The Left Defends General Milley For Colluding With China Against America : by Alfred


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hello everybody i'm alfred and i would like to talk about the whole shemameli issue for those of you who do not know mili was you know in a high ranking official you know in the military and towards the end of president trump's presidency he actually contacted china and was having secret meetings with the chinese military you know as saying that trump may attack you know and all sorts of things of that nation now that is collusion if i ever did see one the lefts and the democrats have been complaining about trump and seeing collusion collusion and all of that collusion with russia you know and all of that for for four years you know it is one thing after another and after they push and push they find no evidence you know trump gets vindicated at the end of the day yes we see this kind of thing i mean who does that how can the someone in charge you know a higher ranking member of the military of one nation be cohorting you know behind the scenes secretly against the president and all of that you know against the the what the people want and having their own dialogue and arrangements regarding war with other nations and of course this is the same guy who did the you know who is in in charge of the afghan situation where he basically gave those in afghan american weapons which you know after president trump had pushed and the left didn't want him to invest so much in upgrading the u.s military now that all that upgrade has been done you know all those equipment and now with the taliban all those equipments are with afghanistan and it is not like if you know america was chased away you know america was not chased out by the taliban the taliban is not a stronger army you know why did they leave their weapons and go and you know give others that led to the deaths of american soldiers and americans being stranded you know in afghanistan and in spite of that there are quite a number of afghanistan folks convicted who have now moved into america many of these people have different ideologies and understand something that all those people were allowed by the taliban so how many of those people are actually taliban members so obviously as time goes on you would hear of you know right now they are just going to start with building cells in america terror cells in america you know taliban terrorist cells you know probably they'll be smart enough to use another name you know for themselves and then later on you will start hearing of explosions and terror attacks and of course thanks to the left and walkism it should be racist to call it the torah attacks you know and all of that from muslim and uh or people who are into islam you know because it would be islamophobia and all of that but this is something that is planned you know and it shows like when you look at um the people at the top there's people that want to one-world governments who want the one-world order you can see why they are pushing a vac it's all about control they want that vast passport that vex id so they can't control people's movement so that people can be their own personal property that is what they want you know you can see all the shiftings and all the things they are doing to weaken america and to make sure that nothing can stand in their way but you see we must stand in that way we must stand in their way with our prayers and with our actions you know those two things are very important we must pray and we must act you know we must take actions to make sure that you know these people are brought to justice and their assets are seized look at this guy nobody has increased biden after all that biden has done nobody has you know demanded that this um retire or you know get fired or anything rather you have ginseng supporting him this shows you you know if you were blind before at this point your eyes should be opened up as to what is happening you know how can you know when president trump was in office you can imagine this guy that is supposed to be you know um helping the military and in charge of you know running america's security he's cohorting with china and planning with china against trump is that not treason is that not collusion of the worst kind but the same left that was screaming pollution the same msnbc and nbc and cnn and all of that there was seen all kinds of things about trump they are excellent about this they are you know saying all kinds of good things you're the same way they are saying that biden did a good job with afghanistan how you know that being said you know um legal action you know we must push forward that towards legal action and understanding that the legal system itself is corrupted just like voting you know um you can see with what's happened with um larry elder you know the same thing that happened with trump you know when the entire system is rigged when the entire system has been bought and paid for you know there comes a time where people have to stand together in unity and fight against the system and not create a situation where people will rise up who claim they are creating solutions but to just postponed the tragedy for the future like so many have done in the past that being said for more check out alfredo's vip


- Infowars : Treason Report: Gen. Milley Sabotaged Trump, Warned China Of Military Action & Seized Control of Nuclear Weapons:


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