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A year after Charlie's daughter disappears, another girl from Elrod, Georgia goes missing. Convinced there is a connection, Charlie draws suspicion and contempt from local law enforcement and townspeople as she stops at nothing to expose its most devastating and darkest secret.

Quick Credits:

Director: Lauren Fash

Writers: Lauren Fash, Susan Graham

Cast: Robyn Lively, Michael Trucco, Shanola Hampton


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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about the movie through the glass darkly now i'm just reading official synopsis a year after charlie's daughter disappears another girl from elrod georgia goes missing convinced there is a connection charlie draws suspicion and content from local law enforcement and towns people as she stops at nothing to expose his most devastating and darkest secrets now

based on the trailer you know which i just seen i haven't seen the movie the trailer is well put together it has a lot of drama a lot of sweet sometimes it was you know well put together and the story is basically about a lady you know who her daughter goes missing after a while it's like she stops looking for her daughter after so much time has passed then later there is another girl that goes missing in that same town that is just a little bit older than her daughter was when she um went missing so she now thinks that the two um cases are connected so she starts doing her own investigation and apparently it's like you know based on what i see in the trailer it is probable that the sheriff is somewhat responsible somehow responsible and it's also a pedophile and that is what um he's doing but that is just my guess i'm kind of like who donates a bit you know it is not the who donately just um kind of packaged as a psychological trailer you know but you know action and you know that kind of edginess that goes it is it is basically a a good concept you know now this movie just like every other movie would have been better from a christian perspective there are so many things to do with and to touch like the mother you know the situation with her heart you know after um the daughter going miss you know praying you know believing um and you know whether she gave her whether she stopped praying you know um what how did that affect her relationship with god and then also what happened with daughter i know also the mind of the cop the sheriff or whoever is responsible you know and also the reporter that was you know in the trailer that you know apparently first suspected her because it turned out that from the trailer i can see that at the point the mother became you know someone that's apparently the great guilty party wanted to free my nobody trusted her you know people um seem to have thought that she was due to responsible and the question you know that was in the trailer was like you know when nobody trusts you do you trust yourself that kind of thing that you know she also getting somewhat delusional and beginning to see things you know and there is a line that was in the trailer that that um she would never hurt her daughter you know that even though she's saying things and all of that so there are so many um layers that could be dealt with and this thing really approached that would actually help people that are in somewhat similar situations there are people who you know their children go missing for example nigeria is now the number one place in africa that has the highest number of missing cases when it comes to people who have disappeared you know people who have gone missing without a trace nigeria the number one place and of course it is not surprising you know due to a lot of various factors you know especially the fact that the nigerian security system you know is for the oppression of the people and you know it's self-serving you know the the police are the number one enemy of nigerian

important peop a movie you know or story is told from a perspective that helps people in similar situations you know that goes beyond entertainment you know and that is why christianity must take over you know if you're out there you want to start your crystal movie go ahead if you want to be a part of what we plan to do with the entertainment industry on our plans to take over everything and make sure that anywhere you look you will not see anything but christine movies and content you know reach out to us we'll be looking forward to hearing from you and alfred was vip god bless you

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