn Students Into Leftist Revolutionaries & Haters Of Anything White : American News Updates - by Alfred

{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about this wave of t-shirts who it's now coming out that they use the classroom to push for their liberal ideologies now this is not something that is new to us this is not something that we are discovering now this is something that we've always known and we have seen the results of it as a matter of fact antifa would never have been created you know if this wasn't so if teachers weren't using their platforms as teachers to push for liberal ideologies on their students you know recently project veritas you know reviewed you know they actually because veritas is an interesting organization they are not journalists per se you know as in the traditional sense of journalists they are people that secretly record politicians and people in significant positions of power saying setting things that you know are quite revealing and telling you know and shocking you know to most people that is what project veritas does so it's interesting how some people when they they hear that oh this news or this report is from project veritas how can you hate it prototypes does not tell you what to think they do not give opinions they just record what people say in the private in their privacy and play it for you and that is revealing and that is telling you know it is funny because this is an extreme form of denial and it shows you the people who are pushing um force um hatred was project veritas they either think that you are a huge idiot or they are just plain super evil on in on a super nazi scale and that is obviously the case for a lot of people who are against um project veritas but in any case veritas recorded this decision they had a conversation with where the teacher said that he actually gives credit scores he actually gives scores a marks to students who go out and are actively involved in antifa not only is the tisha a member of antifa he's actually giving students cause you know for them to go out and participate in uh in antifa events and to terrorize americans you know conservatives christians people who do not agree or people who they hate their views you know when any view that um antifa hates because a lot of the christians they are opposing are not even anti-antifa even though they should be you see antifa just goes against anything that they do not like they just demand as racist and terrorists and all of that and that is the excuse to persecute and to demonize and to trust those that unbeaten assaults all people exper including african americans who they claim they protect you see so we need to um as christians you know as we are aware of this what are we doing what action are we taking what what legal actions are we taking against the school system school boards you know are these people held to account you mean to tell me that all these the parents were sending their kids to school not knowing that their teacher was telling them that do you want small grades do you want to score higher grades go out in this antifa right to go out and join blm and their blm participation was reflecting on their schoolwork and the grades that they were having so a student could be completely idiotic i'm not getting any and any um sustainable knowledge on the academic work but because of their activities on the streets protesting with antifa and blm and all of that because of that they are getting high grades now obviously this particular t-shirt was fair but how many more t-shirts are there there are still some t-shirts that are on tick tock who are posting videos where they are even outing themselves and i think that they're for this like for even the um t-shirt that actually was basically saying that she took down the american flag because it makes her feel uncomfortable she hid it and you know when it starts to ask for what she told her and that and she's on it don't worry i know she laughed meaning that she knows where the flag is but she hate that and she chose to put an lgbt flag and say that they should salute they should pledge their allegiance to the lgbt flag if the left can get away with this we must you know push our own flag of christianity we must put our own flag of our faith you know and the flag of our faith is the flood that believes that every nation should have their own flag every independent nation should have their own flag so we don't actually really need a flag that people um salute to but we are loyal to our faith when we allow independent nations to be independent nations and we do not let that be stolen by people with nefarious activities you know and the lgbt when they first come out it was all about oh these are just a group of people let them marry who they want to marry first of all their mind itself wasn't was an issue they are they are forcing for gay marriage laws was an issue because how many gay people want to get married how does that even make sense even sudama and kumara they did not marry in suraman gomorrah the people were having guest suspect not gay marriage might not make sense for gays for all true now is because they want to politicize it you know and most of the people who and gay relationships you know that get my you may say um because of the legal um advantages that apply to marriage there are setting tax privileges that um people have if they are married that they might not have singles but there are also more incentives for divorce than ever you know and that being said you see um we ask christians if we do not do anything to take the nations back we will not we should not be surprised when the antichrist shows up understand that a lot of it since that is outlined in the book of revelation it is not like it is god's will that this is god's plan that this is god's blessing this is what god wants god is just since he's the alpha and the omega he has already seen how things eternally have raised in the outcome so he's just telling you the outcome that look but you see the events that lead to the outs to such outcomes depends on how brightly the light of christians shine whether they do not shine it at all when we do nothing this kind of thing has been revealed imagine if it was the other way around and it was revealed that um someone was giving out a teacher was given out um credit stock scores and giving score in um um academic scores to students based on whether they go to church or not imagine if that was happening imagine the outreach that the left we have that the mainstream media we have imagine all the this and that that they we do

you know perhaps we should start meeting people on this level you know we we have to understand something you cannot go to a gunfight with your benefits or worse go without um anything at all and just stand still you know if the instruction from god is to stand still that god will fight for you then you are going in with a bigger power understand the story of david and goliath it's actually the story of

god of jesus goliath david had god so to the national goliath was the bigger party but really spiritually minded david was the bigger party goliath who was this uncircumcised philistine he did not have god with him but david had god so it was god versus goliath who do you think we win so on understand that and you know um know that we need to start doing something we cannot fold our arms so you have discovered that this kind of thing a lot of you you sending your children to school only for them to be indoctrinated like this and nobody knew if preparators had not have reviewed this this is how these students will grow up into adults that are revolutionaries for communism and socialism and they will have good scores good grades on paper but upstairs nothing because they did not get their grades from their academic ability they got their grades from being out on the streets and protesting with antifa you know so what are we christians doing we must take legal actions we must fight for school choice and we must start fight for christian school boards and our own christian schools you know we must also make sure we have online schooling and make sure we have our own free schooling through the age of the internet and robots and think about all the people who are learning skills from skillshare and and you know um all the online website how many people have learnt skills that they are making money from just by watching a series of youtube videos or online courses we can start universities and schools high school students that it is not about learning and we put the learning in video games and all of that so when people uh engage in that that is all it takes at the end of the setting and periods there are certain exams or tests that people will take where it should be very you can use um there are websites like protocol we can have our own where um you can sit at home and somebody sits at another part of the world or anywhere in the world you know and they are seeing you through the webcam and you take that test or you take that exam if you pass it you know so of course they are seeing to make sure you don't shoot or anything you pass it you have that legal um right and all of you have that certification all of that and that makes education something that is now able to be free also when apart from a physical person being a proctor you know looking at severe webcam we can use automation and robots to make sure that they examine human movements you can also use you know that there are quite some things i don't want to give away but those are the things that we can do and make education free the right way to make education free is true capitalism and you know innovation you know but when greed is involved in capitalism or when someone tries to go to socialism either we will have a problem you know when capitalism is is alienated from philanthropy and christianity which is the true source of true philanthropy any non-christian philanthropy leads to nefarious activities and people trying to use things to and nefariousness to control the world like bill gates bill gates you see he is known as a big philanthropist but look at how many people he has killed and look at all the evil that he has used his evil organization to do keep in mind that it was the bill meninder gates foundation that sponsored the creation of this virus you see so when the world is using doing their philanthropy their philanthropy has k leg it is only um philanthropy that is from a pure christian heart that is from you know true christians as you know um through christianity that is actually uh good and and is actually um going to lead people into um a uh beautiful destination that being said check out for more


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