Vaxed Woman's Family Blames Unvaxed For Her Death : by Alfred


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Vaxed Woman's Family Blames Unvaxed For Her Death : by Alfred

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hello everybody i'm alfred and i like to talk about you know something very interesting you know and it's basically about a lady who passed on who was fully vaccinated and at how obituary you know they read out that she was killed by those who have refused to take the works you know that's um according to the whole story it is the verse that killed her well she was fully vaccinated so if the virus killed killed her you know according to them you know when she was fully vaccinated what is the point of the facts and how can you blame the unvaccinated you know it shows you that okay let us say that the unvaccinated get the vax you know let us say everybody in the world is vast if the people who are vast the virus is still killing them why would it stop if everybody gets the wax think about it remember the last time that biden said that he's trying to protect workers who are vast from their co-workers who are not vexed if somebody is vast i think that is the point that that when people get the box they will get the immunity and they will not be able to spread it so why do you care that somebody else is not vac since you are protected from the virus you see it this this is simple elementary critical thinking but people are so dumb it is it is amazing how people don't think you know and we see we see in this case this the arguments that this woman's family is trying to make is that she was killed as a result of the people who refused to take the vac you know she was killed by the virus because people refused to take the verb she that was fully vaccinated why didn't the vaccination save her from the virus each if anything that she would show you that the whole thing is a scar this whole vast nonsense is a scar and you shouldn't be a part of it as a matter of fact we should be bringing the government the governments of the world the world health organization all these evil organizations we should be bringing them to courts we should look at a place like israel israeli zone it has passed first draft second job third job they are in four jobs and all of that and they are still vac vaccine more yet they are still the highest it is when the wax started increasing when all of them started getting worse more that is when the virus actually got worse

and people cannot think and say wow we should stop taking it if you start eating a particular type of food and you start having so much trouble should you continue eating it and then plan to eat it again tomorrow and the next and the next why why would you do that is don't you have any reasoning capacity of your of your own to see that you should stop but you see people are still going for those works what is the point of this fact so what is it really for you see and this is something that you know the records have shown that they have the ability to alter dna keep in mind that the people who are saying that it is not all vast that they are full like the one for russia they have still not approved it they are setting backs that they want and it's the one that is that has bill gates and fashion behind it that they want everybody to take and these are putting money in in the hands of just a few companies

you know johnson and johnson feizen you know the astrazeneca one you know so this sense people need to start thinking how does this make sense and look at cnn's headline concerning the issue she was vaccinated but was infected by others who chose not to be the cost was her life how does that make sense she was vaccinated but she was infected by others who chose not to be the course was her life if you have vaccinated how can you not be affected by those who choose not to be why didn't the vax protect you you feel that the virus is nonsense and a lot of all these deaths understand the reality and one of the reasons why there are such high numbers in nations that have the highest medical advances is because in those nations they also have the strongest wealthiest people who are part of the new world order so number one they are faking the numbers number two they are incentivizing the reporting of high covered numbers and this is something that was made clear in 2020 even elon musk tweeted about it hospitals were given a lot of you know from all the um stimulus this and stimulus that hospitals were paid based on high numbers of the virus that they reported and based on giving them things that will not work like respirators and all of that they were not treating me it is those who are treated with things like the you know hydroxy which they ban people from seeing you know and they started pulling out people's accounts if they ever mentioned hydraulics or colloquine you know all of that anything else that is not the vast that they want and that will help them or showing their new world order where everybody has to have vast passports we should turn into a health passport which will turn into a social um credit card system or those credit certificates cost slash card system you know we should turn it into a micro ship that will be the mark of the beast that people have to have in their hands for easy movements or having in their forehead that is the progression of since

this should be obviously it's a shame that so many christians are not awake to this it is it is such a shame you have had the bible for so long it is like the jews who waited for jesus jesus king they did not recognize him as a christian you have been talking about the second coming now you see all these events you still cannot recognize it you can't see where things are going

because this um vax passport returning to a health passport they will make up other viruses and then they will actually create new viruses that are worse and put it on the people and say that oh it is because some people do not want the health passport and then it's turning into and this is a way of keeping track of people and preventing robbie oh this is also a way of making payments you know it will also make sure that only those who are um backs will get payments oh this was a way of keeping record of taxes you know and making sure that people pay every rich people pay their fair share you know so it will soon become i'm only in all sin to control all kinds of human interaction with other humans and any kind of interaction with society and where else would it go to than to ah so that you will not worry what if you misplace your card and all of that let's just embed it as a microship under your skin that is how it should go and a lot of so-called churches will be a part of it remember the scripture says there will be a great falling away there are a lot of choices that because and of course because they will not write 666 on the sheep or they will not expressly call it the mark of the beast there are people who wait for it to be written on it mark of the beast was 666 keep waiting the bible says the number of the beasts is 66 the bible does not say that their mark is 666. it is the number of the beast that is 666. the bible does not say that the mark that should be on people's hands and heads is 66 that unless 66 is written that it is not the mark that you can write anything of that as long as it is not 66 don't worry you can take that one um and let that one be used to prevent people from buying a setting that is not what the bible says it is unfortunate that christians of all people are so blind for more check out alfredo's vip understand that we must do everything to fight against this to stand against this you know we must take positions authorities positions of power

put your information out there and by information i mean put this reward that you have had out there you know i'm not saying put your details out there or put your details on the internet you know as your private details no privacy is something that we must retrieve because data is currency data is money and that is why these corporations want our data and this global nonsense where they are paying people in different countries for them to give up the people's data and to give them vast cuts and all this is terrible the nation that controls these big pharma companies controls the world because you control the people of the world for more remember afraid of vip God bless you 



- Candace Owens: Fully vaccinated woman’s family blames unvaccinated people for her death from Covid-19.  They claim if others had gotten the vaccine—she’d be alive. WHAT?! Using this logic, can any person explain to me how the vaccines work?:

- Jack Posobiec: Just sharing a CNN headline:

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