Wars & Rumors Of Wars - Part 2 : Breakfast With Alfred


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Matthew 24:4-13 KJV

And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you. [5] For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many. [6] And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. [7] For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. [8] All these are the beginning of sorrows. [9] Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake. [10] And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another. [11] And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many. [12] And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. [13] But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved. 


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hello everybody i'm alfred i am listening to breakfast with alfred now this is the second part of the broadcasts wars and rumors of wars let's open our bibles to the book of matthew chapter 24 i'm reading from verse four down and just answered and said unto them take heed that no man deceive you for many shall come in my name saying i am the christ and shall deceive many and you shall hear of wars and rumors of wars see that ye been not troubled for all these things must come to pass but the end is not yes four nations shall rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom and there shall be ferments and pestinencies and earthquakes in diverse places all these are the beginning of serious then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted and shall kill you and you shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake and then shall many be offended and shall betray one another and shall hate one another and many false prophets shall rise and shall deceive many and because iniquity shall abound the love of many shall work school but he thou shalt endure unto the end the same shall be saved you see praise the lord now let me break down the whole um patch of scripture i read verse by verse understand that the spirit of the antichrist is already in the world so right from the days of the early apostles you could see snippets of this kind of sins but of course the accumulation of all this is going to be concentrated in the tribulation period you know and you know towards that um day it actually gets worse but the totality of it will be in the tribulation prayer because that is when it will be this the the mountain of all the issues all the problems that the world has had ever since they will be semantic and put together within that period more evil than the world has ever seen more suru small tribulation that the world has ever seen will be in those days now let me just break down since verse 4 says and your sons are accidents to them take heed that no man deceive you that means that some people are going to rise and try to deceive you who is going to try to deceive the saints they are going to be people who come as prophets and pastors people who come as leaders you know people who come like oh we are speaking from the voice of god you know they are going to try to deceive you and tell you that these things are not going to be so you see look at the um situation with the lockdowns and the pandemic that has been revealed to be pandemic how many pastors went along with it how many pastors encouraged the congregations along with what the government said it's part of all the fact that right now a lot of the truth has come out about how everything was a sham you know you have a vex that does not kill people you have a wax that does not give anybody immunity people can still get the virus you know after taking the wax you know and people can still transmit the virus after taking the vac so how is it ever what is the use of it you see but there are still people who are still pushing for the facts there are still people in the house of god who are still saying that you have to take the vast that if you do not take the vast you know you are annoying jesus you are going against christianity you see in spite of all this these are people who their god is the government they are they are they have departed from jesus if they ever were loyal to jesus to begin with in the first place you know but you see it's saying take it that no man deceive you you know a lot of the things that the bible wants about even towards that tribulation period when the russia comes about you know when russia happens they are going to be those who are left behind who will be passed us and come up with all kinds of explanations and you know valid define what the world is saying and they are the kind of people that would be a a part of the

one world religion you know that the government will use to make sure that the world has one united religion just like oh a lot of the problems in this world have come from from religion which is a lie you see but that is the thing and it's like oh so that um in spite of freedom of this that freedom of worship and all of that that um because of that people have gone off to start their own terrorist groups and all kinds of things so it is for the safety of people so that they will not start calls and all of that so that's all religion will be one all of you to be monitored you can't say this you can't say that to offend this or that group i can see signs of that happening in the church with certain churches that refuse to speak out against homosexuality or witchcraft and all of that you know they have made it um in some nations indigo to speak out against wishes for christian to speak out against wishes they want to cite salem and they want to cite all kinds of things that you know are lies and things that are made up things that cannot be verified and all kinds of nonsense and excluded from my father say oh um you are demonizing people who practice witchcraft that they do they have freedom of of religion and all kinds of things you know that um it is inhumane you know so things like that it's soon going to going into the bible to edit the bible and now that most bibles are digital you know um that is now a place for people to change things you know a lot of the new bibles have have words changed and we keep on trying to change and take out since there are some versions of the bible that does not make mention of homosexuality you know they will keep on changing until it creates you know they have created a new bible a bible that is in line with the one world religion a bible that says it's okay to be gay it's okay to be and it is spoken to be non-christian and all kinds of things so the jesus is telling you here take heed that no man deceive you you know he said in in verse 5 he says for many shall come in my name saying i am the christ and shall deceive many they are also going to be people who are going to come and say that oh i am the christ the second coming of christ most of these people might perform miracles you know now don't confuse this with anybody who performs miracles understand who in whose name they are doing it you know there are there are a lot of preachers you know who say they have heading ministries but they heal in jesus name there are people who want to condemn them no they are doing what jesus told every christian to do it is not just them that should be doing that you two should be doing that don't sit back and watch a preacher on tv that is healing the secret say ah it is fake and you claim me a christian what are you what did jesus say jesus said that you should be able to do that jesus said that you should be able to raise the dead if you believe so based on what jesus is saying if you cannot raise the dead you do not believe this sign shall follow them that belief they shall speak in new tongues you know they cast the devils they already dead so if none of these signs are following you it's a problem

what makes you think that in jesus eyes you are considered as somebody who believes because jesus told you these are the prophecies of those who believe you know and if you don't believe that christians you know have the right and the authority to speak to the dead and get them up that is a problem you know it is questions what do you believe do you really believe in jail do you really believe in the gospel you know or do you believe in what the world tells you do you believe in the teachings of the world if the world told you that true technology they can bring the dead back to life you will believe a lot of you watch sci-fi a lot of you be easily believe a lot of things in sci-fi movies even though a lot of things in sci-fi movies goes against physics and chemistry it has gone into the supernatural so many things in sci-fi movies are supernatural even you know from superhero movies and everything you know things that don't make sense look at superman how does superman fly he does not have wings is it true witchcraft that he's rising and elevating you know how does that make sense we had a lot of physics you know an airplane has to conquer the law of gravity with a lot of lift you know and understand how fast this is moving if an airplane's engine goes out it is going to start dropping

you see it's using one law to override the effect of another law you know but those two laws are still in place so how about superman fly a lot of people don't even understand it that's what they are watching now what it goes against does the superman have supernatural powers that's what they are trying to say but you see now there is this mixture of science and the supernatural and people don't even know where it begins and where it ends you know when it comes to what is put out there you know anything that the world puts out there some people are just inclined to believe and swallow it up you know now i'm not um saying that um if you watch superman that's um you are going to hell or anything like that but it it is as a whole you know on the on the surface it seems to push for good concepts of saving people helping people but you know everything would have been better if it is christian the whole superman franchise will be better if it's christian you know and of course there's the top the the idea of aliens you know and you know him being um from another planet and when you mix that with the reality of nephilim that becomes a problem the whole concept of somebody who you know um have superhuman past you know you do understand that they are creatures that have superhuman past you know and each of one of these creatures is an abomination they are creatures that should not be the mixture of agile and humans you know fallen angel and humans or the addition of the human dna or human genes that is also something that should not be you know so um you have to be smart and understand that that is something that um you need to keep in mind now let us um look at um verse 6 verse 6 says and you shall hear of wars and rumors of wars see thy ye be not troubled for all these things must come to pass by the end if not yet you see the words and rumors of wars these things are going to come to pass and the end is not yet so one of the wars and rumors of wars is viral wars this war against viruses each time they are coming up with new name oh it is kobe 19 oh it is this oh it is delta oh it is mu every time they are coming up with a new name and it's like oh this new virus this new mutation of the virus is more deadlier than the last one and they are still proposing the same solutions and no matter what it is still the same vex that they are telling you to take that we take care of all of them and the interesting thing is that these new mutations are coming out in areas where people are heavily vast that is where it is coming out then look at the nations that have the highest debt too it is nations that are so-called first-order nations that that have so-called the best medical services in the world america is number one it has the highest debt tool in the world how does that make sense you see it is because that is the most corrupt

nation when it comes to the influence of the new world order the nations that have the greater influence of the new world order you know and the the influence of new world order on its medical system are the nations that are going for remedies that actually um supports and lead to more debts and actually also know that a lot of those numbers are fixed this is something that has come out and this is a fact a lot of these um covey numbers are fixed that oh susan so people died oh so so people die also people have you know all of these numbers are thick what happened to the flu or the people that usually die of the flu every year all of that disappeared you know they caught all the few um deaths that had always been happening they called it covey you know people die of heart attack they would call it covet people die because you know they have a car accident they call it covey you know and of course they'll twist it and say complications due to covey oh and when you look into it you'll say well the person also had covered in the sister that is nonsense the person died from a car accident you see so this is something that you have to think about if you think that i'm wrong then that means that you are telling me that the medical system in africa is stronger and better than that of america is not also nigeria for example in africa where the president is always running to other countries just to check his ear for ear infection just for a doctor to look into his fear he cannot find any doctor or medical service in his own country he has to go to london and you want to tell me that that the nigerian medical system is stronger and better than the american one because let us face it let us be realistic they did the americans the you those folks in ukraine the folks in canada they did all the kobe this uncovered restrictions and all of that and they have the highest debt numbers there's the problem with people who follow satan and people who are who have veils over their eyes you know for an evil leader to rule there has to be a a crowd of necessary idiots you know especially in a so-called democracy the necessary idiots that go along with any stupid thing the government tells them they don't use their iq again imagine people pushing for a verse that does not cure that does not grant immunity that does not prevent people from passing the device to the virus to someone else so what is the point of the verse why is super smooth and why are you attacking people who are refusing to take it at this point surely to be putting all these pharmaceutical companies in jail so you need to be putting falsehood and gates in jail should it be holding the chinese government to account for what they did you know for their for the role they played should you still be listening to the world health organization are these not criminals only a fool will listen to the world health organization only a fool does that it's only a food that's rule you see you see in places where people have accepted the message of divine health why they don't go to hospital i can't remember the last time i've gone i've been to the hospital you know it's been so long and i don't plan to ever go i don't have any business with trust me so you know if i feel something with my body i speak to it and everything is good when i meet someone who has any friend to any problem i lay my hands on them and they are healed anyone who has divine health this is something that that that we all have why doesn't the media have any attention on this why doesn't the medical um professionals listen and say why is it that these people don't ever get sick why is it that these people don't ever get to a hospital but they want to believe they are nonsense they want to fit people with pharmaceutical drugs as a matter of fact a lot of hebrew remedies work better that pharmaceutical drugs a lot of natural foods that people eat a lot of organic foods that people eat creates healthier metabolisms you know and help people get over more illnesses than the so-called medical system of today because the medical system of today is is a hazel it's it's it's a it's a mafia that is what it is it is exploiting and killing people just to make money you know doctors don't want to kill you they want you to be a patient so they can keep on treating you with drugs upon drugs upon drugs upon drugs upon drugs

you see even those who follow heavier images they take once or twice and whatever infirmity is gone but the doctor wants you to keep on coming for checkup they want you to keep on taking this drug for yeah people who have been on drugs for seven years 10 years 20 years why is the drug not working how can you tell me that the drug is working when the person has to be on that drug for 10 years it means that it never killed anything you know it just managed this sickness so i was adding new sicknesses so adding new symptoms a lot of the the sicknesses that people feel is in people's minds that's why you know if some people went to a doctor you know the doctor will tell them that there's nothing wrong with it i can't find anything wrong with in in a few cases you know and they will say that you know this psychological you know there are people that the doctor will give them any drug and you know they will go home feeling better because you know their mind you know of course this will not work in all cases you know but it is like the feeling that way doctor has said it to be okay or a doctor has given me this drug therefore this drug must work but if you do your research on that drug what relationship does most of this drug have to do with so many illnesses you see look at a place like nigeria where you know it was found out that a lot of fake drugs have been poured into nigeria for years

a lot of fake drugs most of the drugs that people have been buying in nigeria you know were manufactured by evil chinese companies that poured you know sheep materials and the wrong things inside the capsules and we are giving it to nigerian pharmacies and nigerian pharmacies were giving it to people oh you have this take this take this take this some people got better some people died

why did those who got better get better because this is a reality sometimes it's just psychological it is the immune system of the person itself in most cases that just works and you know um the the inbuilt system that god gave our humans no that works and takes care of the disease but as a christian when you have the life of christ you have something that's um is is this is is super and you know you you speak to you know you have your rights in christ you speak to these you speak to anything and you know your body conforms to the world when you believe and you speak the world you know so um what the natural immune system may not seem to be able to handle the word of god in you can handle it you see because by his stripes you were here so you have that right so from the spiritual from the supernatural you override you know whatever physical infirmity heals the body you know but these are things that people need to realize now i have said the words and rumors of wars includes viruses this um topic of virus like i like i highlighted they are saying is these virus you know they are still coming up with new variants how to push force you know um fear which is what they want to create look at the nigerian media for example they have joined the american media to be every time kovi kovikovic virus virus viral virus vagus works like if nothing else is happening in this world and and it goes to show you how evil these people are these are all lives that are being pushed and it's often agenda just is saying you know when you hear of these walls and rumors of wars whether it is fiscal war nation versus nation kingdom against kingdom or it is viral wars oh there is a virus here there is a virus here oh there is um biological warfare here there's biological warfare because covet is biological warfare that is what kovid is coping is biological warfare that was launched from china from wuhan china sponsored by falshi and gates and the new world other folks you know and don't be deceived they will try it again if you know they are not taken away from power if they do not have their access bill gets falsies you know shall scrub all those members of the world economic forum they need to have their assets seized their wealth needs to be seized you know as they have chosen to use their world for evil it needs to be seized and taken away from them you know um that being said you know when you look at um verse 7 it says you know four nations shall rise against nation kingdom against kingdom they shall be families and pestilences and earthquakes in diverse places most of those farmings they will be finding that to be natural and they are families that are artificial because that is what most of these people want we have bill gates buying up land left right and center and yet he believes in gmos genetically or altered foods genetically and you know all that produce you know they want to create seeds that you know um have um a lifespan in other words when you grow this the the seed when you plant the seeds and it grows into a tree and produces fruits you know the fruits from that tree cannot produce again why that is not how god created natural sins you know so they will come with all kinds of excuses and say oh we are trying to save the world they are trying to save the planet and conflict wants stupid expl um so-called scientific explanation which is what all this um um global warming is all about it's all about trying to manipulate people and control the world with fear so that people would shift away from setting natural solutions and move to certain fixed solutions that they have monetized and they have the financial control over so that they can be make money among manipulate and control the world why would somebody ban fishing for example in some countries you see you have to have a license to fish in some countries for you to go fishing you have to if you are fishing you have to put back the fish after fishing why this is a way of creating farming so people cannot produce and eat their own food in america now you see there is a state now that water has become a commodity just like in france you know one family controls water how can you do that to water water is a free gift from god no human being can own water but now these people have manipulated in such a way that oh now they're not on water you cannot take water from the sea you cannot take water from the ground without this tax regulation because of this size oh it's for safety this this there's this land this law so you cannot create a a ball hole and take water from the ground on your own land without the government's approval and without governments you know taking taxes from you in america you see so all these kinds of things that are being put you know it's like oh we have to create we have the world there is scarcity global warming so we all have to regulate the amount of water the whole world has the whole city has if you are just draining water what about water for other people that is the light there is no scarcity these people with fake scarcity so that they can create this this this scenario and that is why it's a problem for people to be so stupid to believe in all these global women nonsense the same people are telling you global warming this and grab them in that look at what they are doing how many jets do they have you see do they believe it no but they are monetizing these things because people don't see the money behind the policies the money behind the story you know people don't follow the money they don't see what is actually happening and how monotonies are being created monopolies you know and cartels are being created that is how you have the situation with silicon valley where the silicon valley companies the tech companies google apple amazon you know this um twitter facebook all of them they have one mind they have one particular agenda they have one thing they want to push for and that is what they push you see and anything that is against is it is not supported on any of the platforms so it's pulled down they know what they are doing that is the cartel society should be illegal that should go against um a lot of laws you know when it comes to competition and you know it's free markets but it is what it is they have created cartels we christians we must strategically plan to pull out power from these people pull out their customer base those of us you know um who patronize these companies we must have a united plan to pulling out creating our own thing and running with without hunting and then pulling people onto our own and destroying their own since they have stunning cartels we need to start our own christian cartels our own christian silicon valley cartel within silicon valley and beyond we need to do that you know right now we still have the time to do that so we must hurry before you know it is night and no more day now verse 8 all these are the beginning of sorrows you see all these things are just the beginning the beginning of series there's there are worse things to come you know then shall they divide you up to be afflicted and shall kill you and you shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake you see now you see a lot of these things also happened in the days of the early apostles you know and how do i kill donald that remember i said the spirit of the antichrist has always been in the world so it is because of the actions of the antichrist that this instruction are giving so those are the kind of things that you know you need to know you know when dealing with the actions and and the things you know that the antichrist will do and the spirit of the antichrist has already been in the world and is still in the world today you know so we need to be able to stand up to persecution we need to stand on the face of education be ready for it be prepared for it it doesn't matter you know investigates and then shall many be offended you see nowadays we live in a day where everybody is offended you see everybody is offended over everything somebody is looking for you know particularly brows and you know this new generation you know they have been thought to be offended they are offended by pronouns they are offended by this they are offended by that every single thing they they are offended you know and them shall many be offended and shall betray one another and shall hit one another we see this betraying one another all over with people snitching on their neighbors oh this person is not following coveted guidelines so this person is not following this guideline oh this person is not um work let us cancel him oh this pattern is not to work let us counsel him you see that people hating one another you see you see that in all the formation of groups oh this person's skin is white they are all racist let us hate them oh this person's skin is dark oh let us hit them oh this person is not lgbt oh let us hear them what is present in this segment of lgbtq let us say that oh this and all of this these groupings and it's hitting people hating one another you see it's you know amplified and that is for this day you know they had the way that such since man manifested in the apostles day like i like i said did the day of the first apostles you know like i said you know the spirit of the antichrist has always been in the world so he he still skills and destroy his pattern what he does is the same so the response you know and the outcome and the effects of you know the things that are that he does and how we respond you know it's also um similar you know to when it comes to the right way to respond to things you know now um we see verse 11 and many false prophets shall rise and deceive many you see there are many false prophets that are rising and deceiving many you know many of these prophets may not be prophets that stand for god or stand for christianity you know there could be prophets that stand for science you know prophet that's you know because science is basically you know the story of what god created you know the story of life you know yeah there are all kinds of hospitality guys obviously the current pope who is a big false prophet there are all kinds of different religions there are all kinds of divisions within christianity you know this creation of denominations you see with so many false prophets that are supporting the world allah you know a lot of churches now when the priest samuels their sermons are targeted at the church and are to make the church morally they never talk about what they are always condemning such a school you know the all the assailants are always christians do these christians do that oh why are christians oh christians are so judgmental christians are so this why is a personal christian that kind of simon always they are always preaching and condemning the truths are not casting down the church oh christianity this world the trust is the most racist organization in the world and that is something that a very popular preacher has said and always most to say that there is no place more more recent than the church how can you say that

don't you understand what the church is the church is the body of christ

now the church beauty is that people enter you know the people who enter who are not clean they have come so that you the preacher should preach and teach them the word of god so they will grow in righteousness and walk towards god so it is you that is not doing your job if you are seeing people who are um dirty and problematic in the church you know it is you that you preach to them light when you give them love when you give them light you don't have to focus on um beating down people and telling them oh this thing that's in look at this you know they just talked about the the pharisees as christ services that are always quick to point out for to tell you about everybody but they are not willing to help anybody with with their with you know their problems you know that first of all that they need to take out the log in their eye before they take out the speck in other people's eyes so you have to um understand that when you teach people likes when you help people when you give people the gospel you know when you bring them yeah bring them out of darkness into like tell them how to live right tell them you don't choose tell them you know preach to them the gospel also you yourself must be fair you know you two have to be fair otherwise you are putting yourself in a dangerous situation and you will not even have to give because you know how can you give what you don't have so you must grow and you must learn you know and also you you you teach for that and then they become better people so it is not for you to come out and be condemning the stressful christians these that but there are a lot of churches a lot of churches and you know that um a lot of christians christian pastors and you know ministers who do that that is what the devil wants you to do that is not what god wants you to do you see so you are actually making cases against it against the church against christianity against the body of christ you know remember apostle sorry remember david when you know he's he had a location you to miss so you know when he saw saw sleeping in the cave and you know he cut out part of his rope he did not stop him you see you see that respect for the anointing you should have that respect even more so for the church and be careful what you say about it just don't be going around always condemning the church you never say anything about the world it's always cool christians need to do this oh wow christian's always talking about homosexuality there are many kinds of sins you know everything is just as bad why do you focus on homosexuality blah blah blah blah blah blah you know always you have something to say against the church the world condemns the church you know because it's like the church is the christianity is the one that anybody can condemn and criticize and there is no repercussion so so it would seem but that is the one that has the most repercussions you see because the repercussions are not set or provided by the world doesn't mean that it is not there you know there are repercussions from from the world there are repercussions from god that will surely ensue so that is even more dangerous you know now verse 12 and cause iniquity shall abound the love of many shall work school you see because iniquity shall abound the love of many shall work school countries sit in today's damn age for example um let's say you are going somewhere and you see a hitchhiker you know you see someone tries to stop you you know it's an isolated rude and they try to stop you so that you can give them a ride because iniquity has a bound the blood of many has what's good you are not going to stop because it's like what if i stop and i get robbed what if i stop and this person stabs me whatever i stop and people just jump out of the bushes and attack me you see because of iniquity abound that is why people have now chosen ah i have to now restrict myself from loving from expressing love you know the blood of many has worked cold people are now cold oh the world is full of demons you know so um if i act like an angel i'll be vulnerable and i'll get you so i have to act just as as as as angry and as mad and as crazy as they are i have to be just as mean and as wicked for me to survive because the world is mean and wicked me so i have to be mean and wicked you see so it is because iniquity are bound the blood of many is waxing cold look at when it comes to relationships look how the so many women online boldly saying all they care about is the money that a man has and look at so many men online you know with the way they talk about women and the way they treat women and the way they now see women you know now it is now um um women ex being expandable you know so all kinds of um things like of that nature i can see that is how the scripture has been manifested in this day you know it only gets worse down the line understand that all these things that i'm reading will only get worse down the line people between one another and snitching each other to the government you know in the time of the mark of the beast someone sees somebody who doesn't have the mark of the beast they are snitching you out to the government and they are locking you up and you know sending you to a concentration camp where you are tortured and all that nonsense so all of this will keep on getting worse you know as the day approaches you know now verse 13 it says but he that shall endure unto the end the same shall be saved you see so now in spite of other sins you must endure to the end now understand this is it compulsory that every christian face this it can only happen when christians don't have positions of power if christians are in positions of power no christian will have to go through any of this now does that mean that there is a way for these scriptures not to be fulfilled further for these scriptures a lot of them have already been fulfilled and what will happen if we send moving to patients apart if christian moves the positions of power there will be an age of the church reigning

which will now end after the rapture because when the rapture now takes place this will now come back because the spirit of the antichrist will now spread out even more but the church is currently holding back the spirit of the antichrist with our presence with our prayers but if we rise into positions of power and we rise into positions of greater spiritual growth we move into greater ranks of the anointing we pray more we intercede more we fast more you know we learn more of the word of god we preach more of the word of god we will push back the effects of the antichrist so much so we will subdue him because the bible makes things clear jesus said all authority in heaven and an s is given to me go ye therefore in my name understand that right now we have the authority but we can live as slaves you know he says and don't you know you are gods but you shall die like men and fall like one of the princes you know so it is up to us if we do not walk in our authority we would suffer to revelation type of things before the actual tribulation it is in the tribulation where the bible actually says that god will give the devil to make war against the saints and to prevail against them so it is out of the rapture those sense in the tribulation period between those last years that they would have that please not even try the entire tribulation period is towards the end of the tribulation period where the church will be subdued the trust that will be on earth that is the church of those who are left behind they will be subdued they will be given the power to do that but right now no demon no antichrist no evil spirit has the right to subdue the church so why is the trusted subdued you know not you know you're working in darkness you know you don't know that you are gods you know therefore it shall die like men and fall like one of the princes that is what is happening we are not moving into our authority we refuse positions of authority we freeze positions of power you know it is not enough to take off spiritual authority we must take on physical authority and physical politics many captains of industry bd

lords of media be the ones on the tv stations be the ones who call the shots and when we do that we have a beautiful and an amazing ring understand that the rapture itself and if you want to get clarity on that listen to past one obligation the rapture itself is the church moving into the revelation that enoch moved into so many years ago the church moving and having that rapture you know is a result of that move where the church my shows grows to a level of maturity where we move into that revelation where like enoch walked with god and was not that is what is going to happen we will walk with god and be not we will just god will just take us that is what the rapture is understand that this is something that has happened before it happened with enoch it happened with elijah and it can happen with everybody what one man can do from obedience with god the same thing would we will be replicated with obedience with god spiritual principles are spiritual principles if somebody can get the gift of tongues youtube you can get it and if the gift of tongues embodies somebody else it will also embody you if someone can get to use his shadow to be healing the sick you two you can all you have to do is to understand how did he do is he because of his meditation on the world he didn't meditate on the word of god that much that the word of god became such a part of him did he speak in tongues that much that the holy spirit was so made manifest around him you know even in his shadow and all of that was it a matter of death mixed with the fate of the people and you know that the fact that he probably told people that this is what my shadow would do and it was doing it you know because that is the reality of matter a lot of people don't think about that that happens but actually i told them that um yes my shadow will heal because of the anointing but giving glory to you know um giving the all acknowledgement for the power of it through god not taking it himself you know so these are things that you have to understand like apostle paul who um hunger shifts and aprons were taken from him and healing the sick he could have told him no stop doing that stop doing that that's is it's not the way but the fact that he allowed it means that he also preached it that yes when handkerchiefs and aprons touch me they have the healing power so you know otherwise he would have stopped it you can say things about peter's shadow that you know he did not control people lining up in the streets as a matter of fact a lot of those people could not move so if he wanted he could have shifted so his shadow will not touch them and he would have told them no please that is not the way let me lay hands on you but no he stayed there and made sure that yes his shadow is touching them and he saw what was happening as his shadow was touching them and hiding there so that was something that he preached that he did that was his own you know one of the things he did when it comes to healing the sick so you too you can do it but you have to believe in it and you know the same way god did it with him he'll do it with you you know so um that is something you have to understand about the rapture you know so that being said make sure you check out if you haven't given your life to christ go to the salvation prayer link in the memory of and give your life to christ thank you and God bless you

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