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Set in a high fantasy world where magic exists, but only some can access it, a woman named Moiraine crosses paths with five young men and women. This sparks a dangerous, world-spanning journey. Based on the book series by Robert Jordan.

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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about the new series that will be on amazon prime called the wheel of time my name just read the official synopsis set in a high fantasy world where magic exists but only some can access it a woman named maureen crosses parts with five young men and women this sparks a dangerous world-spanning journey based on the book series by robert shorden now what you have to understand about this piece of garbage is that first of all it promotes magic second of all it also has the feminism angle that this um supernatural past can only be accessed by women and only women can be chosen to save the world understand something about the last days you know the bible refers to babylon you know the and and the woman that sits you know the harlots that sits you know and that is towards the um

main antichrist era you know we are already in the age of the antichrist as the spirit of the antichrist has always been you know but the man of sins of the the man of lawlessness have not yet been revealed you know even though it's clear that he apparently has been born but the thing is that

the shifts of authority to create a world that is ruled by women is satanic and it's part of the plan part of what satan wants and when you can see that um satan a lot of time chooses to use women because apparently women are easier for satan to use than men and when you look at the

history of mankind you will see that it will look that way you know this is not um it's solid facts but this is just an observation of course you have to understand that there is order and you know when you study the scriptures you'll understand that god wants the world to be led by men not women and you can see that's what in what apostle paul talked about when he talked about women having covering you know on their head when they pray you know he was saying that with reference to angels so that the angels would know the difference because you see in the realm of the spirit is a difference between the authority of women and that of men

there is an order of things that is why you can see different rules and responsibilities given to men and different ones given to women you know the bible says husbands love your wife but it says wife submit to your husband two different instructions one should love their wife as christ loved the church he did not say wives love your husbands like christ loved the church but it says on the path of women submits

you see and in as much as that is dealing with marriage when it comes to the framework of the world when the shift of women being in charge as a compulsory scene is very satanic and it's part of the scheme of what the devil wants and that is basically what feminism pushes so you have to be aware of this you know if you are listening to this and your woman and you you you perhaps do not like um this kind of um thing that is being said you see truth is truth and fact is facts you cannot go around changing realities you know it is what it is you have to stick to god's order of sin so that you won't end up in trouble this push of feminism is demonic keep in mind that that notwithstanding throughout history women have always been in positions of authority but you know there's this particular move to push out men from every position of authority there is a move and that is what feminism is doing now all the movements that were once perhaps good have not been corrupted the civil rights movement has turned into the most racist movements in the world now it's now championed by black lives matter and racist people who think that white people are racist just because they are white they are redefining the definition of racism to mean that you have to have um systematic power systematically all kinds of nonsense to just stipulate that as long as your skin is white you are racist now we even have crazy people coming out and saying that they are racist anti-racists and the reason that they are saying that is because you know they are still white so they are benefiting from um a system that favors white people what nonsense so that means that no matter what you do no matter um what your heart is as long as you are white you are racist based on silly definitions and that's what civil rights has become just like you know feminism went from let's get women the rights to roots and let's get women to rights to have jobs in place they cannot have jobs let's get women the rights to drive cars in places where perhaps the religion that is in dominance in that area forbids women from driving cars all those things have now given way to little just hates men let us blame them for everything oh it is patriarchy oh let us make sure that all positions of authority are taken away from men and it's only women you see so there is that satanic um push and you see that in the movies and in everything else that feminism touches um unsurprisingly it turns into crap anything that goes work you know goes broke and turns into a disaster but funnily enough the work the work people keep on pushing it you know walkness is a religion for the stupid it's a religion for the dom and a lot of people you know that is what they have chosen they have rejected god they have turned their back on god they have turned their back on common sense and they take up the religion of wokeness you know and no matter how much they suffer no matter how much wokeness leads them to um undesired and in the sense of a a terrible outcome they look for a way to blame something else or to blame someone also to bring somebody who has common sense who is not subject to your foolishness or wokeness you know um that being said the promotion of witchcraft and um magic is also dangerous now putting this concept of you are using um satanic powers magic the bad guy is um referred to as a dark lord or something of that sort but you are also using or supposedly in this movie the the so-called group characterizing witchcraft to fight witchcraft you know the bible made it very clear jesus said that um

basically demons don't cast out demons you know there is oda in the streets in in the spirits you know when it comes especially in the in the kingdom of the devil you know satan does not allow insubordination there is unity you know you you cannot um cast out demons using another demon two wrongs do not make a right you cannot use witchcraft to vanquish evil you cannot use magic to vanquish evil only lights can vanquish darkness only god the gospel only christ can vanquish darkness so now they are deceiving people and telling them that they can use tools from the devil and things from the the devil to do their will or to make the world a quote-unquote better place or to save the day and that is what a lot of um movies and sitcoms seem to be about you know when you go on netflix so much now it's about the supernatural bit on the aspect of witchcraft making wishes look good but the same people will this christianity and any so any kind of reference to the supernatural from christianity is bad but witchcraft is a religion witchcraft is an official religion that is practiced and it is protected by certain um laws of freedom of worship in many nations you see yet you see there are certain belief systems that are protected and some that are not you know it's always christianity that is persecuted and that people want to fight against so you have to be mindful of distance now to a lot of people this is harmless from that this is how societies are programmed how did america get to the states where it is where majority of the americans are burning their own flags and are just so crazy there are people who to this day still support biden in spite of all that has happened you know what is happening in afghanistan is no surprise to me because i saw it from the get go and things are only going to get worse you cannot put somebody who does not even know what day it is you know they don't even know uh uh how to complete a sentence you cannot put that person in charge of the overall office and expectancy to work out well but this is what the leftists and the black lives matter and all these silly people in all such silly movement push for they push lies and they end up making moves that make the world

programmed for failure and this is why we must take positions of authority positions of power and also when it comes to movies even amazon we need to take out amazon you know there has to be a plan from christians by christians how do we take out amazon how do we take out jeff buses we are now living in a world where a lot of dangerous people with dangerous ideologies are amassing a lot of money and they are using their money for political aims and to force people to succumb to certain things that goes against their beliefs especially their christian beliefs they are recreating the world they are trying to change the future of the ideologies that will be prevalent in this world we cannot have a household that being said if you like to be a part of making christian entertainment whether movies games or whatever else reach out to us on we are looking forward to hearing from you if you have not given your life to christ there is a salvation prayer link in the main menu thank you and God bless you


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