Vax Segregation Births Racial Segregation As Vanilla Skin Dems Cheer Kicking Out Chocolate Skin From Restaurant : by Alfred


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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about the video that is going viral there's a video game vera of an african-american you know a dusk game fellow who is being kicked out of a restaurant by white folks and the white folks are clapping because the guy doesn't have a vast passport because the guy does not have any proof of vaccination you know so that came out of the restaurant now this is segregation this is racism it is interesting this is something that i have said i have looked at the treatment of people like candace owens you know and i've said that this thing will be translated to other people it's just like the treatments towards donald trump i looked at it and i said this is how christians are going to be treated in the future you know that was part of the reason why i went strong when it comes to supporting donald trump because i knew that when these kinds of things happen these are a precursor you know now that trump is out of the way you know in the mind of the globalists you know when it comes to he's no longer in office you know they are now moving that to the people now is the people that are the problem now is the people that are the tourists all the lies that they have been taken about donald trump they have now moved this to the people to the trump supporters to the patrols anybody that does not agree with any mainstream media rhetoric now if you are if you are not for the vaccine racist now look at the treatment that this african-american is getting and should it surprise you it is thanks to movements like the blm and the antifa we see white people actually persecuting african-americans and that skin people because of the color of their skin and their politics it's like the politics makes it oh you are voting for this party so the racism is almost for how dare you in spite of the fact that look at your skin color and you are voting for trump or look at your skin color and you are conservative look at your skin color you have to stand for abortion all these kinds of crazy things that are on the left you see that is where racism is actually blue zombie understand that you see this in the kind of rhetoric where they now say that if you are dark skinned you cannot be racist and of course this only applies to those who are that skinned and are leftists if you're on the right like candice owens or brando teton you are obviously a racist bigots you hate yourself and all of that but if you are dark skinned if you are african-american if you have african descent if your skin is dark and you are a leftist oh you cannot be racist so you can go run amok and say all kinds of things about white people you know so these kinds of things you know people need to be wise and wake up to these things that are happening because you know if we do not stop the globalist if you don't stop the madness if you don't stop the left is it's going to be too late it goes beyond voting you know we must go into the ideologies we must preach to people we must teach people the gospel should be able to save and the gospel had the power to save people from the darkness of liberalism the darkness of thinking that it is okay to commit abortions it's okay to fight for people to be killing innocent babies in the womb it's okay for people to you know be lgbt to identify whatever they want and say that oh a man is a woman a woman is a man all these things the gospel can save people out of that darkness and bring them to light you know i'm warm to pastors and preachers who do not stand with this war on to pastors and preachers who stand with the world who are getting paid by the government and are getting all kinds of um rumination and you know all kinds of payments and you know tax cuts from the government to push for government agendas one to them you know their punishment is far worse you know that being said make sure you check out alfredo vip for more thank you and God bless you



- Donald Trump Jr.: Biden's America: Where outright segregation and discrimination are openly celebrated by Democrats and left-wing media elites.:

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