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The tiny citizens of Tinytopia look to you, their newly-elected Mayor, to build and develop peaceful, vibrant, and flourishing toy cities and towns for them to inhabit. And, of course, to protect them from all sorts of cute catastrophes.

With a physics-based building mechanic at the heart of Tinytopia, you'll stack and join toy building blocks atop an array of tiny terrain, transforming each into charming towns and bustling metropolises. The only limit is your imagination!

Tinytopia is a playful blend of city-building, physics-based challenges, and oh-so-satisfying destruction. Use a collection of toy structures, tools, and services to create your own digital desktop destination a mix of 23 real-world and fantasy locales.

With an innovative, physics-based mechanic, miniature building blocks can be combined and stacked on top of one another to form awesome megastructures! There are more than 80 building Blueprints to discover!

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