The Story Of Love : Movie Previews - by Alfred


The Story Of Love : Movie Previews - by Alfred

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Ruby, an aspiring romance novelist, joins a writers retreat in Tahoe, in order to win a lucrative book deal. But when Woody, the hotel owner, shows her the beauty of nature, Ruby wonders if she's been writing the wrong kinds of stories.

Quick Credits:

Director: Bill Corcoran

Writer: Courtney Cilman 

Actors: Brittany Bristow, Franco Lo Presti, Rosemary Dunsmore


{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i like to talk about the movie the story of love now once again

this movie the trailer i've just seen it and not only does it reveal the beginning the middle and the end everything in between is already in the trailer it's amazing how someone can summarize and over an hour long moving into one or two minutes if anything you know most of those guys who are perfecting the act of summarizing um they should be recognized for their ability unfortunately the purpose of a trailer shouldn't be to reveal so much it should be to spur curiosity to make people to want to see the movie it should give people reasons to want to see the movie it should put questions in people's minds that the people would want answered and the only way for them to get their questions answered is by watching the movie you know the thing about this hallmark romance style of movies is that it has a large audience of people who have nothing else to watch there isn't really a competition for their target audience so they just watch stuff you know there are people who just they want to watch the movie and they will worship but there is no surprise to the story arc that has not already been revealed in the trailer none whatsoever you know that being said movies like this true time eventually end up on the internet on some sites you know and people can watch it for free and it will eventually get millions of views you know i don't know how um strange movies do in the box office you know that is um

they don't have a different matter i have not looked into it but you know it is it is a first thing that people keep doing this this is basically the story of a writer you know a female writer you know she is not so confident she admires if a guy you know who turns out to not actually be the guy writing his stories but he steals people's stories but in any case she goes on this um writing discussion whatever that she wins you know when she her story submitted by i think is her mom or an elderly relative you know that you know set up you know she goes and on this right that's retreats whatever that is exclusive just for those who are selected by this guy that she admires that she will eventually find out which is revealed in the trailer that he steals stories you know and there's a fellow that he

is his right hand man that he steals stories from misery and the fellow who is also um running the campo is the guide on the camp because it's like um a mountain climbing and all kinds of outdoorsy stuff that they get involved in and the guy ends up being her love interest and you know the whole story is about how shilita finds out that the writer guy steals people's stories you know and how they love interest you know he finds out about the guy stealing stories tells her it creates a rift between you know her and him and then it later gets made up everything that you need to know about the movie is already in the trailer it is very unfortunate you know on normal circumstances i would advise that you know really wanted a dimension fire whoever is in charge you know as a matter of fact for things to be this way that the marketing department is so clueless about movies and audiences it's so unfortunate all the spoilers as you would see are already inside the trailer but that being said you know why should i even be bothered about helping the competition you know if you would like to be a part of making christians with movies that change lives and touch lives richards was you know we are looking forward to hear from you you can reach us on alfredo's vip you know crystal movies had to be made it's important that crystal movies are made you know if you want to start a christian movie company you know a movie company you know it doesn't it have to be it's not like oh we make christian movies and yeah all kinds of movies now we are making movies that we swallow up every other kind of movie you know we want a situation where everywhere we look anywhere you look all the entertainment you see is crystal whether it's movies music video games whatever you know if you like to be a part of what we are planning on what we are aiming to do reach out source on if it's not giving your life to christ also go to alfredo's vip link the salvation prayer link in the main menu page come on salvation see that prayer and begin your journey record have a nice day

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