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Hi.  I’m Amanda Duncan and I’m here to save the day! 


I make feel-good music that I perform at riotous live shows to leave you feeling like you can take over the world. After music, my second biggest passion is seeing people succeed at the things they set out to do. Seriously. Like, almost as pumped as performing.  I want everyone to feel like they can live a creative, happy life.  

I’m a craft-nerd, tech-geek, and devout DIYer. My addiction to the creative process has led me to making my own dresses for performances, designing my website, lovingly rotting in front of my computer engineering my own records and editing/animating my music videos, or making custom merch via Shrinky Dinks and polymer clay.


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hello everybody i'm alfred and i would like to talk to you about the new single by amanda duncan called under my feet now this single is really good now understand something amanda don't count is very talented i first heard her music like over 10 years ago in the era of my space you know when she released the ep love i have for you those were the days of cd baby you know when silly baby was the one that was actually the priority of distributing people's um records online you know being the number one music distributor of course nowadays this stroked an order um a whole clutch of different services i don't even think some soundcloud was not it seemed back then when i um hit her but all her music hits and it's singing you know it's great this part class song you know it's quite good unfortunately she has gone the feminist route but she's not um pouring its own in her music tango but you know the the music when it comes to the quality is the quality it is amazing you know so there's a lot of talents there you know but that being said there's there's a question of advancements as a musician like why isn't she more popular and you know she has been at it for a long time but let's be realistic there's a lot of space when you look at her releases and another thing is that when you are a musician there are a lot of things that goes into your progress that has to be done what about pouring so the best of my knowledge she has never gone on any though i'm sure she has done one or two or she does public appearances in her local um place but you know there has to be a conscious brand if you're an independent artist you know you still have to do the big record label things you know submitting your music to um radio stations you know getting on people's podcasts you know being interviewed on other people's podcasts but other people's radio shows nowadays a lot of people have more a lot of all that so you have to do something or even more to substitute for what a mutual record label would have been doing and she took a very long hiatus she has a lot of talent but she took a very long hiatus you know from her first album to or our first ep you know love i have for you with the songs on it so you know recently she just came back in like 2000 you know 2000 actually it was it was just this year 2001 you know she just stared releasing singles again you know she's released second best which is a feminist song you know get on the plane ben and john please baby baby living in tennessee and under my feet i'm guessing that when she finishes releasing all these singles she's going to compile them in an ep or an album and that is what she did before with um her love i had for you you know because the songs in love i had for you the ep were first just singles then later she compiled it when you know cd baby came around because i believe she was making music way before cd baby you know she was releasing uh good quality music so that there's and that aspect of things but the thing about music is that as long as you make music and people like it and you keep putting it out there now may not be your time to shine but later you may shine or later it may become more popular than ever or somebody may use it in a platform or play somewhere or do you do something with it like perhaps using the movie or say soundtrack somewhere and it takes a life of its own and that um artist immediately gets so much recognition but you know our roundup is saying obviously everything will be better christian and this song would have been better christian you know her music is clean and good you know but as it is with everything that um is not really produced with christianity as its source you know the messaging would not be things that um propagates who are in line with the gospel you know and with the revelation of truth most importantly you know so it would have been better you know if she was a christian musician a gospel nation or she made gospel strong and if she believed in the gospel that would be a great plus and of course the network of churches really be a good engine because um when it comes to music being promoted crystal music has its own engine of promotion outside of mainstream media outside of the radios outside of the established mainstream way of promoting an artist christian music has a life of its own and it has its own circulation system you know so if you make um good gospel music and you are willing to travel you are willing to go until you are willing to go on the road and to go to different churches and perform

you have nothing to to stress yourself about you know you you'll be doing it for as long as you want to keep doing it and that is just the facts you know but also um um that being said the the business aspect and the marketing aspect of things that must be learned but when it comes to the music itself you know how music the talent is amazing you know she can she should perhaps be contacted for strong rights and you know where necessary and things of that nature because someone like this this kind of talent never dies you know it should never die you know even if she's choose to stop singing the the songwriting and the understanding of music is still is still very very strong with her you know so that's that if you like to be a part of transforming the entertainment industry you know you want to start a record label or you want to start the movie studio a video game studio you want to be a part of us reach out to us we're looking forward to hearing from you you know at alfredo vip if you haven't given your life to christ check out after those vip click the salvation prayer link in the menu when you do that the page your command that has the prior salvation say that prayer and give your life to christ begin your journey you know and recommendations so if you know what steps you should take next also on that page thank you and God bless you 


- YouTube Music: Under My Feet - by Amanda Duncan: https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=h0ZocE-xOr0&list=RDAMVMh0ZocE-xOr0


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