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From the producers of Stranger Things and The Conjuring Universe, a high school senior (Sydney Park) and the rest of her new school’s graduating class are being targeted by a masked killer intent on exposing their darkest secrets to the world. Based on the New York Times bestselling book by Stephanie Perkins. Directed by Patrick Brice. 

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hey everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about the new netflix series there's someone in your house now this is um basically a trend because you know recently they have been a lot of this slasher type movies you know and one of them was screen you know which is named after the popular movie franchise screen which you know but the newer screen you know netflix produces and it's very similar to this you know this one feeds off of that screen it just basically um at least the netflix one the recent one at the time of this recording it's actually about a bunch of kids there's a mudra in their mix and it's a matter of finding out who the mudra is and the motor is playing games with you know one of them and you know killing off um issue of the kids so it's like which among the kids is this all of this in a high school this is kind of like the and then they were known type of um section that's agatha christian created where it was like in an island you know invited a bunch of people who all have histories of doing something you know wrong and it's like who did they all do something wrong to universally that is among them in their midst and you know is responsible and there have been a lot of fiction stories that have been based on that kind of premise you know but this one is the like the high school version which is apparently a trend because it's so similar to screen you know and um what i have to say is that it's very important that we as christians take over the entertainment industry and all kinds of things you know when it comes to trends and everything else especially the subject matters between the stories because this story you know the way the characters are going to you know proceed it's going to be ungodly and since that do not recognize christ let us say that someone wanted to deal with this kind of topic you know from a christian perspective there are a lot of things that are not um dealt with you know of course of course which is also sad you know this um kinds of movies they like to put people in a box especially the killer they don't explore the mind of the killer what's going really into the mind of the killer they want to make the killers look like cycles always and so it's also the the you know it's always the same thing you know that person was hot in some way and then decided to carry out violence and start killing people perhaps you know it is um that person is a friend of someone or related to somebody who was hot you know by the victim or you know blames your group of people and then it's taking out those people and or sometimes even going off beats to take out people who are um not related or have anything to do with the um criminal act of injustice so that people want to strike a link so all those kinds of play you know there is a great deal to be done when it comes to casting a christian light on that kind of perspective because the reality of the matter is this wants to be said about um people who commit murder because a lot of times the people who commit mode are everyday people you know there are people who look just like you and me you know there are people who blend into society and majority of the people who commit mode actually get away with it you know so all these kinds of things are important to do with especially since that even if you can fool the police or fool the system or or do something you know in a way that is not so loud you know and you don't get caught there is your heart here's your conscience there's a place of god there's this place of what you um um so it's what you reap you know so somebody might get away from the law but that's thing that that person did was still follow them so there are so many angles and so many things to follow you know and also most importantly when the audience watches this movie what does it do does it change people does it teach people the importance of forgiveness does it teach people the importance of also you know when god forgives you you know you forgiving yourself you know letting go and moving on all those kinds of things so what is the outcome you know a lot of times sometimes people watch a lot of worldly movies they learn nothing and if they learn something and it's something that is untrue and negative or ungodly you know the council of the wicked the bible says you know blessed is the man who standed not in the council of the ungodly you know no rocket in the way of sinners and that is the kind of thoughts and ideologies that the world teaches through its movies you see this is why it's important to make our own movies and take over the entertainment landscape in such a way that anywhere you look all you see is christian content you know so make sure you check out if you like to be a part of making crystal movies christian content reach out source we are looking for if you want to start your own movie studio your own video game studio your own music studio i'll be making christian content reach out to us who like to walk with you thank you and God bless you




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